Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Al-Baghdadi raid was phony like the Bin Laden raid during Obama. Al-Baghdadi was/ is Mossad agent Elliot Shimon.

Fear of Bernie Sanders Socialism 
alt-left must be stopped.
Trump becoming more establishment than alt-right.

Federal Reserve Bank drops interest rates to boost stock prices now at Record.

Trump economy booming?

and victory over ISIS crusades?

Fake economy.
Fake victory.

Economy is sick, dying.

Muslims are not happy with their middle east homelands.

Buried at sea means a hoax, same as Obama shot Osama Ben Laden hoax.

If they really killed Bag-Daddy then let him lie in state in the capitol 
as the Romans left thousands of victims crucified on the Appian main highway.

Keep important corpses frozen for 1000 years to allow DNA and other tests.

Pentagon is the HQ of the deep state 
so can never be trusted to do a DNA test.

Fake news Hollywood production.

From: Greg

headline, "Russia says Baghdadi killing faked by US [& Israel]," credited to Gordon Duff, founding editor of Veterans Today. 

 Gordon, whom I know personally, has a rich network of contacts on the ground, including Russian military commanders as well as honest Jews who despise Zionist provocations and lies.

 The official Russian denunciation of the raid as having never happened is a matter of record.  

To that I add the earlier reported death of Al-Baghdadi in 2015 in an Israeli hospital, and the alleged but credible aspect of al-Baghdadi being a Mossad operative and Israeli citizen named Elliot Shimon, and you have the perfect storm.

 I believe the Zionists and the US neo-conservative lied to President Donald Trump, faked the entire raid, faked the alleged DNA testing, and have now put the President in a terrible spot.

Accepting that our Special Forces carried out a raid – somewhere — either al-Baghdadi / Elliot Shimon is still alive as Gordon suggests, and the death was faked; 

or al-Baghdadi died in 2015 and this new death was faked – someone else was killed.

 I think our President has been lied to.

A deeply suspicious person would also wonder if this is not a potential "kill shot" by Benjamin Netanyahu against Trump –

Ha'aretz says, "Trump Basks in al-Baghdadi's Bloody Assassination, 
but the Festivities Will End Shortly,"

Trump is bound to be criticized for his blood-thirsty style, 
as well as the fact that he hurried to announce al-Baghdadi's demise 
before the Pentagon had signed off on final and incontrovertible DNA proof that the ISIS leader had indeed been killed. 

On the extremely unlikely chance that al-Baghdadi will emerge somewhere safe and sound, 

Trump would instantly transform, 
not into a lame duck but into a dead duck.

The above tells me two things: that the DNA was not confirmed as the President claimed; 

and that Benjamin Netanyahu might well choose one day to "resurrect" Elliot Shimon aka al-Baghdadi, 

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