Tuesday, January 8, 2019

steal bitcoin crypto currency $99 supercomputer

Huge holes in security created by sick trans idiot programming computers nowadays.

Computer nerds often become poor college loan, car, house, debtors by age 30 when their job is outsourced to India or China where new security holes bots malware spyware inserted into their buggy software.

You are at risk if you do anything on a computer
or if you don't use a computer.

You can build a custom supercomputer for less than $99
to steal every bitcoin ever mined
If you can figure out the math to program it

Tools are getting cheaper and more powerful and easier to use every day.

This tool can also program the brains in a drone.
Or whatever

Arduinio a popular cheap computer from Italy, weak but flexible.
FPGA popular cheap chip can reprogram to do anything, plug into arduino to do the hard work, math

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