Friday, May 31, 2019

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As I lay in bed at night, I thank the Good Lord. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful, successful, children and grandchildren. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and do not want for anything. I can't help but reflect on years past, wondering what happened, where did this country take a wrong turn to what it has become? In years past, people in this country took pride in their achievements, they worked hard to become what they envisioned for themselves. They took responsibility for their own poor decisions, made corrections, and moved on to achieve loftier goals. In today's world, 40% of people in this country are on some sort of government assistance. The voices clamor for free college, income equality, free medical, the right to kill a term baby. Those voices believe it is not their personal responsibility to take care of themselves, rather they demand someone else provide all they believe they are entitled. Many of those same people gather in groups to cause civil violence which is allowed by those Mayors, and others in authority, in various cities. People are trampling our sovereign borders, only to be rewarded with every sustenance in life, housing, food, schooling, medical care. They come to this country for all they believe to be good, however, they do not speak our language, abide by our laws, adapt to our form of dress, and demand their customs be our customs. Why do they come with the goal to change our country to the very country they escaped? Why are they categorized as more important than our very own people, people born and raised in this country, many who now live on sidewalks and under bridges with their meager belongings, don't know where or when their next meal or shower is in the future? Our elected representatives appear on mass media uttering proclamations and statements with no basis of proof, yet millions of their admirers believe the untruths. Why, I ask? What actions can be taken to turn this country back to the road of success?

phone ignore reality of Communist plot

iPhones are like TV and other electronic idiot boxes.
Sit on your ass and  ignore reality.
Sitting is the new smoking.
get sick, develop dementia.
as Planned by Red Emperor of Communist China

Communist China makes the electronics and the drugs to treat electronic diseases.
Rich get richer by making you sicker bankrupt dead.

Rothschild Soros open borders want to replace you with immigrant invaders.

Destroy America by no wall or defenses.

Destroy the world by overpopulation, fossil fuel smog, superbugs plague, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, genocides.

Go to college to learn what are the attacks and how to stop them.

Texas Tech in Lubbock has a Medical College, Law School, and Engineering College thru Phd level!

3333 foot altitude dry climate downwind of organic New Mexico 10000+ foot mountains.

Senior Academy for Adult Learners 55+

Texas Tech University encourages older adults to continue their education by providing free tuition to individuals who are 55 and older.

• Participant must be a Texas resident.  
1 year continuous residence with intention of staying.

• The program will cover six credit hours of free tuition per semester.

Failure of the Oroville Dam Will/Could Lead to UN Imposed Martial Law On American Soil | The Common Sense Show

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Numerous dangers to California - quakes, floods, atmospheric rivers, dam breaks, riots, revolution, race wars, secession, calexit….

Problems in California have been festering for decades.
Massive overpopulation with non-native races.
I suspect Communist China is running the state with the help of rich co-conspirators getting richer.

Looking for a similar hideout with access to resources if times get bad.
Food and water are essential.
Mild temperatures good, so I can live without electricity if need be.
We don't need air conditioning around here, too far north.

My grandfather drove a team of horses covered wagon from Central Missouri across Kansas 
and homesteaded in Holly Colorado, 
then moved that South Dakota just North of Nebraska where my 7 uncles were born.
Nobody could do that nowadays.
But there is a lot of space on the high plains with fewer people problems.
Huge grain food crops and beef large ranches.
Mayo Clinic is in a small town the middle of very high quality farmland.


How the Failure of the Oroville Dam Will/Could

Lead to UN Imposed Martial Law On American Soil | The Common Sense Show

I believe Hodges is mostly correct about what he is saying about California.

After Hillary lost her own election after two or three mos. it was apparent the results could not be immediately successfully contested.

The Calexit movement took off in full force.

At present Progressives are focused on the 2020 national elections.

As I have stated before I believe Trump will win by a bigger margin taking the popular vote.

As this becomes increasingly apparent civil violence will increase from the Left ESPECIALLY in Calif.

Reminds me of the battle for Italy in WW2.

It became obvious the Germans and Italian fascists would lose the whole of Italy in late 1943.

Allies crossing the Demarcation line below Rome and eventually capturing Monte Cassino.

The Italian Republic of Salo was set up in the Pyrennees under German mandate. It lasted from 9/43 to 5/45.

California has a similar significance to Progressives/Globalists today.

I could see a Chicom sponsored California with UN Troops dominated by Chinese.

Just my take,


The Oroville Dam is in crisis and it ready to break..

The CALEXIT movement, designed by the globalists to extricate California from the United States is dead and has been supplanted by Paul Preston's New California 51st movement. 

Had Calexit been successful, it would have collapsed the economy of the United States. 

The withdrawal of the agriculturally rich region of the Central Valley of California, would have produced massive food inflation and even spot famines.

 Thirty percent of America's retail crosses Interstate 5 as it makes its way east from California's ports.

 The elimination of this avenue of commerce would result in the destruction of the American economy. 

CALEXIT, run by former members of the Obama administration was designed to collapse the United States economy and produce massive food shortages. 

By the way, former Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder, is the spokesperson for CALEXIT.

 Thank goodness CALEXIT has failed. Or has it?

The Oroville Dam

As has been documented by Paul Preston and myself on multiple occasions on this website, the Oroville Dam is near collapse. 

If the dam collapses, the following will happen:

• A 30 foot wall of water, traveling at 75 MPH will roar out of the dam and race towards Sacramento. 

• A 24 foot wall of water will enter Sacramento within 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on whose figures one cites. 

Please note that it would take 72 hours to evacuate Sacramento. 

• One million people will be in the path of the raging water with no high ground to escape to. 

• Beside the death and astronomical loss of life, ensuing looting and violence would become commonplace due to the shortage of resources.

 This will become the biggest natural disaster of all time an the chaos that would follow would be mind-boggling. 

• This "danger" to the people would allow the UN to enter the United States, in force, in order to "protect lives". 

The dam is less than 6 feet from over-topping which will cause this earthen dam to fail. 

The spillway has failed and the California Department of Water Resources is covering up this fact despite the fact that they are working on the dam 24/7.

 It is interesting to note that the nearly-bankrupt California will immediately gain $1 billion in federal disaster money. 

Further, the collapse of the dam will bring in the United Nations under the Kigali principles. 

And where the CALEXIT movement failed to destroy the United States, because of the failure of the movement, they will succeed when the Oroville Dam fails. 

When the dam fails, retail traffic will not cross Interstate 5 and the entire Central Valley will not be able to produce crops.

 The globalists will win, California will be destroyed and the previously described issues will take place. 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Taxes, imports, tariffs: World Trade | Armstrong Economics

Most manufacturing workers pay more in sales tax than income tax.
Most states the sales tax is higher than the income tax in that state.
Plus the workers have to pay often high real estate taxes,
high college tuition,
high interest rates on many kinds of debt,
Fees on licenses, registrations, special assessment districts.

Also USA workers pay outrageous high phone costs, family of 4 lines $100 per month or more for crappy wireless service about as cheap as you can find it.
Sweden and Korea sheeple get much faster fiber optic genuine cable for $30 per month for a family of 10+ with a choice of many providers.
You can get a big fancy desktop computer cheaper than many smartphones and does not need batteries or recharging!
Display on big TV proper size for fast reading, better speakers, better performance all around.
Skype Facetime more effective than phone calls, or what you can see on small phone screens.

Smart phones are obsolete dangerous crap fed to American Sheeple and other 3rd world banana republics.
Batteries bad for the environment.
Blasts rays thru your brain.
Desktop cable computers do not need to communicate with any towers.

Sales taxes bite immediately, your first dollar for food at dollar store.
Poor have to pay sales tax to survive.
Also Property taxes everybody pays even on cheap houses, or rentals.
You also pay taxes via utilities which are often government run, regulated to tax you another way.

Income taxes have big deductions and you can hide income in IRAs 401Ks etc.

So focus on getting rid of sales taxes first and get rid of income taxes later.

All the various forms of taxes are covered in Public Finance courses in economics classes.
Many issues involved.
If you do not show up for class
then somebody else show up for class and will get the economics jobs
and may manipulate the tax code to their benefit and screw you and you will never know what happened.

