Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Global Occupation dictatorship Migrants Rioting in Malta

Establishment wants President Clinton vs Romney election.

Establishment wants no Ukraine investigation because that will expose
Democrat corruption and
Republican corruption.
Rampant corruption everywhere in politics, wars, drugs, arms sales, foreign aid.

The whole world stage is corrupt.
Globalism is corrupt, run with money stolen from you,
although you are not able to know how this is done because of obscure and secret accounting.

Every country run by deep state and extended deep state.
Some info is available.
Go to library and study SNA system for national accounting setup up after WWII by Sir Richard Stone of England Nobel Prize.
All countries report their numbers to UN using this system.
Huge fat books located in some libraries.

United nations enforcers.
World Bank financiers, OECD,…
All businesses chartered by governments.

Communist Dictators in Russia, China set the framework for central control but it did not work well.
so they evolved, not true communists any more.
Now just dictators with some features of communism,
other features of capitalism, markets,
plus new technology such as
global internet,
facial recognition,
endless wars,
Muslim occupation warlords of any resistant region chopping off heads, blowing things up,
Mexican occupation disruption of english speaking power centers,…

Sheeple worldwide are upset,
voting for populists,
but they don't know who to attack,
because accounting is not done and reported to them,
so world dictatorship is growing,
with increasingly violent wars between dictators,
as before Pax Romana,
Pax Americana,
Peace enforced by the biggest guns
Small guns, regional violence, helps the dictators consolidate power.
Sheeple seek stronger and stronger shepherds until they get a shepherd who can enforce the peace.

Solution is simple - not to be a sheeple.
You are local.
Do not surrender power to globalists.
Learn everything they do to hold onto power, especially accounting and taxation.
Get rid of all local taxes.
Get rid of all income taxes on people making less than $100,000 per year.
Require complete accounting of all global activities.
Tax the world stage.
Tax the united nations.
Tax foreign travel.
Tax foreign currency.
Tax global banking.
Tax any movement of wealth across any border.
Tax any travel across any border.
Build walls, shoot invaders.
Learn independence,
Learn how to take care of your own local area, your own environment, your life support system.
Called the Old Green Deal
before the 1492 globalist holocaust

From: Ron

Exactly Gregory.

I would add that the

Muslims are being used as a disrupting force to destroy cultures and nationalism.

Result in a herd of amorphous persons run under a

Chinese model of personality scores

determined by rewarding for behavior pleasing their masters.


Greg wrote:


Politicians' admitting that allowing mass immigration was a mistake is a cover story for their crime of bribery.

They were controlled and bribed by globalists

for the purpose of weakening and destroying nations

so as to make a global takeover ultimately more possible.

The meetings in Spain between Euro politicians and OPEC Arab leaders

was also a cover plan by the globalists to hide THEIR complicity in the plan.

Politicians don't give a Flying Duck about their own populations ,

let alone Moslem refugees.


Lothar wrote:
> migrants trying to get into Europe for free welfare rioted on Monday in Malta setting cars on fire and attacking staff.

> Malta had agreed to house them temporarily in a detention center waiting for other EU countries to accept them

> This illustrates the fears of many in Europe about

> all of these migrants who have been allowed to enter

> without skills in language or fields that would be suitable for employment.

> Despite the violence,

> European politicians simply cannot admit that this has been a huge mistake.

> Refugees

> Trump v California – the Sanctuary State
> Lothar



> When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !
>> On Oct 22, 2019, at 08:24, Ron wrote:

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