Tuesday, October 22, 2019

falls, trackers, hackers, communists

President Jimmy Carter had a fall, and had to have 18 stitches on scalp but still getting around ok.
Until he fell again and broke a hip.

I am using elevators more to avoid falling down stairs although I hate elevators.
I use terrible glassy stairs every day that look stylish but are dangerous.

Even taking a shower is dangerous with rubber mat.
It is really easy to make a mistake even though I am on my feet most of the day.
Fall prevention a key to survival.

I am thinking Texas A&M College Station might be a good survival location.
Big college in a small town, warm climate, with huge forests east all the way into Louisiana, and farther east.
close to Houston and Dallas big city services, but not so smoggy, crowded, and noisy.

I have nearly given up driving,
I got to go buy 2 new tires but otherwise keep car parked except for groceries.

I am probably permanently a college student - most students can't do anything nowadays for themselves.
Dormitories do all the cooking, cleaning, bill paying, organizing, social events..

Apartments have laundry in rooms.
All students do is play, go to class, and get deeper into debt, then move back home with their parents and watch TV.
I can do that and more.
I am more functional than most students.

I wake up every morning with fantastic math ideas.
Am trying to work on unsolved problems with huge numbers - thousands of digits per number - how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc.

Then I go straight to gym and walk 10+ miles every morning on a rubberized save machine,
then walk around campus all day.
Take 1 class.
All the students are too fat nowadays.
Then study, go to library, come home, cook, and go to sleep early.
I eat at home - cleaner and healthier than college cafeteria.

Nearly offline nowadays, too many problems online.
Apple and Microsoft Windows 10 always are updating, still get attacks, spam, errors.
So I do math with pencil and paper.

Went to seminar on why the internet is so dangerous.
It is all trying to get your money, data, information, etc.
$$$ 18 billions of dollars for people data.
Big industry!
I believe Communists are behind this.
China and Russia in particular.

Local university has thousands of Chinese and Muslim students.
Like an occupying force.
Many around town too.
Deep in the heartland.

Everything you do online is monitored and monetized by evil rich fat cat Communists and co-conspirators.

This website shows some of the company technology information channels.

You cannot escape but you can avoid commercial companies out to get your data.


Marketing Technology Landscape Super graphic (2019):
Martech 5000
(actually 7,040)

annual tradition at our spring MarTech conference to release an updated version of
the most infamous slide in marketing:
the marketing technology landscape
major marketing platforms to embrace an open ecosystem strategy:
the splendid diversity of specialized apps that can flourish on that foundation.
That's where the magic happens, where the energy and intelligence of engineering teams within platform companies
is multiplied by all the energy and intelligence of hundreds or thousands
of imaginative, third-party app developers.
That massively distributed engine of innovation
serves the myriad of needs and desires across different customers.
The blending of software and services business models is another rich source of martech apps
that we've had a hard time cataloguing.
Major consulting firms such as Deloitte, Accenture, and PwC all have their own martech products now,
lending credibility to the model.
But a large number of services-developed martech apps are emerging out of smaller firms too.

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