Tariffs were historically a big source of revenue for the government.
Trump is right to increase tariffs and let foreigners pay the taxes.
Tax on tea Boston Tea Party revolution.

This short article touches only on a few issues.
Does not mention Rothschild Soros or others who many be paying lobbyists to manipulate taxes, trade, debt to their benefit,
even though they may not even live in USA
and may not pay USA taxes
or serve in the USA military.
Find the accounting of what they are paying or doing!

Taxes get imbedded in the prices of all product.
If they tax a business then the business raises prices that consumers have to pay.
If they tax a worker then the worker demands more pay.
Revenues to foreign conspirators can be direct theft or manipulation of government revenue streams,
or it can show up as prices higher than what they would be without the theft or manipulation.
Such as the high prices of Tea, Phones, Chips, Games, Computers….

Computers are great at accounting so if we are in the information age
where is the accounting as to what aliens are doing with USA$? paid for by USA taxpayers
and products consumed in USA (poisons?)?

Boston Tea Party:
The target was the Tea Act of May 10, 1773, which allowed the British East India company to sell tea from China in American colonies without paying taxes apart from those imposed by the Townshend Acts.
Demonstrators, some disguised as Native Americans, destroyed an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company.
They boarded the ships and threw the chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.
The British government responded harshly and the episode escalated into the American Revolution.
Colonists objected to the Tea Act because they believed that it violated their rights as Englishmen to "no taxation without representation",
that is, to be taxed only by their own elected representatives
and not by a British parliament in which they were not represented.
Controversy between Great Britain and the colonies arose in the 1760s when Parliament sought, for the first time, to impose a direct tax on the colonies for the purpose of raising revenue.
Some colonists, known in the colonies as Whigs, objected to the new tax program, arguing that it was a violation of the British Constitution.
Britons and British Americans agreed that, according to the constitution, British subjects could not be taxed without the consent of their elected representatives.
In Great Britain, this meant that taxes could only be levied by Parliament.
Colonists, however, did not elect members of Parliament, and so American Whigs argued that the colonies could not be taxed by that body.
According to Whigs, colonists could only be taxed by their own colonial assemblies.
Colonial protests resulted in the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766,
but in the 1766 Declaratory Act, Parliament continued to insist that it had the right to legislate for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Future trends. Re: happy Memorial Day

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I am amazed at the transgender freaks and poor health conditions of much of the population, even teenagers.

It was not so bad in past decades.

They are consumers but not producers.

I think importing so much from China and Muslim countries is part of the problem.

Need to make in the USA again.

Tariffs raise tax money to balance the federal budget and eliminate the deficit.
Trump is doing some things right,
trade war, etc.

I think imports are often poisoned.

Toxic chemicals added to clothes where they are easily absorbed by skin causing transgender, cancer, dementia, ….

Toxic chemicals in food, vitamin pills, drugs.

Phones TVs LEDs lights designed to damage eyes with bad light wavelengths,
Also disrupts hormones, causing poor quality of sleep.
I found out both the hard way.

Disinformation and tracking by electronics.

I am taking steps to fight Communist China and muslims.

Found Vitamin brand made in the USA.

Hand wash clothes, squeeze out chemicals, soak for days to kill Muslim super germs, bacteria,…

Reduce use of electronics.

Careful use of electronics.

Reduce electronic tracking.

Clever tricks to use electronics but defeat China trying to use electronics against me.



Happy Memorial Day to you too.

I have my flag out and noticed that I was the only one on our block to have it flying.

Don't know what is happening to the younger generation of idiots.

You are right about the country becoming careless and changing for the worst.

Wonder what is going to happen in the future?

Tornado zone: rain thunder storm Weather


TV idiot box is an electronic weapons of mass distraction.

TV addicts stridently insist fake news is true because it makes them feel good.

Pot smokers stridently insist on their intelligence higher consciousness induced by mind blowing marijuana purple haze makes them feel good.

Both illusions caused by dopamine produced in their brain, 
makes people feel good,
Hollywood learned how to use TV phones games electronics to spurt dopamine,
society manipulated by bad shepherds force for evil, destruction

Why they call them sheeple, easily led around by shepherds, so they can avoid thinking.

Bad shepherds hijack your brain by controlling your dopamine secretions.
If you agree with fake news you get a dopamine spurt.
Drugs cause a dopamine spurt.
Spurt from brain stem into nucleus accumbens.
Heroin, opium, marijuana, cocaine, fake news, TV, radio, phones, computers, games all the same.

Liberal news media way overplay tornadoes, hurricanes, weather disasters… and quakes...
Videos are dramatic, emotional.
Herd the sheeple, get them excited, distracted.
Ignore the true news, conspiracies the sheeple should be worried about.

But chances of getting hit are very small.
Even if you town gets hit it will still probably miss you!

I was in Branson when it got hit a few years ago.  
Took out a lot of junky old motels on the strip, and damaged a lot of better buildings, and took the roof off Walmart.
But walmart opened in a week due to huge team of Mexicans trucked in (work for cash evade taxes, immigration laws?)

And most damage rebuilt better than before with insurance money, needed to clean up that mess anyway, or just tear down.

Most of the town not affected.
I slept thru and had to drive and walk miles to see the damage.
Sort of festive party atmosphere.
Mexican workers and emergency response teams posing for photos.

If tornadoes were a big problem then 
houses would be built with bedrooms in basements 
and more sturdy construction of houses, offices and other buildings.
Building codes would require this.
Better buildings = more jobs, better paying jobs, good for the economy.

Or they would just move to California where tornadoes are rare.
Map below



San Angelo had an F1 two weeks ago.....lots of tree branches down, fences, roofs damaged in small pocket of town. 

Not one injury.  

Local news sensationalized storm but common storm for West Texas (wind event).

 Too far west , flooding rare and non life threatening. ....poor drainage in streets.  

Bigger twisters in Tornado Alley capable of picking up 18 wheeler trucks, obliterating large swaths of land.  

Trailer parks still popular choice of the masses.


-------- Original message ————

I need to get a black POW/MIA flag.
The most forgotten.

I have been reading google search "rosemary dementia"

Seems rosemary is well known prevention of dementia.

I got some and use it sometimes.

Will try adding to coffee.

I already dump several spices to my pot of morning coffee:

black pepper

The sage was quite noticeable psycho-active.
Stimulates dreams.
And can remember dreams.
Often dream about San Francisco.

Then I add lots of spices to cooked rice and vegetables.
Or oats.

Or make CCF tea.

For some reason lots of spices I really do feel better.

Can tell if I don't get enough spices.

I guess people learned about this 1000 years ago.

America was discovered by accident by Europeans trying to buy spices from China.


Yes its coming

14 inches of rain this month already some areas. 

Tornado alley shift east
From wichita ok city
To Joplin Springfield. 


Lubbock Amarillo west edge
Not much farther west
No rain
No storms. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

spices Re: happy Memorial Day

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I need to get a black POW/MIA flag.
The most forgotten.

I have been reading google search "rosemary dementia"

Seems rosemary is well known prevention of dementia.

I got some and use it sometimes.

Will try adding to coffee.

I already dump several spices to my pot of morning coffee:

black pepper

The sage was quite noticeable psycho-active.
Stimulates dreams.
And can remember dreams.
Often dream about San Francisco.

Then I add lots of spices to cooked rice and vegetables.
Or oats.

Or make CCF tea.

For some reason lots of spices I really do feel better.

Can tell if I don't get enough spices.

I guess people learned about this 1000 years ago.

America was discovered by accident by Europeans trying to buy spices from China.

Theft of Holocaust: ENOUGH - Israel’s Guilt Campaign on Austria/Germany - Wien: Unbekannte zerstören Bilder von NS-Opfern - SPIEGEL ONLINE..(Vandalism in Vienna) More than 3 generations after WWII

Foreign holocausts are hate speech in America, should be strictly outlawed in America.

Fake news to distract from the real holocaust that is ongoing in the Americas.

