Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard

Trump is right.
Stop the coup.
Investigate Ukraine Biden Corruption.
Stop foreign aid to corrupt countries.
End arms sales.
Warmongers make their own arms.

Move USA troops to Mexican border.
Stop the holocaust.

Go to your county clerk office.
Volunteer to count votes.
Insure that your vote is counted, do your part for an honest election.
Mandatory for all patriots.

You pair up with opposite party
be there all day tedious details.
I did that twice.
I sat with a sheriff between jobs, very competent, very much a people person.
Had to mind my manners all day, and I can do that.
I can still talk non-stop 6am-10pm and make sense,
and do the long commute rural curvy roads in the dark,
open and close polls,
operate vote counting machinery, etc.

Some friction between parties, democrat drug addicts, entertainment addicts, one female addict hated me.

I am in a Republican area so will change my registration to Democrat.

Vote for Tulsi Gabbard in the primary.
She is a big improvement over past corrupt Democrats.
My father changed to Democrat to vote against Kennedy.
I have been split: Democrat Republican half time each,
so I match the voter demographics of my area,
or if I want to vote in a particular primary.
I have faced hatred from both parties.
Humans are tribal.

USA needs 2 functioning parties.
Not Syria war profiteers, drug smugglers, crusaders, shooters… guns, drugs, gangs,...

From: Lothar

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