Saturday, October 26, 2019

Netflix movie fantasizes about time-traveling liberals carrying out the “pre-crime” murder of patriots to prevent an American uprising against globalism –

In summary,

if you hate freedom, rationality, civility and America,
keep watching Netflix,

I agree with Lother that

Netflix propagandizes.

To me, the Netflix movie, Red Sea Diving Resort, is propaganda.

It stirs emotion empathizing with African refugees being covertly moved to Israel;
while glorifying the Mossad in doing so.

It's aired at a time of controversy over Mexican immigration.

In my humble opinion;
we must be careful because we're being subjugated by powerful (mis) (dis) information all the time.

I just read an article about how the Philippines was a test-case for facebook's Analytica.

Evidently the Philippines are online
or on facebook
more than any other country.

On Sun,wrote:

Progressives (Marxists) by definition are collectivists.

They do not seek autonomy as do libertarians.

Some are attracted to collectivism because while narcissistic
they are cowards.

Progressives would already have Patriots in boxcars
but that they require some proxy group to carry out their fantasies.

In the meantime safe within their crumbling blue zones they

create virtual worlds through art and imagery of their fantasies

when not competing to make the most outlandish statement in a feedback loop to each other.


On Sat, Lothar

If future time travelers wanted to stop mass human suffering and death,
they would stop the Democrats

Finally, if the future tells us anything about progressives and what will come, it's that

everything run by Democrats turns to ruin,

which is why

Democrat-run cities are already collapsing into
violence and
rampant disease.

to make the world a better place,

shut the mouth of

Rep. Adam Schiff to put a stop to all his outrageous, treasonous lies.

if we're going to play fantasy,

why not fantasize about a world where
traitors are punished and
courageous patriots are celebrated?

In summary, if you hate freedom, rationality, civility and America, keep watching Netflix, because that's what they've become now:

A propaganda programming network to feed the appetite for violence that now pervades Leftists in America.

Or if you want even more outrageous fiction written for delusional progressives, read the New York Times.

Check out for more coverage of the desperate propaganda efforts of the lunatic Left.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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