Foreign holocausts do not compare in scale and scope with the 1492 invasion 100,000,000 dead as superbugs killed off 98% of the population

Invaders arrived to a mostly empty continent and raped, murdered most of the few survivors
and stole the land
and have mostly destroyed the natural environment.

Invaders who manipulate history to evoke sympathy for themselves are the ultimate hypocrites.

The holocaust continues with devastation of the environment and imprisonment of natives in concentration camps (reservations) on the worst quality land.

Invaders using fossil fuels took paradise and made a parking lot.

Invaders endanger bison, wolves,… needed to maintain the natural ecosystem that was great in 1492.

Old Green Deal 1492.

Jews should return to Israel and make Israel great again. MIGA

Muslims should return to Mecca and make Arabia Great again. MAGA


Opinion...from somebody born after WWII

ENOUGH....rubbing in a GUILT-Complex for generation after generation, to control the people, is wrong !

How would they feel, if we have a 'Ausstellung' in TelAviv with portraits of Palestinian victims

[for many generations, after Zionism/Fascism ends in Israel, forced onto Israelis],

to rub in THEIR guilt forever in Israel's long history of brutality / inhumanity ?

How would they like being humiliated....generation after generation "not to forget"?

Duration of Israel's brutal fascism is already over 50 years longer than Germany's NS lasted,

and Israel's occupation and genocide is still going on now ! (BDS !) Boycott, Divest, Sanction !

(BTW...I like the ~ 20foot high wrought iron fence behind the 'Ausstellung'....Israeli Embassy behind it ?)

Uri Avnery

Übergriffe auf Ausstellung in Wien (verständlich, 'es reicht', diese Heuchler)

Unbekannte zerstören Bilder von NS-Opfern

Erst Hakenkreuze, dann Attacken mit Messern: In Wien wird eine Ausstellung mit Aufnahmen von Überlebenden des NS-Regimes beschädigt - zum wiederholten Mal. Staatspräsident Van der Bellen zeigt sich entsetzt.

Lukas Huter/APA/DPA

"Gegen das Vergessen": Beschädigte Porträtfotos von Überlebenden der Nazi-Verfolgung in Wien

Montag, 27.05.2019 17:47 Uhr
Zum dritten Mal binnen wenigen Tagen haben Unbekannte in Wien eine Freilichtausstellung zur Erinnerung an die Opfer der NS-Verfolgung beschädigt. Offenbar in der Nacht zum Montag wurden etwa ein Dutzend von rund 80 großen Porträtfotos zerschnitten, wie auf Fotos zu sehen ist.

Die Porträts stehen seit dem 7. Mai vor dem Heldenplatz entlang der Ringstraße, die das historische Zentrum der österreichischen Hauptstadt begrenzt. Schon wenige Tage nach Eröffnung der Ausstellung hatten Unbekannte mehrere der Tafeln mit Messern beschädigt, in der vergangenen Woche wurde dann ein Teil der Ausstellung mit Hakenkreuzen beschmiert.

Staatspräsident Alexander Van der Bellen zeigte sich betroffen. "Ich weiß, dass der allergrößte Teil der österreichischen Gesellschaft einen klaren, ablehnenden Standpunkt zu den NS-Gräueltaten hat", sagte er. "Dass es welche gibt, die mit der Wahrheit und dem Mahnen, das diese Fotos ausdrücken, nicht umgehen können, ist erschütternd." Die Organisation Esra als Initiatorin der Ausstellung in Wien sprach von antisemitischen Akten der Zerstörung.

Roland Schlager/APA/DPA
Zerschnittene Fotografien: "Hier äußerte sich der rechte Radikalismus"
Der deutsch-italienische Fotograf Luigi Toscano, der die Porträts gemacht hat, sagte, seine Ausstellung "Gegen das Vergessen" sei bereits in mehreren Ländern gezeigt worden, doch noch nie habe er derartige Angriffe erlebt. "Es ist jetzt die 13. Ausstellung, es gab auch schon vorher kleine Zwischenfälle, doch waren sie nie politisch motiviert und hatten nicht dieses Ausmaß", sagte Toscano: "Hier äußert sich der rechte Radikalismus", fügte er hinzu.

Auch ein Vertreter der deutschen Regierung äußerte sich zu den Vorfällen. "Das ist ein Angriff auf das jüdische Leben und die Kunstfreiheit - ein Angriff auf uns alle", schrieb Bundesaußenminister Heiko Maas auf Twitter: "Es sind auch wir alle, die gefragt sind, uns dem entgegenzusetzen."

Mehrere Freiwilligenorganisationen haben nun Mahnwachen rund um die Uhr zum Schutz der Ausstellung angekündigt.

Unter ihnen ist auch die [Jüdisch-liebende] Muslimische Jugend Österreichs, die während des Ramadan Nachtwachen organisieren will.

(The 'Jewish loving Muslim Youth' of Austria promised to protect the 'Ausstellung' at nights, even during Ramadan)


Did Netanyahu Really Win the Election? Maybe Not – and Certainly Not Yet
Netanyahu, Liberman Headed to Showdown Monday at Knesset
Haredim Accept Compromise Proposal, Liberman Digs In
Opposition Rallies to 'Save' Israel From Netanyahu
3,000 Palestinians Protest Along the Gaza Security Fence
Israel-Hamas Agreement Already in Jeopardy
Israel Re-Expands Gaza Fishing Zone to 15 Nautical Miles
Palestinians Thwart ISIS Terrorist
Israel Launches Recruitment Drive for Social Media
Hezbollah Warns US Plan Could Naturalize Palestinian Diaspora in Host Countries
Not Just Netanyahu: the Other 4 Lawmakers Who May Need Immunity From Prosecution
After Outcry Over Non-Invite, Arab Parties to Join Rally Against Immunity for Israel PM


Monday, May 27, 2019

happy Memorial Day

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Happy Memorial Day!

I am really upset over Communist China and Korea.

I am amazed at how fast Communist China has taken over the USA economy and planted so many immigrants here in positions of power.

And South Korea has much better fiber optic internet than USA,
and produce so many products for USA,
but we are still defending south Korea!

This must be political corruption at the highest level.

Not long ago USA was world leader in most products
and did not need any Chinese or Koreans to do that!

They stole USA technology!
And we are paying for their defense!

Need to make America great again!

Raise tariffs on all imports and learn to make in the USA again!


Texas safe from Dystopia pill TV conspiracy communist china

Casino shooting in St. Louis today near here.
The first report of a shooting came in at about 1:06 a.m.  right outside Lumiere Place Casino.
 Two people died as a result of that incident
 While police were investigating the shooting, 
a TV crew on the scene heard about 20-25 more gunshots a couple blocks away.

"Where there are people there are problems" 
Bill Clinton told me as we rode in Limo to Philadelphia Airport 1984
when we saw handcuffed bank robber on ground surrounded by cops he noted in amazement "he is white, not a negro"

"Life imitates art." they teach you in media, movie, film classes,…
I remember dystopian movies, club of rome, silent spring, catastrophe projections in the 1960s most of which did not come to pass.
I saw "time machine" 1965 rerun, the last movie or full program I watched on TV.
Population continues to grow exponentially,
meaning a crash when it comes will kill more people
and even without a crash more people will be pushed to the brink of extermination.
So what we are seeing is an increase in frustration, migration, yellow vest protests, low level conflicts,…

Increasing demand for a strong leader to maintain law and order.. dictators, czars, kings, emperors,…
Red Emperor of China knows that, 
China has the longest memory.
Sponsor of SHTF in USA.

You can escape the low level conflicts by fleeing to an area where those will not occur
(racially homogenous, politically homogenous, economically homogenous,…)
and escape environmental catastrophe in a good environment,
and escape civil war in a strong local government pax americana,… military, reserves,...

But that requires some forecasting and careful assessment of the demographics and environmental status of a proposed escape zone.
Almost nobody can do that.
So sort of a crap shoot unless you have good sources of information.

Some areas best avoided, such as most of California inland areas that are the smoggiest, poisoned agricultural areas.

