Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sunny Beach Mississippi Casinos, Re: move to warm sun.

Hurricanes are good.
The best places to live are the most vulnerable,
have the highest property values and rents and views.

Hurricanes get rid of old construction so any place you pick will be new.
Check recent hurricane list and pick a place that got hit recently.
News media show hurricane damage to scare away idiots and cowards.
The best people will then have the best beach areas all to themselves.

Hurricanes pose no danger.
You can see hurricanes coming days or weeks ahead so can drive inland easily to avoid it.
Probability of apartment getting hit far less than 1%, even much less,
and even then insurance covers it so you get to buy something better newer.
Probability of dying from living in a worse area is 99%.

Should never waste time thinking about anything with such tiny probability that can be easily avoided anyway.
Plenty of real problems everywhere 99.9999% of the time to worry about.
Many of those problems can be solved by moving to the right beach.

Hot tourist season and hurricane season is the best time for Colorado Springs Rocky Mountain high running up Pikes Peak to 14,000 foot elevation.
Sublet your apartment to tourists and make $$$$ while you cool off.

Sort of crazy the worst weather season is the busiest tourist season but that is true all over
The south, Florida, Disney world etc.
Use that fact to make some easy $$$$.
I knew people 50 years ago in ski country, beach country, etc. who make $$$$ that way San Diego / Tahoe.
Buy a bunch of condos on the beach and rent them out in the summer while you hike in Colorado.
Then a bunch of ski condos in Colorado and rent them out in winter while you live at the beach.

If you don't like Hurricanes then pick
Athens Georgia
or Gainesville Florida.
These college towns are inland enough to avoid hurricanes.
I am starting to think I would prefer a good university and medical more than a beach.
Can go to beach or mountains as time permits.
Work first, play second.


Remember Katrina?
She wiped out the area you just recommend.

Plus there's been at least one more hurricane since that did some serious damage.

The Gulf coast and areas within 50 plus miles are vulnerable.

I saw all the damaged areas. It was very bad.

Also the areas have high humidity, very high for most of the warmest months.

The fall/winter would be nice then migrate to cooler/dryer areas for the hot humid months.
Northern NM or Colorado, WY, Idaho, Oregon, WA, etc.



Check out Arbor Station Apartments
Long Beach Mississippi
Walk to beach.
$800 per month brand new well equipped a third of Hawaii rent or less.
Low population area, 99% white people.
Drive along beach 2 miles to Biloxi Casino area more shopping, cheaper rent, maybe some colored cooks and gardeners.
Swim in Porterville Bay to gather fresh oysters and seaweed needed for health - zinc selenium iodine in organic natural sea food
Military bases and military housing.
Military base areas tend to be more law abiding and well run.
South has long established military culture and still runs most of the military.
Healthy sun tan people at the beach, sick pale lounge lizards in the casinos.
Family playground summer vacation schools out,
French Canadians in the winter,
French is the second most popular language in those states,
Gulf is good for all types who do not like high prices.
New Orleans has 2 of the largest ports in USA, grains, ag, coffee, steel, rubber, poultry, plastics, oil
with high pay jobs much better than retail, restaurant, hotel, etc
and happy negroes are given half those high pay jobs by mandate since 1965.

Long string of beach areas along the MS, AL Gulf Coast, military bases, and some smaller cities and towns.
Busy in summer but quiet most of the year and cooler than big city Florida, snow is possible but rare.
No income tax on pensions, social security.
Lowest property tax in USA, and cheapest houses.
Mississippi is a beautiful forested Green state, not much farming or manufacturing or economy.
Alabama Gulf Shores has the whitest sand and the whitest people.

Missouri is more of a colored blue state often democrat big city negro riots Ferguson
MO founded by French Catholics complete with a Basilica and Jesuit Universities competed with NYC and DC for capitol of USA.
Big industrial beer university medicine biotech GMO industrial agriculture, and lots of old money.

I love my apartment, vehicle, college, gym, $5 copay top quality medicare advantage plan that I do not use.
But dry skin in Winter.
Very busy big city environment too many cars and people.
Danger from falling on ice - falls very common and deadly especially as you get older.
People sick and depressed due to lack of sun so drugs, alcohol, coffee, tobacco,...
Some smog and risk of car crash - many impaired and distracted drivers here.
I have to drive everywhere I can feel my health go downhill due to driving instead of walking and lack of sun and exercise.

Missouri is better for younger people than me.
Or very sick people - St. Louis is the best in the USA, Barnes Jewish hospital or Jesuit Saint Louis University.
Lots of doctors, nurses, drug & alcohol treatment centers.
But I want to postpone getting old and sick as long as possible,
spend remaining good years in Florida or some sunny beach area.
Colorado Rocky Mountain High may be a little too young and active for me, sprains, falls, too active sports.

Many great beach areas along the Gulf Coast from Galveston, Biloxi, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Clearwater, Naples.
Then More great beach areas along the Atlantic, Miami, Melbourne, Daytona 500 beach, Myrtle beach.
Warm, pretty, fun, festive.

University is more important than beach in near term for me.
Need to take several classes this semester, Cryptology, Genetics mathematics.

I am thinking of Gainesville Florida, small quiet university town, cheaper, no population growth.
Very good university and best hospitals medical in Florida.
No smog, no cars, no people, over 1 hour to Jacksonville or Orlando Disney world the only big cities.
1 hour drive to great beaches on both coasts, actually closer than the big cities.
Long wet summer gets over 90 degrees.
Steamy but better for older people and keep skin moist, secrete poisons, detox.

Or Athens Georgia small quiet university town cheap, no population growth.
Much cooler than Florida only 1 month over 90 degrees and less rain.
5000 foot mountains nearby to cool off.
1 hour to Atlanta great medical colleges and hospitals, huge airport, big city services I never need.
But Atlanta has largest engineering college in USA and top 4 quality I need some such contacts.
No beach.
3 hours to Myrtle beach or Florida beaches.

Hawaii by far the best weather and longest life
but probably worth trying redneck deep south red states, first.
much cheaper,
lower taxes,
better intellectual climate,
better hospitals,
better work contacts.
If South is a flop then move to Hawaii.

After age 70 you can work all you want and not reduce your Social Security check.
Some colleges you can get free tuition.
Sell all real estate by age 50 then rent and move to the best location as needs change.

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