Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Propaganda - Anonymous [traitor] author of Trump ‘resistance’ [Shadow Government] op-ed to publish a tell-all book - Hype to sell....The Washington Post

From: Lothar

"The author could have received a seven-figure advance for writing this book,

" Latimer said. (Used his own $ 'Millions' !)

(turned it [Soros] 'modest' or 'hate driven' individual)

(Any amount of Elite/Cabal Dollars, to topple THIS president,

who is PREVENTING their continued RULE using World-Socialism/Communism as their engine,

will be invested)

"But 'A WARNING' was not written for financial gain by the writer, "other reasons".

(Socialist Idiology ? a Master position, if they pull it off?)

The author sees this as an 'act of conscience' [kindness] and of duty, which is why the author refused any advance.....'what a good person'....tears

[probably Elite/member of the Cabal] and is "donating" a substantial portion of any royalties to charities that protect those seeking the "truth" around the world."

(Since everything is reversed....truth are....lies !)

Anonymous author of Hate-Trump 'resistance' op-ed to publish a tell-all book
The author of an anonymous column in the New York Times in 2018, who was identified as a senior Trump administration official acting as part of the "resistance" inside the government, has written a tell-all book to be published next month.

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