But California coastal areas are among the safest and most enjoyable, SF, LA, SD, SJ,...
Almost the best weather, almost the best medical, and the best jobs 
California produces products loved by sheeple 
and needed by all the dictators, elites to control the sheeple.: 
 TV, Facebook, Movies, electronics surveillance, disinformation, tracking devices,…
Electric cars = the new electric chairs to kill + ovens to cook the sheeple.

Rural areas have been dying for 100+ years and are now mostly depopulated.
except where Latino slaves fleeing shit hole countries are needed by the elites 
Slaves produce products to feed,  pacify, entertain, sicken and wear down the sheeple, 
mostly chemicals, GMO grains, fruits, nuts, salads, CAFO meats cow, pig, fowl,..
Miserable places deadly biohazards extermination camps
stay away.

Also avoid republican zipcodes where deplorables are targeted with the most electronic disinformation 
and poisonous foods, cosmetics, clothes, furniture, housing products.

Elites can kill off plenty of innocent bystanders and still grow the economy, 
population growing exponentially 
reproduce like rabbits especially Mexicans Muslims Negroes …
no abortion.
natural slaves, serfs, peasants.

I have noticed for decades the 
quality food products in liberal left wing areas and 
poisonous foods in conservative right wing areas.
I travel a lot and investigate all stores as to what sheeple buy, shelf displays.
And study the people, you can see their diseases based on their lifestyles.
(e.g. Obesity easy to spot.)

Negro teen gang shot dead a Biloxi sheriff a few weeks before retirement, at the police station parking lot!
All cops at funeral were big fat slobs, indicative of sugar flour red meet poisoning.

Mississippi the fattest state white trash conservative racists, and junk in the food stores.

Colorado the skinniest state liberal pot smokers, healthy foods the stores.

I would not call southern Texas a rural area,
heavily populated already,
with huge influx of new arrivals from south of the border
with freeloading and Aztlan reconquista ideology
Texas has 4 to the largest 11 metropolitan areas in USA already.
But is such a huge land area that the cities are rather spread out and large areas nearly unpopulated.
So you can find survivable pockets all over.
The huge economy produces many essential products for the survival of the whole country:
Electricity, gas, oil, beef, cotton, wool, chemicals, plastics, computers, chips, military….
Absolutely essential for the economies of the other 49 states,
providing lots of jobs 
that may not pay as high as California 
but keeps the slaves busy so less crime, riots, revolutions as you might find elsewhere.

Be very careful of pollution, and excessive heat and humidity in Texas.

Panhandle Amarillo, Lubbock has some altitude and latitude so milder weather, less heat and humidity, 
and downwind of unpopulated New Mexico and Colorado.
And much less population, nearly unpopulated.
Lubbock has less population than around here, 
but still has a better university complete with a Medical College, Engineering, and Law School 
(The only such university in Texas that has all 3).

Texas is flipping blue and urban areas are (like many large cities in USA)
one third white 
one third black 
one third latino
but get along better because the economy is better and will likely stay better even in severe drought.
The government and many smaller areas are still majority white
less likely for civil war or racial violence than California,
and a much better economy with less inequality and less inflation, outrageous prices.
Give them bread and circuses so the sheeple stay happy, contribute tributes, and not revolt!
Rome the eternal city.
Drugs electronics mass distraction new means of control, in addition to trendy riots, shootings, bombings, wars, rumors of war… that have been around forever


Good rant.

Your starting to sound like. Why I moved to rural area.

Eloi (cattle) will congregate in urban areas where the feed troughs are.

Soylent green.

Remember the "Cargo cities" of Asia in the late 1950s.

processed food and
 contaminated water amount to carpet bombing prior to introduction of shock troops.

There will be plenty of shooting.

The edges of the blanket catch fire first.

Look for high Muslim population areas such Minnesota and Michigan first.

 The breakaway Progressive Republic of California will not recognize US Supreme Court rulings.


Mexican gangs,

and Chicoms will share power in California.

Attacks on persons wearing MAGA hats will spread to random attacks on whites especially blondes.

Same pattern now observed in Western Europe.

Just my take,


Disparaging.. a contemptuous term used to refer to a Communist Chinese.
a grenade or other weapon manufactured in Communist China.
of or relating to the People's Republic of China.
originally an official military abbreviation,
the derogatory slang use originated during the Vietnam War.

Soylent Green is a 1973 American dystopian thriller film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston and Leigh Taylor-Young. 

Edward G. Robinson appears in his final film.

 Loosely based on the 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison, it combines both police procedural and science fiction genres; the investigation into the murder of a wealthy businessman and a 

dystopian future of dying oceans and 

year-round humidity due to the greenhouse effect, 

resulting in suffering from pollution, 
euthanasia and 
depleted resources.

In the year 2022, 40 million people live in New York City, and there is a shortage of water, food and housing. 

Only the city's elite can afford clean water and natural food, and even then at horrendously high prices.

 The homes of the elite usually include concubines who are referred to as "furniture" and serve the tenants as slaves. 

Within the city lives New York City Police Department detective Frank Thorn with his aged friend and police analyst Solomon "Sol" Roth. 

Roth remembers the world when it had animals and real food, and possesses a small library of reference materials to assist Thorn. 

Thorn is tasked with investigating the murder of the wealthy and influential William R. Simonson, and quickly learns that Simonson had been assassinated and was a board member of Soylent Industries.

Soylent Industries, which derives its name from a combination of "soy" and "lentil", controls the food supply of half of the world and sells the artificially produced wafers "Soylent Red" and "Soylent Yellow". 

Their latest product is the far more flavorful and nutritious "Soylent Green", which is allegedly made from plankton and is in short supply. 

As a result of the weekly supply bottlenecks, the hungry masses regularly riot, and they are brutally removed from the streets by means of police vehicles that scoop the rioters with large shovels and dump them within the vehicle's container. 

With the help of the concubine Shirl, with whom Thorn begins a relationship, the investigation leads to a priest that Simonson visited and confessed to shortly before his death. 

The priest is only able to hint toward a gruesome truth before he himself is murdered. 

By order of the governor, Thorn is instructed to cease the investigation, but Thorn refuses and presses onward. Thorn is attacked during a riot, but the assassin loses him and gets himself killed.

Roth brings two volumes of oceanographic reports Thorn had procured from Simonson's apartment to an information center for investigation. 

The center's researchers confirm that the oceans no longer produce the plankton from which Soylent Green is reputedly made, and infer that 

it is produced from human remains, the only conceivable supply of protein matching the known production. 

Roth is so disgusted with his degraded life in a degraded world that he decides to "return to the home of the God" and seeks assisted suicide at a government clinic.

Roth and Thorn are mesmerized by the euthanasia process' visual and musical montage – extinct forests, wild animals, rivers and ocean life. 

Before dying, Roth tells Thorn his discovery and begs him to expose the truth. 

Thorn boards a human disposal truck to a recycling plant, where he sees the human corpses converted into Soylent Green. 

He is spotted and kills his attackers, but is himself wounded.

 As Thorn is tended to by paramedics, he urges his police chief to spread the truth he had discovered and initiate proceedings against the company. 

While being taken away, Thorn shouts out to the surrounding crowd: "Soylent Green is people!"

On Sun, May 26, 2019,  joe

Sneak a peek at your TV idiot box made in Communist China.
(Broadcast TV you can watch without Obama Soros tracking you
Broadcast TV like the internet is supported by Ads from Communist China.)

Happy negroes, latinos, old farts dancing,
wading at the beach,….
taking pills from Communist China to reduce pain from diseases caused by junk food, sedentary lifestyle, electro-magnetic bombardment, etc.

And on that same TV
nonstop ads for junk food that cause those diseases!

Ads for expensive gas guzzling vehicles
or more expensive electric automobiles
contributing to sedentary lifestyle diseases!
Fueling indebtedness.

Ads for more electronics = sedentary lifestyle
disinformation devices.
Paid for by credit cards fueling indebtedness.

Tattoo dyes and needles made in Communist China.

Bright dark heavily dyed color clothes made in Communist China.

Shows movies promoting fast cars, big houses, expensive colleges, ….

