Thursday, January 17, 2019

move to Florida Shocking stuff

Sell junk in Hawaii for profit.
Otherwise toss it.
Fly to new home and buy everything new or used.

Run in the sun daily to boost IQ long life.

Thanks for the advice, I may be in same situation in the future if things don't change. 

I believe that after moving, I could find most big stuff on Craigslist locally.

 It seems strange to be living in an age of such excess. 

Growing up it was always saving and doing without. 

What happened? 

Now the Amazon truck comes by almost daily, dropping packages for neighbors, but usually on MY porch.
From: Ron

 The glaring mistake we made when we moved to Texas was spending $6,800 for two PODS shipping  containers. 

Prior to delivery to our new address in San Antonio we were quite happy without all the undelivered baggage.

Everything could have been replaced for less than $2,000 and stuff that we thought had sentimental value was not missed. 

Most sit under tarps on the back deck now.🤔

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