Sunday, October 27, 2019

Who Said the War Would Pay for Itself? They Did!


PNAC.....Neocon think-tank planners to get 9/11 and wars ignited in their latest 21st Century attempt for 'Weltherrschaft', world domination, is having hick-ups.

Who is the global Elite/Aristocracy, the 1% Rulers/Masters ? (still the Rothschild Central-Bankers, Globally ?)

By just mentioning/criticizing THEM we'll be branded antisemitic..'Voltaire'...'Henry Ford'

Ron, you could be right on. We might see again a worldwide rebellion against our Rulers, the Banksters.

Some people wrongly think that Capitalism has to be destroyed and Socialism installed to have a peaceful life !

Who do you think will rule us under Socialism ?

The SAME in the shadow ruling Elite, cabal/
mafia-Banksters !

History of deception...Power to the people ! (Communist revolution)

Armed a good indicator....of free people !

Totally Controlling/Enslaving us through technology is their absolute dream,

that's why the decision was made to launch PNAC,

9/11, the wars, to go again for World-Domination in this time zone !

(Of course Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol etc.thought it would be so easy [7 countries in 5 years.]).

Even with a delay, in their overall plan, they did not anticipate independently rich

Donald Trump [not a member of the cabal] getting into the White House to "drain the swamp", to deliver the country back to the people !

The Democrats being used by the Elite, shadow government, are trying to block President Trump every step of the way.

How did the Elite, the establishment manage the slow silent takeover of this country ?

They bought the press, the MSM, and brainwashed the people, knowing how easy the Germans fell for Hitler. Propaganda works !

(Brainwashing is made so much easier these days.

The hard working masses, who have no suspicion nor time to examen every broadcast on TV etc. trust the neocon anchor person)

With the Elite's puppet Hillary, they would have already destroyed the Constitution,

disarmed the American people,

started the wars against Iran for Israel, and maybe tried a regime change in Russia.

Then the RESET was
supposed to totally enslave us with cashless society and credit score point system.

Watching the situation in Chile today.

Protest, riots against the 1% Bankster Elite, the biblical curse of persecution 'of the evil doers', is visible again.

As always sadly happens, the innocent will get caught in the crossfire and persecuted also.

Worldwide Revolution is picking up speed.

Will a non-transparent impeachment, a coup d'état of our President get us into a Revolution also ?

People in Brazil also want to topple their behind the scene cabal and get rid of the puppet president Bolsonaro.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

> On Oct 26, 2019, at 10:45, Ron wrote:
> Lothar,
> Since 911 there has been a giant plunder of US assets.

> Both domestically and using taxpayer funded assets to plunder internationally.

> I remember rationales for Iraq such as lowering the price of gas in the US.

> Where did the gold from Iraqs central bank go?

> The art and gold from Saddams several palaces?

> Gold from Libyas central bank?

> Troops guarding Afghan poppy fields.

> Opium production was up to record levels after the US took control from the Taliban.

> International banks routinely are caught laundering Afghan drug money. Make billions pay millions in fines. Never jail time.

> Prof. Sizemore of the Univ.of Mich.

> originally discovered $21 Trillion missing from HUD and DOD.

> Unexplained adjustments were made at the end of each fiscal year.

> Sizemore's team of economists now has found a

> total of $23 trillion "missing" from five agencies.

> About every roughly 300 years there is a reckoning.

> Late 1700s were the American and French Revolutions.

> Peasant revolts in England 1388 and Germany 1545.

> Well over 100,000 peasants were slaughtered by the aristocracy in German areas of Central Europe.

> Populism again rising worldwide against the global aristocracy.

> We are entering the Great Reckoning.
> Ron
> On Sat, Oct 26, 2019, 11:54 AM Lothar wrote:


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