Shows movies promoting zillions of trinkets
worthless junk
made in Communist China or Muslim slave countries who want you dead,
all paid for by debt,
weaponized products containing chemical poisons, superbugs,…
Even whey and vitamins have artificial colorings, and sucralose neurotoxin!

Some shows even ridicule conspiracy theorists!

Fake news that ignores the conspiracies!

They think nobody notices!
Only idiots watch the idiot box TV?
Do they vote?

Hitler and Mussolini were wise to oppose communism and liberalism. 
Could have stopped Russia, China in the 1940s.

USA will pay the price for being on the wrong side of the war.
USA becoming a plantation
banana republic in support of the Red Emperor for life in Communist China.

Tyranny so complete the sheeple do not know anything better
battle for hearts and minds.
Every source of information is disinformation weaponized against the sheeple.

USA sheeple have become the Eloi in the movie Time Machine.
Trained to be organ donors.
If no good organs
then grind the sheeple up for pet food
or feed the pet food slaves.

Communist China already herding muslims into concentration camps,
and use slaves in Africa,
 and much of USA minimum wage slave work conditions,
subsistence wage,
small government checks,
while co-conspirators live high off the hog.

WWIII already over without firing a shot.
Drugs are the new guns.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


pill TV conspiracy communist china

Sneak a peek at your TV idiot box made in Communist China.
(Broadcast TV you can watch without Obama Soros tracking you
Broadcast TV like the internet is supported by Ads from Communist China.)

Happy negroes, latinos, old farts dancing,
wading at the beach,….
taking pills from Communist China to reduce pain from diseases caused by junk food, sedentary lifestyle, electro-magnetic bombardment, etc.

And on that same TV
nonstop ads for junk food that cause those diseases!

Ads for expensive gas guzzling vehicles
or more expensive electric automobiles
contributing to sedentary lifestyle diseases!
Fueling indebtedness.

Ads for more electronics = sedentary lifestyle
disinformation devices.
Paid for by credit cards fueling indebtedness.

Tattoo dyes and needles made in Communist China.

Bright dark heavily dyed color clothes made in Communist China.

Shows movies promoting fast cars, big houses, expensive colleges, ….

Shows movies promoting zillions of trinkets
worthless junk
made in Communist China or Muslim slave countries who want you dead,
all paid for by debt,
weaponized products containing chemical poisons, superbugs,…
Even whey and vitamins have artificial colorings, and sucralose neurotoxin!

Some shows even ridicule conspiracy theorists!

Fake news that ignores the conspiracies!

They think nobody notices!
Only idiots watch the idiot box TV?
Do they vote?

Hitler and Mussolini were wise to oppose communism and liberalism.
Could have stopped Russia, China in the 1940s.

USA will pay the price for being on the wrong side of the war.
USA becoming a plantation
banana republic in support of the Red Emperor for life in Communist China.

Tyranny so complete the sheeple do not know anything better
battle for hearts and minds.
Every source of information is disinformation weaponized against the sheeple.

USA sheeple have become the Eloi in the movie Time Machine.
Trained to be organ donors.
If no good organs
then grind the sheeple up for pet food
or feed the pet food slaves.

Communist China already herding muslims into concentration camps,
and use slaves in Africa,
and much of USA minimum wage slave work conditions,
subsistence wage,
small government checks,
while co-conspirators live high off the hog.

WWIII already over without firing a shot.
Drugs are the new guns.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Communist Revolution Millions dead. Gun Control Issue .....some interesting opinions

Pills are the new guns.
Communist China makes the pills to kill you off.
Communists are winning WWIII without firing a shot.
Communist takeover of the world finally pause by Trump tariffs on China.
Lots of the junk from Communist China probably weaponized,
fast food chemicals, electronics, phones, TV, computers, games,…
Balance the budget by tariffs on communist China.
Learn to make products in the USA again.
SHTF in only 40 years! when USA was a manufacturer, not a plantation owned by crazy rich Asians.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun
is a phrase which was coined by Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.
First used by Mao during an emergency meeting of the Communist Party of China on 7 August 1927
at the beginning of the Chinese Civil War
Communists carried out mass atrocities,
with millions of non-combatants deliberately killed by both sides.
between 1.8 million and 3.5 million people between 1927 and 1949.
encyclopedia Britannica
Some 600,000 Nationalists troops were killed in combat,
while roughly three times that many defected to the Communists.
Nearly 7 million Nationalist troops were captured during four years of combat.
Approximately 5 million civilians died as a result of combat, famine, and disease.

From: Ron

Not mentioned in these opinions is there were more citizens killed by their own governments in the last century than each of the other causes of death including war,desease,and accidents.

A very recent Univ. of Hawaii study points out there were 19 genocides in the 20th Century.

(I had previously only counted 11 beginning with the Armenians in 1903 through 1915.)

In all enumerated genocides there was government gun banning prior.

Most instances the cited reason was "community safety."

In others the military and/or police simply went door to door kicking them down.

In 1903 the Ottoman Empire was beginning to crumble.

The minority Christian Armenians were relatively successful merchants living in the upscale area in cities and towns.

Beginning in 1903 Armenians were forbidden to own guns as part of a community safety program.

Most Armenians were compliant.

Viewing themselves as community assets that were well integrated and respected.

This ban was so complete that even Armenian soldiers serving in the Ortoman military were forbidden from handling guns.

Armenian soldiers were instead used as pack animals.

On 1914 the Ottoman Empire entered WW1 on the side of Germany.

The Armenians had already been made scapegoats for the flagging fortunes of the Ottoman Empire now were accused of being a fifth column for Turkey's historic enemy Russia.

By the end of the First World War approximately 1.5 million Armenians had been killed.Most had been shot by men who still retained guns.

(Source: memoirs of the American Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire Morgenthau.)

When you view the rage in the eyes of campus young persons and frustration at not getting their way imagine if you would an America where guns were banned but a young Red Guard were weaponized.

Just my take,


"Lothar wrote:
If they ban forks, maybe they will reduce obesity too....


What you comment doesn't say and should say is that 75% of all gun murders are committed by blacks. The media only focuses on whites committing gun murders.

In the UK the blacks don't use guns they use knives and machetes so now the Brits are thinking of banning knives because they deny there are biological differences between the races.


Switzerland needs more gun control like a hole in the head.

The reason for the differences in deaths per 1000 is ETHNICITY differences.

How many Whites are there compared to other ethnic groups.

If the Swiss had the same MIX that we do, they would have the same problems


You are absolutely right. However, you are not allowed to say that.


Citizens without guns are citizens dominated by dictators.


I wonder if the people of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela feel the way the EU does. I also ask, why is the first thing dictators do is ban guns? Throughout history this is the case. You think an armed citizenry might be a little harder to control? Nah, that can't be it!!


I bet I know why they are not shooting each other up in Switzerland. Just look at their ethnic composition and you will see several groups are totally missing. That is clearly the reason they have barely any shootings other than suicides.


About 2/3 of "gun deaths" in the US are suicides. However, so called "gun control" advocates do not like to point that out when they talk about shootings.

If it does come up, they claim gun ownership magically increases the likelihood of suicide. I could not guess how much of that is true, however, if your life is unbearable, you will find a way out.

Meanwhile, daily gang and other drug related slaughter in a handful of large American cities (that account for most of the gun violence) do not seem to register on the outrage scale. Why?


Switzerland clearly demonstrates that it is NOT the gun, but the PERSON holding it.


Most gun deaths in the United States are suicide (by something like 20,000 suicides to 8,000 all other gun deaths). 8000 deaths (including police use of force and lawful self defense) out of 330,000,000 people is neither a "crisis", nor a grave social issue. Purely manufactured by people who should have better things to do.


I thought the Swiss were smarter than that.


They use to be. Now they are EU.


So basically Switzerland shows that guns do not cause gun violence but the people who use guns in a violent manner cause gun violence ?

Let us remember who first banned Europeans from owning firearms it were totalitarian regimes who wanted to prevent a popular uprising against their rule, first they take your guns and your ability to defend yourself , then they take your rights and eventually you end up in gulags or concentration camps these things are all connected.


