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Garlic, broccoli sprouts, tofu, miso, soy: Horror nuclear war between US and Russia killing 34 million immediately

I have used garlic 50 years and can feel increase in strength and endurance 
used properly.
Major cheapest, most important superfood.
I stop every trip thru Gilroy and load up.
Easy to grow yourself too, small garden.

Slice and dice at least 1 clove of garlic per day
 let it sit an hour exposed to air 
before sprinkle on food to combine sulphur compounds with oxygen.

Also cook with garlic + onions every meal.
Garlic essential in China French food the world's best cooks, 
you get used to to the taste of good health.
French have the lowest mortality in Europe, keto+garlic.

Sprouts supposedly the best way to consume many foods.
I got lots of sprouts in Chinese restaurants for decades, 
usually stir fried the healthiest way of cooking.

Better and cheaper to sprout yourselves, mung beans, alfalfa the most popular.
I do not trust raw sprouts may have bacteria.
Can buy bulk sprouts in asian food stores.

Can buy fermented soy in asian food stores.
Miso is very salty and many Japanese die from stroke high blood pressure.
Natto is the best, important for bone strength heart attack prevention vitamin K removes calcium from arteries and deposits it in bones.
Natto costs about $1 per 1 ounce and tastes strange, eaten raw with special mustard.
Tofu costs about $1 per 8 ounces and tastes bland so can cook in anything.
Asian stores have dozens of soy products, some healthier than others.
Tempeh another good fermented soy.

Past few years vegan heavily promoted on TV idiot box, and in colleges, relies on cheap unfermented soy for protein.
Probable extermination plot but soy burger, garden burger, does taste good and may be better than injected cow hamburger meat.

Moderate tofu probably good for everybody, occasionally.
Chinese cut it in small blocks, stir fried, get several ounces per week on average,
often combined with small blocks of beef.

Non-fermented is big problems, but may still provide hormonal benefits in males.
Mercola is big on fermented but does not address hormonal issues.
Hazards of soy:

I come down on moderate tofu consumption to address past decade of soy deficiency.
I do have good source of fermented soy but have to drive across town to asian store and walmart tofu is closer.
Asian also has very tasty sprouts, probably MSG added.

Berg is a keto / fasting guy which probably can kill off cancer and stop diabetes and other ills.
Fasting helps me, and used 60 years off and on.
I am fine with keto, works well for me, but is rather extreme so am cautious to go too keto:


From: Ron

Thanks Gregory.

Had known raw garlic was eaten by Roman soldiers on the march for health and stamina.

Am not a particular fan of unfermented soy.

Early studies showed a a slight but statistically significant correlation with certain hormone sensitive cancers in men such as testicular cancer. 

I was a strict vegan for three years.

Have always been a natural bodybuilder.

Do not think soy was equal to other proteins such as egg for muscle growth.

Replicated studies have shown an increased risk of breast cancer in post menopausal women. 

These were amounts consumed daily.

Dont think there is a problem with occasional unfermented soy consumption.


On Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 2:42 PM Greg


You MUST MUST  watch this video. It is  a short 2 minutes long: 



PS  …  some people don't eat tofu because most of it is GMO

 joe wrote:

Nukes are old news 1950s duck and cover drills for school children Kruschev said "we will bury you".
Never happened, soviet empire melted away, along with USA, 
California burning down while Pelosi fiddles with impeachment..

Russia China dictators have subdued Europe and Americas who are now all addicted, sick, broke, clamoring for Obama-care progressive Socialism, Communism.

No need for any country to nuke.
Nukes a waste of taxpayer money.
Nuke war fake news to stimulate more taxes military industrial complex spending.

Ignore news and politics until you move to a safe zip code 
and eat right 
and can run in the sun fast, build strength, 
develop coordination, balance, flexibility, relaxed, sleep, ...
go completely pain free…

Dead cannot vote.
Most diseases can be prevented or delayed easily.

You can act to prevent cancer.  e.g.
Males in particular should eat tofu, miso, soy, etc.
I am normally vegetarian -  zero red meat for 2 years now.
But get too much cheese, dairy.
I forgot about tofu that is cheaper and healthier and softer and easier to cook.
Most soy from USA the 3rd largest crop in the USA.
Tofu in Walmart everywhere mass market made by asians in USA supervised by Japanese companies, simple process.
No excuse for not eating tofu.

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men worldwide. 

1.1 million men were diagnosed with PCa in 2012,
accounting for 15% of all cancers in men

Prostrate cancer rates are lowest in Asian countries, where soy foods are regularly consumed as part of a normal diet. 

Several studies have reviewed the inverse association seen between soy food intake and PCa incidence in Asian populations, 

proposing that soy isoflavones act as weak hormones to exert a protective effect against the development of PCa 

soy isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, accumulate in prostatic tissue where they may be cytotoxic to cancer cells

 result of both non-hormonal and hormonal action.

 genistein upregulates tumor suppressor genes in PCa cells

 and suppresses prostate carcinogenesis in an estrogen receptor (ER)

This hypothesis has further been supported by four previous meta-analyses of epidemiological studies, 

all of which showed a protective association between soy consumption and PCa

We include a larger number of studies and an in-depth analysis on the relationship between 

total soy food intake, 

fermented and unfermented soy food intakes, 

individual and combined dietary isoflavones, 

circulating individual and combined isoflavones 

and the risk of PCa. 

Furthermore, no previous meta-analysis has explored potential links between soy foods and advanced PCa. 

Because soy isoflavones have also been linked to inhibiting PCa cell motility and invasion 

and reducing inflammatory markers in men with PCa, 

we also evaluated the impact of soy on the risk of advanced PCa.

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