Saturday, October 19, 2019

Impeach forecast. Self destruction of the sheeple ads indoctrinated by CNN liberal news media fake news?

Sheeple will be sheeple.
Sheeple are stupid.
Sheeple need a shepherd.
A savior to save them from their own stupidity.

Give an idiot a rope and he will hang himself with it.
Give sheeple fiat money so sheeple
sheeple will vape themselves until dead
nicotine addiction, tobacco, alcohol, medical marijuana, opioids,…

Sheeple need a shepherd to keep them from destroying themselves.

Trends have been obvious since the
Hollywood TV indoctrination of the 1950s cheap electronics following
1930s Roosevelt, rural electrification, dust bowl okie migration to Fresno grapes of wrath.

Led to post WWII baby boomers
riots of the 1960s
sex, drugs, rock and roll,
dumbing down education,
abortion epidemic,
addiction epidemic,
driving epidemic,

less books,
more TV radio phones games….

evisceration of manufacturing 1970s

theft of fiat money by derivatives 1980s

inequality = deflate the poor, inflate the rich since the 1980s

Globalism 1990s bill clinton walmart arkansas

9/11 wars since then
world stage, united nations,

all trends toward dictatorship
much more than this list

complete weaponization of medicines made in Communist China,
pill epidemic, vaccination epidemic, obesity, diabetes, cancer, death.

houses, clothes, electronics, phones, TVs, furniture, cars, toys, containers, fast food,….

The sheeple pay for their own destruction, manipulation, enslavement,…

give sheeple a few dollars and they will buy destructive addictive products
vape crisis
nose rings
hair dyes,
brain injuries,
brain cancer from phones,
soda pop

From: Lothar

• The new regime will repace the Constitution and it will be a corporate dictatorship and it will bring down the U.S. government and cause a collapse of the dollar.

• The Army will be reconsituted and the new martial law force will oversee the governmental transition from a Constitutional Republic to

a corporate dictatorship based upon the Trans-Pacific-Partnership principles.

• The Special Operations Forces of MS-13, etc, will extract and/or eliminate as many opposition leaders as possible

including the key members of the Independent Media and

key members of the Congress and Senate (eg Devin Nunes and Rand Paul).

• Conventional units, which will be captured by eliminating their primary officer corps leadership through abduction and execution,

operating under the auspices of the FBI,
which is still a rogue organization controlled by the Deep State,
and it will impose martial law once the extractions are complete.

• Riot control measures will be in effect including the assassination of perceived public protest leaders.

Snipers will be employed for this purpose.

Maximum terror is a goal.

• The troops will be told that most of the protestors are domestic terrorists in an attempt to

depersonalize them in the eyes of the troops,

thus making it likely that lethal force will be ordered and complied with.

• The MSM will be releasing stories about the "public enemies" on a 24/7 basis.

• Families of perceived key opposition leaders will be rounded up and used as leverage to force the surrender and capitulation to potentially key opposition members.

• A type of Jade Helm-style force will assist in the transition between the former United States and the new regime.

This is what some who were running Jade Helm believe the ultimate goal of Jade Helm was which consisted of the ushering in of this philosophy in to the new government.

• The public will be told that the Constitution was based upon racist policies by racist "white men".

The message will also contain the message that the Constitution is outdated, the Electoral College is outdated and a popular vote will decide the President.

The tremendous influx of illegal aliens (take that New York City), guarantee the fact that Democrats will become the dominant majority.

• The Internet will fall under the control of the United Nations and a social responsibility system (ie social credit) will be employed.

Retinal scan or fingerprint swipe will be needed to access.

The consequences for violating "responsible and non-inflammatory speech," will be the same as China.

The first offense will result in loss of job, housing, travel priviliges and attending trade and/or post-secondary education.

• A national work permit will be required to hold a job.

A form of a loyalty oath will be attached.

Holding a job demands the payment of taxes and submission ot the new governmental authority.

Workers can be reassigned to other geographic areas based on the needs of industry.

This is consistent with Obama's Executive Order 13603.

• A 22 person tribunal will act as an overseer of all governmental actions.

They will have complete veto authority over any state, local and federal law-making.

This body will wrestle control away from the Supreme Court.

• Civil disobedience will be re-categorized as treason and will be a capital offense.

• Home-schooling will be outlawed. Mandatory community service on behalf of the state will be required.

It could be as much as 20 hours per week.

• It will be a felony for parents if their children's vaccinations are not current.

• State governments will be dissolved and 10 provinces will be established.

Each of the 10 governors will be appointed by the Supreme Tribunal.

• Political parties will be allowed but both their platform and their leadership must be approved by the Central Committee of the Supreme Tribunal.

• All CO2 producing entities will be phased out.

This means the eventual end of automobiles and non compliant and deemed-to-be-eco-unfriendly businesses and homes.

Mitigation will be a private expense and failure to meet the standard will result in forfeiture of the property to the State.

• Carbon credits and carbon exchanges will become a parallel currency as the economy and its energy usage will be brought under the control of a central energy authority.

The authority will be global and derive its statutory power from the United Nations.

Six corporations will rule the planet as it will control all health care, which will be age-rationed, energy, military and public transportation.

All businesses must be approved by the global authority and home provincial authority.

• Travel between provinces and countries will require a smart passport.

Any history of dissident behavior will prevent one from travel.

This include a history of "negative activism" prior to the transition to the new governmental authority.

• The military will be privatized and the control and operation will be under the auspices of an assigned corporation.

All military personnel will be under the control of the corporation that their unit is assigned to.

There will basically be six corporate-controlled armies on the face of the earth.

• No private ownership of guns unless one has a permit issued by the local ruling authority.

Ownership will be limited to security guards, payroll transport, etc.

• The practice of all religions will be exist solely based on a permitting process.

Zoning regulation will be used to tear down churches.

No religious practice will be allowed that limits the personal life-style choices of any member of society.

In other words, if Christians condemn homsexual behavior, the church would lose its charter to operate.

Further, if the religion offends another state-approved religion, the religion will also lose its charter to operate.

• The state maintains authority over all matters regarding child welfare.

Parental authority will be defined by law as custodial and

parents must submit to the authority of the state in all matters.

We are already seeing this with regard to laws protecting and funding childhood gender reassignment.

i have had the bulk of this information since the days of Jade Helm and long-term followers of the CSS will remember I was dialed into DHS, FEMA and the Border Patrol at that time.

Much of this is UN driven and it represents the TPP on steroids.

I was asked to withhold the information as a body until it was needed.

Three years ago, this was still theoretical.

It no longer is.

This is the blueprint for the Deep State and their Democratic Party minions.

A coup is planned to take out Trump.

Representative Talaib let the cat out of the bag when she proclaimed that they were going to take Trump out of the White House in handcuffs.

This was not supposed to have been said because it is planned for.

The impeachment is dead for all intents and purposes.

A coup is all the Democrats have left.

This document summarization tells you where the country is going if a coup is successful.

Maybe some of you would like to get off of the sideline and get to work.

That begins by waking up your ignorant family members and neighbors.


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