Murders happen every day in every country, guns, knives, fists, blunt force objects. Illegal and legal drugs are the usual reasons this epidemic is happening besides money, anger and jealousy Guy.

Handguns are the main killers in the States. Here, in St. Louis blacks are shooting and killing each other daily. While growing up here in Missouri in the 50s, there were rare shooting deaths then and most households had guns. Opiods are also killing more people here in the States currently than weapons, over 60,000 yearly. Take away the guns and people will still find another way to kill each other or themselves. Cain didn't have a gun.


There is no right to blindly kill in the US. In fact, murder is and has been illegal since its founding. Appears you got a hold of some bad propaganda.


Hey, look everybody! Another European know-it-all. What socialist paradise are you from Guy, France?


It takes lots of guts to just pick up and leave where you are from and move to a foreign land. Those are the ones that came here and they didn't come to get a check from the government either. That makes the move rather scary and it takes a certain type to do that.


Wow, little gun related crime in one of the most heavily armed countries. Voted to give in to the EU and their gun treaties. Just goes to show ya that the state wants your firearms because they are afraid of an armed citizenry. Afraid that one day we will have had enough.


Also the most Violent Criminal Cities in USA have been Completely controlled by the same political party that wants to BAN weapons.


AOC Deep Thoughts socialism

Dear professor Kaufman.

Minor tornado activity.
Lots of rain.
Green trees plants.
Clean streeets.
Clean cars.
Mild temperatures.
Some days as good as Hawaii.

Moving is hard.
Rearrange apartment.
Lose stuff.
Misplace stuff.
Throw away stuff wish kept.
Takes forever.

College is great in summer.
Very quiet.
No students.

I am working on very hard math problem.
Paper and pencil.

Rarely use computer.
Check mail on phone.
Lots of junk mail.

Hope you are well.
Hawaii R&R sounds great.
Cheaper on mainland but not as good as Hawaii.
Best weather on planet earth.
Clean air.
Far from problems.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019


100% of knowledgable scientists will have Phd in the field,
or other advanced degree MD, etc.
and will teach college,
and write.

If they are honest and industrious and sober and sane.

They will get paid well and accomplish a lot teaching the cream of the crop of young people.

For decades USA big push to organize true information into books and journals where it can be learned,
and to uncover new facts nobody knew even 5 years ago.

Nobody with the skills and interest would do anything else.
Do something important that they love and get paid for it!

Unfortunately much of the population prefer goofing off, drugs, electronics, idiot box, imbecile box, moron box,…
Or just loafing and contemplating their navel.
Often the case nobody doing needed work.

Go to college and study from up to date text books.
Compare those with other books and sources of knowledge.

AJ had big books and other literature on herbal medicines.
what I saw was obviously lacking in scientific testing.

Don't waste time on obscure possibly erroneous literature
until you have absorbed fast learning ergonomic modern mass education.

Move to the best university in your field of interest and take all classes in the subject
before spinning your wheels in the real world wasting time and money.

The world is filled with fakes and hoaxes and idiots.
Be sure to take exams
and know the back ground of all teachers that they have also passed hard exams.


No need to waste time in college classes taught by someone who hasn't lived a life actually learning from the real world.

Academics is not always the best teacher.

Your Aunt Nora could have taught you much more than what's in these books.

But since she's no longer around, a book will suffice.

She knew the subject of wild edibles and cooked many of them when I visited.

My Dad knew much and I learned from both.

Here is a couple books from my personal collection for reference.


water filter, cow, orange

We got 1.5 inches of rain in 20 minutes from 1 of the clouds yesterday about 2pm.
Streets were somewhat flooded but drained mostly by 5pm.
Clouds moved east and it cleared up
Sun came out no clouds by 7pm.
Northern latitudes days are too long in the summer and too short in the winter.
Hawaii days and nights about the same length year round.

Every residence has toxins in the environment.
Agricultural areas the worst.
Move often before toxins accumulate.
Move to a city where water is the best before SHTF water kills you.
(Lake Tahoe and Honolulu the best?)

Most city water systems are not good and some are catastrophic.

Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland in brain - to stone - hormone disruption, earlier death, etc. etc.

Pineal gland calcification is associated with a number of diseases in the medical literature:

• Alzheimer Disease
• Bipolar Disease
• Circadian Dysregulation
• Hormone Imbalances: Low Melatonin
• Insomnia
• Low Back Pain
• Parkinson Disease
• Schizophrenia
• Sleep Disorders
• Stroke

Big government deep state Communist conspiracy to kill you off.

Summer I drink more milk and juice---
Milk has been filtered through a cow.
Juice has been filtered through the roots of a plant, especially some juices such as fresh squeezed orange.
And eat more solid fresh fruits and vegetables all of which contain filtered water and essential fibers.

Bottled water is often polluted and infected with germs sitting in there for months prior to consumption, and absorbing chemicals from plastic bottles.
Glass bottles the best but all bottled water wastes fossil fuels, causes pollution compared to tap water.

Some filters may work well such as the
Big Berkey in various sizes
and will be cheaper than bottled
2 cents per gallon.

• 2.25 GALLON CAPACITY- The portable Big Berkey Purification System effortlessly purifies water for about 1-4 people each day.

Add additional Black Berkey Purification Elements (the Big Berkey System can hold a maximum of four) to increase the flow rate.

The system is just 19.25" tall and 8.5" in diameter.

• POWERFUL PURIFICATION- Berkey systems equipped with Black Berkey Purification Elements purify water—not just filter it—

by removing

greater than 99.999% of viruses and

greater than 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria,

while also removing or dramatically reducing protozoa (such as giardia and cryptosporidium),


inorganic minerals,

heavy metals (including arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium),

pharmaceutical drugs (including caffeine, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Progesterone, Triclosan),

A pair of Black Berkey Purification Elements lasts for up to 6,000 gallons before needing replacement.

Each additional pair of elements (sold separately) adds an additional 6,000 gallons of purification power to your system.

Black Berkey Purification Elements average just 2 cents per gallon of purified water.

Berkey by NMCL uses several independent third-party labs to test a broad range of potential contaminants

and conducts Extreme Testing for lead and PFCs in order to show the effectiveness of our Black Berkey Purification Elements.


No electricity, tools or plumbing required.

Travel the world, prepare for emergencies, and take control of your family's everyday drinking water with your Berkey gravity-fed water filtration system with Black Berkey purification elements.

Enjoy delicious, nourishing water from the leader in gravity-fed water solutions.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

5G New T-MOBILE boost

Huge thunderstorm just hit
Trip to gym postponed. 
In bed with phone on wifi
Unplug all in storms

5G a waste and dangerous

Wired better than wireless
Faster cheaper safer

Fiber optic in Korea Sweden etc

$30 per month gigabit+

Political conspiracy USA 
rob You
Or nuke your brain with electro magnetic waves

Phones obsolete. 
Get big computer skype facetime video call to see as well as hear. 

I got gigabit free with apartment. 
Dont need phone. 

Tmobile pay as you go is the best very low use vendor. 

 Use for SHTF or
away from home. 

Keep 2 new smartphones
For emergencies and learning. 

From: John 

5G For All T-Mobile Sprint | Home

Lutheran Luciferian Violence - Delaware County Church Vandalized With Abortion Rights Graffiti

Build your own desk, standing and sitting.
Your shape is unique, 1 per person.
It is impossible to buy a perfect match.
Like you must hire a tailor to get clothes to fit right.

Use wood with steel braces, bolts, as light as possible for easy transportation to Hawaii or other healthy SHTF remote location.
I got lots of electronics, computers, etc.
Real TV antennae need exterior siting for best reception, wires, internet plugins, electric plugins, etc.
Really hard to do it all right.

Shakers were a Christian sect that avoided sex, practiced celibacy.
There are no Shakers left anymore.
Quakers, Pennsylvania similar.
Shake or Quake fear of God - fire and brimstone.

Abortion eliminates Democrat fetuses.
Abortion prevention increases Democrat births
making more revolutionaries
to grow the Communist takeover of Americas.
OK by RINO republican in name only.

