Friday, January 4, 2019

Your Genetics. Run for your Life

Your genetics are 97% ape.
The 3% human genes are for running marathons and high physical activity.
If you don't run and exercise enough SHTF you revert to ape low IQ short life.

Every organ system in your body is modified for long distance running
especially your brain that needs running to stay smart and grow and stay healthy.
Activate neurogenesis hormones and MS Alzheimer's germ and toxin drainage system.
You need to run 7 miles per day and walk 7 hours per day
plus lifting stooping carrying cooking dancing wide variety of physical motion
to drain toxins and circulate blood.

Humans have big pelvis bones, big butt, long powerful legs, long slender torso and arms for running and throwing spears.
Apes have tiny pelvis bones, small butt, short weak legs, fat belly so can't run.

Humans can work hard by the sweat of their brow all day walking over a 10 mile radius or more
using large brain, visually searching while listening for danger
and stooping to pick mushrooms, nuts, berries, stone tools, and hunting.

Apes sit in trees most of the day eating fruit or leaves, walking less than a mile, fearful of predators.
Apes are the original stupid couch potatoes fructose cowards dementia mentally retarded....
TV addicts watching the idiot box eating sugar snacks turn on their ape genes and lifestyle dementia.

Humans need 8 hours of sleep but apes need more than 12 hours of sleep.

Humans have lots of mitochondria to burn energy but apes have to conserve energy, sit most of the time or get tired and die.

Humans can eat more calories and stay skinny by running and walking more (me).

You must be in constant motion all day to drain your brain of germs and toxins,
flush your lungs and sinuses,
keep circulation going,
keep lymphatic system going to drain off dirt, chemicals, cancer cells, germs, viruses, fungus, myco etc.

Sitting will kill you after it drives you crazy brain decay lack of motion.
Joints will freeze up without proper drainage from motion.
Use it or lose it.
Typewriters paper pencil work your fingers better than computer phone keyboards, better tactile nervous stimulation exercises.

Running sets off a huge cascade of hormones that grow, repair, rejuvenate your brain and body.

Human high physical activity is often in groups so helps grow brain to process language, visual cues,…
Team sports, hunting parties, armies.

Complex diet requires learning wide variety of plants and animals, how to cook, prepare, dry…
Not stuck in a rut, humans need a smaller gut than apes by better choice of more nutritious foods.
Gut got smaller as brain got larger and legs got stronger for wider range of search.
Search over land not screeching in trees.

Running in the sun blasts solar energy into your brain so you can think better,
and blasts solar energy into all your cells and mitochondria in your body so they function better,
and kills off germs in your brain, sinuses, lungs and all of your body.
Some of the solar energy goes right through you.
Some solar energy gets stopped and used by your body.
You can get energy from sun and thus eat less and exercise more, run in the sun, work by the sweat of your brow.

Hairless humans can run hard at noon in bright hot sun without overheating, chasing down large herbivores huge protein meals.
Humans are by far the best long distance runners and best spear throwers.
But humans are very slow sprinters compared to the big herbivores - a bison can sprint triple the speed of humans so watch out.
Cheetah, greyhound even faster.
Try catching a rabbit.
Humans are very weak compared to many animals.
Bison is a ton of muscle with horns and built like a battering ram so watch out.
Humans cannot fly like a bird.
Humans are a very slow swimmer compared to fish.

But humans can run long distances in hot sun and win in the end.
No competition out there at high noon.
Lions, wolves, etc. must rest in the heat of the day or they too will overheat.
Some negroes in dark Africa still go out with spears to hunt lions in the heat of the day.

Human body hairless big sweat glands designed to run in heat.
Humans can go outside in the heat of the day to gather food, hunt, find water,…
while predators sleep immobilized by heat and hair on body.
Humans can use fire to scare off predators at night.
and BBQ cooking for 3 million years
while singing and dancing in groups
eating fermented berries, smoking weeds, and magic mushrooms for the social experience.

Fossil fuels are a conspiracy by big government and business to dumb down the sheeple, sicken the sheeple, control the sheeple.
Car, plane, trucks, bus, van, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, skates are not running in the sun.
Vast left and right wing conspiracy to make you sick hooked on pills from communist china so you will not pose a threat to the establishment.
If you shoot yourself or overdose
the Red Emperor of China, Dictator for Life, will be happy!
Soros will be laughing all the way to the bank, and the other globalists.
Pelosi will have fun in the sun in Hawaii.
Drudge Rush Trump fun in the sun in Florida.
Rich live longer because of more time in the sun - ski, beach, tennis, golf, dive, ... expensive constant travel to resorts spas condos hotels.

TV to frighten you away from Hawaii Volcanos, Florida hurricanes so the rich can have more paradise to themselves.
If it gets too crowded then stage a shooting at Orlando, Las Vegas,... frighten sheeple into staying at home.

Doctors mostly know how to prescribe pills from communist china and their only continuing education is usually from those drug companies.
Surgeons know how to install implants from Communist China with sutures from Communist China and instruments from Communist China.
Most doctors are out of date and poorly trained and get lots of ads from Communist China at meetings and from journals and media.
The Electronic disinformation system is designed to misinform you and your doctors while making you sick and draining your wallet.

No amount of disinformation can cure a running deficiency or natural food deficiency or exercise deficiency.
Any minute spent on TV Radio videos computers is time not spent running on the beach.

Rich gather at the beach scheming to get richer and healthier.
Poor gather at the doctor or in the hospital getting poorer, sicker, dead.

Good article in latest issue,
I read it in the library.
I tried to find it on the website but get a bunch of popups, tracking software, advertisements burning up my GB allowance on my phone and wasting my time.
Why do Russians Pelosi Schumer Soros Obama need to know what I am reading?
May be a dumbed down electronic version of the article for idiot electronic addicts somewhere on the website.
Electronic will never be as fast as paper.

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