Saturday, January 19, 2019

BRAINWASHING: Bankster’s/Mafia’s Media Monopoly: Networks Trashed Trump With 90% Negative SPIN in 2018, But Did It Matter?

Liberal News Media
Showing their true colors since Trump was elected
Rino republicans in name only are actually liberals 
as are the neocons 
setting up fascist communist socialist government
 as my 6th grade teacher said it is like a horse shoe opposite ends get close
to where communists and socialists are similar to Nazis facists in some respects.
Dictatorship, censorship, murder, .... rich get richer as the poor get poorer.

I have been studying the Eastern Liberal Establishment since the 1960s when there was also a lot of talk about communism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, Marxism, etc.
I took a class on Comparative Economic systems hard to define these terms 50 years ago last semester.

Much talk about media bias since 1960s that I can remember.
Elementary school we studied yellow journalism such as Hearst San Francisco newspapers Spanish American War Pilipines Puerto Rico.
Rich Patty Hearst became a radical --- on both sides of the spectrum at different times.

Liberal News Media has always been a 
Fake news injection system to brainwash you 
and now is kicked into high gear kill you off.
TV Radio Movies Phones Games Computers Technology
Track you, monitor your every click, record everything you do, where you go.
to feed you more fake news you agree with 
to get your brain to secrete hormones for a dopamine high.
Supplemented with sugar and legal drugs and illegal drugs.

Motivate you to buy pills from Communist China to kill you off.

Buy Cheap Walmart toxic junk from poor Muslim countries to kill you off.

Buy a gun to shoot yourself by accident on purpose suicide or breathe toxic ammo fumes.

Cheap electronics.
Get you to sit on your butt like an ape and eat sugar, flour, junk food, get sick, die.
Turn you into an ape low IQ couch potato can't run, sit eat sweets all day, screeching until you die.

How many times do they tell you to run? 
and walk 12 hours per day collecting mushrooms?
to grow your brain  and stay healthy?
Instead of becoming an ape couch potato.

Do they tell you to go to college to take biochem MD Phd to understand your own body?

If you are dead you can't vote or do anything.
Move to new Hampshire where your vote counts 10 times first primary huge impact
Zero Income tax.  Zero sales tax.  Ski resorts everywhere. Beach. Rich upscale ivy league.

News media wants you dead, population replacement by communists, socialists, Muslims, Mexicans, MS-13 ...

Turn off your electricity.
Go to college.
Check out real paper books from library.

I am taking 2 hard classes on 
Human Genetics and 

Genetics taught by MD Phd who treats genetic diseases.
Much useful info daily not covered on TV or electronically easily.

Networks Trashed Trump With 90% NEGATIVE SPIN in 2018, But Did It Matter? 

How much HATE against THIS sitting president was created by the CABAL with their Socialist / Communist agenda ? 

This kind of constant manipulation/propaganda makes it very difficult, 

for the majority of plain non political people, 

to see the truth.

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