Luciferian = Lutheran + Rastafarian?

relating to a religious movement of Jamaican origin holding that
blacks are the chosen people,
that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was the Messiah,
and that black people will eventually return to their Africa

Rastafarians have distinctive codes of behavior and dress,
including the wearing of dreadlocks,
the smoking of cannabis,
the rejection of Western medicine,
and adherence to a diet that excludes pork, shellfish, and milk.
( great foods ask any Chinaman or dairy man Wisconsin cheese head, indicative of a fake news religion)
(marijuana for salvation? hairy prevents needed sun exposure why negroes in America are sick - black skin designed for equatorial).

Move to Delaware county,
great SHTF location near 2 of the top 3 medical colleges.
Avoid amputation due to superbug infection spreading like wildfire.
They will be able to cure you.
Modern medicine is useful only if you know how to use it.
Usually makes things worse.
You have to study to learn when it will work.
Otherwise avoid doctors and hospitals.

> From: Ron

> e: Luciferian Violence - Delaware County Church Vandalized With Abortion Rights Graffiti – CBS Philly
> There is very much a spiritual foundation for the rising violence.

> Persons attacking churches for the right to kill babies.

> Even after birth?

> There is something far more hideous going on here than a womans right to choose.

> Much more than eugenics or population control.

> Are the babies a form of child sacrifice to Baal ?

> Ron
> "Lothar wrote:

Sunday, May 19, 2019

German Government Classifies as Secret The Number of 'Refugees' Arriving By Plane

Muslim invasion do the dirty work revenge for Crusades, death to infidels.

Blow up any nationalists or capitalists left in Germany.
Cheap easy population replacement by exploiting historical enemies, crusaders.
Abortion if they reproduce.
Chemical or Laptop Castration to prevent reproduction.
Transgender gay rights queer lesbian chemicals electronics to prevent reproduction.
Eliminate deplorables,
Eliminate any historical European culture opposed to progressivism.

Convert to communism.
Rule by Communist China Red Emperor
with help from Russians and bankers co-conspirators
to manage slave camps for Muslims, Mexicans, negroes, and other serf races
Pay minimum wage.
Control the sheeple electronically.
Grind them up for pet food, or their own food, when they are too old and fat to do work.

Europe is finished
unless Europeans give up USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. and
go home to their homeland.

Multiculturalism won
Communism won,
Hitler lost, Fascists lost, Nazis lost…. Axis Germany Italy Romania Japan lost.

Communism the future,
rule by China, the master race will stay monocultural,
everywhere else multicultural mixed race slaves,
bred for serfdom.



From: Bob
Subject: German Government Classifies as Secret The Number of 'Refugees' Arriving By Plane


German Government Classifies as Secret The Number of 'Refugees' Arriving By Plane

Figure was as high as 30 per cent a year ago.

The German government has made secret the number of "refugees" arriving in the country by plane after previous figures showed it was as high as 30 per cent.

The idea of refugees risking their lives to flee war torn countries, whether by land or even more dangerous boat journey, has been popularized by the media.

However, at least a third of asylum seekers who enter Germany do so via a quick flight.

Previous figures released a year ago by the Federal Ministry of the Interior showed that 30 per cent were arriving by air.

In an attempt to discover which European countries were allowing migrants to continue on to Germany, AfD MP Leif-Erik Holm attempted to get up to date numbers.

However, he was told that the German government now considers this information to be a "secret classified matter" in the interests of "state welfare".

Holm can view the numbers privately in the Bundestag but cannot reveal them to the public.

He asserts that this has been done to deliberately hide the true number of asylum seekers arriving by plane from the public.

The AfD MP is demanding to know how asylum seekers are allowed to be waived through airports and board planes destined for Germany without papers or visas given the obvious security threat this represents.

Holm has now asked Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to "end his blockade and secrecy policy immediately" by telling the public the true numbers of refugees arriving by plane.

Romania joined the German-led invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.

Antonescu was the only foreign leader Hitler consulted on military matters[133] and the two would meet no less than ten times throughout the war.[134]

Romania re-captured Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina during Operation Munchen before conquering further Soviet territory and establishing the Transnistria Governorate.

After the Siege of Odessa, the city became the capital of the Governorate.

Romanian troops fought their way into the Crimea alongside German troops and contributed significantly to the Siege of Sevastopol.

Later, Romanian mountain troops joined the German campaign in the Caucasus, reaching as far as Nalchik.[135]

After suffering devastating losses at Stalingrad, Romanian officials began secretly negotiating peace conditions with the Allies.

By 1943, the tide began to turn.

The Soviets pushed further west, retaking Ukraine and eventually launching an unsuccessful invasion of eastern Romania in the spring of 1944.

Romanian troops in the Crimea helped repulse initial Soviet landings, but eventually all of the peninsula was re-conquered by Soviet forces and

the Romanian Navy evacuated over 100,000 German and Romanian troops, an achievement which earned Romanian Admiral Horia Macellariu the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

During the Jassy-Kishinev Offensive of August 1944, Romania switched sides on August 23, 1944.

Romanian troops then fought alongside the Soviet Army until the end of the war, reaching as far as Czechoslovakia and Austria.

After the surrender of Italy in September 1943, Romania attained the status of second Axis power in Europe.

Nadler draft dodger? treason? invasion supporter

Professional politician
grain brain dementia
father was a chicken shit farmer

treason? supports the invasion over the southern border,

dodged the draft?

Should emigrate to his homeland Israel and support open borders with Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, etc.

He does not belong in the Americas.

Ad hominem investigation and removal of all draft dodgers, traitors, and their offspring.
Reunify all families in their homelands.
Mandatory military service in their homelands.
Build a wall.
Pay back rent owed to native Americans.

In March 2019, President Trump
declaration of a national emergency at the southern border,

Nadler said,
"I'm convinced that the president's actions are unlawful and deeply irresponsible.
the executive cannot unilaterally spend taxpayer money without the legislature's consent."


In 2015, Nadler voted to lift economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for

Iran's compliance with the terms of the agreement which called for substantial dismantling and scaling back of their nuclear program.

Voting record

Nadler has a liberal voting record in the House.

He gained national prominence during the impeachment of Bill Clinton, when he described as a "partisan railroad job."

His Medicare proposal includes a study of Ground Zero illness. welfare for swamp creatures researchers

Nadler is one of seven members of the House of Representatives who tie for most liberal.

Personal life

Nadler had laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery, helping him lose more than 100 pounds. Fat Slob dementia running deficiency.


Nadler was born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York City,
the son of Miriam (Schreiber) and Emanuel "Max" Nadler.

Nadler described his father as a "dyed-in-the-wool Democrat" who lost his poultry farm in New Jersey when the younger Nadler was seven.[5]

He graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1965[6]

(where his debate team partner was the future philosopher of science Alexander Rosenberg,

and his successful campaign for student government president was managed by Dick Morris).[7]

Nadler received his B.A. in 1969 from Columbia University, where he became a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi.[8]

After graduating from Columbia, Nadler worked as a legal assistant and clerk, first with Corporation Trust Company in 1970,

then the Morris, Levin and Shein law firm in 1971.[9]

In 1972, Nadler was a legislative assistant in the New York State Assembly before later that year becoming shift manager at

the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation, a position he would hold until becoming a

law clerk with Morgan, Finnegan, Pine, Foley and Lee in 1976.

While attending evening courses at the Fordham University School of Law,

Nadler was first elected to the New York Assembly in 1976.

He completed his Fordham in 1978.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

No passport still

Sent in March.

Government slow.

Cannot fly between states without it.

Boeing automatic pilot caused crashes.
All 737 grounded.

Seems real pilot should be able to override electronics computers.

Windows 10 such a pain.
Sits there confused often.
Using it to mine crypto currency.
So far no currency mined.
Hard to configure

crypto currency SHTF Revolutionary Communists' descend on UCLA; advocate 'overthrow of the system'

Trump may squeak out a win,
He has tried to slow down the Communist China takeover of the USA economy,
and massive influx of poor diseased pimps and prostitutes and drug dealers from south of the border.
Most can see the benefits, except for Communists and crooks who benefit from those problems.
Rich 1% like tax cuts and tax holiday Trump gave them to bring some foreign money back to USA so they can loot some more.
Tariffs also help balance the federal budget and bring jobs back to USA.  
"Buy American" used to be a good idea.

