Saturday, January 5, 2019

SHTF Electronic dysfunction chaos anarcy Fwd: Observations

You are a witness to Wirth's law in action:
software gets slower as computers get faster.
The slowdown is slowing down faster than the computer speedup is getting faster..
Net result is huge slowdown and dysfunction.
Software now should be called bloatware, infested with bugs, trackers, spyware, malware...

It was better 30 years ago about 1989 computers hit max speed and usefulness.
I gave a speech then that too many low IQ persons getting into the business in 1989.
Trajectory toward catastrophe was evident way back then.
You cannot expect much good to happen with so many idiots with computer degrees and jobs.
Idiots are created by the electronics they create -
electrons LED light fry their brains
and trap them in chairs lack of exercise and sleep.

Computer collapse began with
Windows 95
Apple Mac 1989
industry work shifted to Pornography then the best seller,
then Games became the best seller,
then cables, internet, CDs Movies Napster, wifi, bluetooth, cellular....
now streaming media
political dis-information,
location tracking,
constant entertainment for electronics addicts.
Big $$$ in addiction so bankers moved talent into addictive entertainment.
Government, education encouraged addiction.
Important work has been ignored.

Now vital infrastructure under control of computers managed by idiots.
SHTF recipe for collapse.
Everything could quit working and very long to fix it.
Or big areas shut down or explode.
Millions of American could die or at least feel miserable.

Much electronics made in Communist China weaponized to fry your brains or collapse without warning.
Just like foods, drugs, guns, they want to kill you and may be a hot war.
If the system works you are dead,
if the system does not work you are dead.
No way to win.
Need to have a revolution to change the electronic establishment.

Much opportunities in security and computer fixups in general.
Many small SHTFs need investigations and patches and jails, cops, hardware fixes, unerase, locate lost bitcoins, etc.

But will not stop the coming total collapse, global, or local.
or war with Communist China.

Need to change the paradigm ASAP.
Shut down the government.
No TSA, no flights, save fossil fuels, get rid of electronics, cut all internet lines at national borders....


Got hired by Allied-Universal an international security contractor.

Spent the last three days at their San Antonio regional office.

Watched support personnel frantically running around ( literally) attempting to assimilate and transmit employee information electronically among various agencies.

Much effort being made to remedy frequent system breakdowns and unexplained system nonresponsiveness.

Everybody rushing to serve the current system not the other way around.

Unless even more control is turned over to computers I see a breakdown in the current paradigm.

Add to this the overlay of 5G technology and humans may become subservient to technology.

To achieve 5 millisecond inter computer communication speed humans will be subjected to transmitters everywhere.

The high frequency wavelengths are readily absorbed into the skin and especially via sweat glands.

Tumour production and aberrant behavior observed in rats subjected to low level 5G transmissions.

Balkanization and system collapse may be the only way humans survive in their current form.

Just my thoughts,


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