Biden suddenly the front runner, establishment favored candidate to try to bring back Obama style progressivism that favors hostile foreign powers.
Rich 1% like Biden better than the socialist AOC Bernie Sanders wing of the democrat party 
90% income tax scary to the rich AOC should keep her mouth shut.
You can only tax the poor so much 
so 90% tax or much higher taxes than today will also impact the rich who have the money but do not want to pay more taxes.
Leona Helmsley NYC "only little people pay taxes" as she was dragged off to prison for tax evasion.

Biden first speech frames the election as a black versus white war and only black lives matter 
vs Trump "good people on both sides"
Trying to stoke a civil war, SHTF, hostilities between blacks and white.
Liberal news media and TV big on blacks, trans, bi, lesbian gay queer sheeple of color, etc. blown up way out of proportion to reality.
It will bring out the vote to those blocks and swing some to vote liberal.
Abortion will bring out feminist vote.
Why abortion is suddenly in the news?
 to stop Trump.
Measles terrify the sheeple way out of proportion 
distract from real issues.

I flip to TV liberal news media to keep an eye on liberals, 
but mostly TV is a monitor for computer mining Monero crypto currency on my Micro$hit Windows 10 piece of junk.
Hard to get anything working right on Windows, same problems I had 10 years ago when I went to Apple.

Millenials will mostly vote Biden hope for change.
Most are drug addicts, electronics addicts, junk food addicts, transgenders, poorly bred, poorly raised, poorly educated poor 
who cannot figure out the cause of their poverty so will bite at anything, creating SHTF.

Fight each other instead of the enemy.
Chaos or civil war or SHTF does not automatically mean progress.

It does mean amputations.  
Superbugs are growing everywhere rapidly replacing cancer and heart disease as major causes of death.  

Hospitals and doctors offices the worst places - the new holocaust extermination location.
Doctors and nurses have MRSA growing on them.  
I read books on this topic in the 1980s major problem then now is worse.

The only treatment left is amputation - cut off the infected parts of the body.
World War 1 had no antibiotics so much amputation of legs, arms,…
World War 2 had some antibiotics so less amputation.
Antibiotics worked ok for a decades but 
by 1980s germs started to develop resistance, 
by 2000s much harder to stop infection
so amputations becoming more common again.
You will probably get amputated, especially if you have blood sugar problems or diabetes.
Sugar attacks every cell in your body and 
speeds aging,
kills brain cells,
damages blood vessels,
kills immune cells,
reduces immune system….

Homeless Hollywood Los Angeles San Francisco have cholera, hepatitis,… spreading.
Homeless helpers get infections flesh eating bacteria, get amputated.
Massive health problems everywhere.
Human body is weak, so minor problems can quickly spiral out of control if not fixed.

Poor housing, utilities, food, mosquitos, ticks, chiggers, dog shit, cat shit, hog shit, chicken shit, cow shit, homosexuals drug needles …
All add disease burden to humans.
Civil war, chaos, etc.  make it worse, more injuries, infections, interactions, human trafficking, slavery, gunfire, bombs, fires,...

Leaked out on radio that only the best few hospitals in USA can treat infections now.
Most places you just die, 
as my father found out the hard way.
The more spread out the sheeple, the sooner they will die due to no access to good doctors.

Sheeple are like lambs being led to slaughter.
They are not demanding an accounting of their money that is paying for their extermination.
They can see some of the inequality but not most of it.
No accounting.
Electronic disinformation is designed to hide reality and mislead the sheeple so they can be herded off the cliff.
Wide is the gate leading to destruction.

Antifa riots, demonstrations will not teach the sheeple where is the enemy.
Communist dictator China is laughing at you.
Rothschild is laughing at you.
Putin is laughing at you.
The Pope is laughing at you…..
Concentrations of wealth and power enabled by sheeple following the leader.

Sheeple hysterics
Flailing around in ignorance, 
accomplishing nothing 
while PTB Powers that be
 rule the world and supervise your destruction
using your money.


Joe and everyone…..

any thoughts on Trump's reelection chances next year? 

My gut feeling is that he squeaks out a win but not without controversy, of course. 

 2020-2024 will be defined by civil unrest, chaos, boycotts.

Fasten your seatbelts!



Your observations regarding radicalization on campus coincide with mine and are deeply disturbing.

Young millenials understandably see no future career mobility.

Robotics,computerization in a foundation of unpayable debt at every level.

All topped with a coating of lies and hypocrisy from the ruling class.

A debt reckoning is coming maybe with war but most certainly with civil chaos.

The traditional motive for war is acquisition of territory and that may be outmoded as power no longer requires occupation.

Setting up very much like the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1938.

Franco the strong ruler butting heads with a Revolutionary legislature.

Fascist and outside Communists tested new weapons in this proxy war.

A collapsed southern border is fluid for Trojan Horses and outside forces.

Conservative baby boomers too easily dismiss millenials.

They will not live in their parents basements or work multiple part time jobs for the rest of their life.

A dollar that would eventually collapse would not support it regardless.

The 2008 bailout of banks "Too Big too Fail" showed millenials the brickwall behind the stage and facade.

History regardless of which side writes it will show 

the bank bailout as a triggering event.

Millenials simply want their fair share and 

Communism increasingly appears as the bright line path to achieve that goal.

Desperation and emotion and a weak knowledge of history reinforce Communism as the wide path to their future.

Millenials given their computer battle skills could easily be weaponized by the Left.

Historically when their is no resolution within the political arena the venue changes to the streets.

Saul Alinsky has noted that if Progressives fail to achieve goals politically they will have two real choices.

Return to traditional parties as mere delegates or

 take to the streets.

The traditional two party system in the US is rapidly collapsing.

Am guessing the venue between populists and communists in this country will be the streets.

Just my take,


On Fri, May 17, 2019, 8:50 AM joe wrote:

White sheeple
Black sheeple
all eloi addicts unaware of how their economy works, engineering or even who are the engineers or economists.
Electronic disinformation
Geographical segregation
dying from junk food + expensive pills from Communist China to treat junk food diseases

50 years ago I took a class on comparative economic systems from a Harvard Phd whose wife also had a Harvard Phd.

It is very hard to define communism, socialism, capitalism, fascism, Marxism, etc.

Words used in many contexts by many different authors.

Easier to state measurable characteristics of the economy.

And if you see large numbers of students from Vietnam, Communist China, or recent immigrants from Communist China, Vietnam, Russia, etc.

Third world shit-hole countries immigrants all over.

Crazy rich asians in positions of power, ownership of much of USA economy.
I see them driving lots of big fancy cars all over town.  
Jaguar 5.0, Maserati, Porsche, Mustang, Camaro etc.  Very popular.

You might become suspicious of a conspiracy.
To rob you and pollute your environment, and kill you expensively.

Especially if they openly discuss using those terms, and organize.

Always take 1 college class per semester and walk the campus to see who is doing what. 
Take jobs in different states study the people.

Amazing how much communism and socialism is becoming mainstream topics of conversation in USA and on the liberal news media.

I heard a lot about it in the 60s but it nearly disappeared by the 80s, fringe, crazy stuff, real freaks doing the

Now that Communist China took over much manufacturing from USA, drugs, medical supplies, electronics etc.

60s crazy stuff seems to be coming back, or worse, mainstream.

North Korea starving but getting stronger militarily with nukes and missiles.

Importing millions of immigrants from poor countries and Communist China and Vietnam maybe spread the ideas within the USA.

Looks bad for the future.

Trump Tariffs, Taxes on communist China is a great idea.
Hope he can increase those taxes and pay off the Federal Debt.
Depress imports from Communist China.
Make America work again, quit importing vital, important goods.
Learn what is imported and what should be done in the USA.
Get a job in manufacturing or health food industry or electronics reduction or elimination.