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Buy Vegas Shooter Guns...To prevent ballistics matching


Unnamed Donor: 

Here's $62K, 

Destroy Vegas Shooter's Guns 

Anonymous businessman wants money to be split among deceased victims' families 

 Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock left behind 50 or so firearms in the wake of the mass shooting that killed nearly five dozen people in October 2017, but what happened to those guns? 

If an anonymous donor—identified as a "San Francisco software executive" 

has his way, the weapons and accessories will be obliterated. 

Toward that end, the businessman has offered $62,500 (the estimated value of the cache), which will be given to the deceased victims' families only if the guns are destroyed.

 He tells the Times he wanted to help the families avoid a hard choice: whether to trash the guns or sell them for money.

 "It seemed like a horrific situation for the families to deal with," he notes.

 "I wanted to alleviate some of the pain or at least not allow it to get worse." 

 "I think the families would feel better if the weapons are gone" and not able to go back into circulation.

Alice Denton, who was appointed as the special administrator for Paddock's estate, notes that the situation she finds herself navigating is a rare one

"Very seldom do you find a mass murderer having assets," 

The sister of one of the Las Vegas victims says that while it was never about the money for her and her family, they appreciate the donor's offer. 

"If this man is willing to pay to destroy something associated with evil, that is a gift to not only us, but to [all] the families and survivors," 

 Other families, however, want the guns kept around as evidence in case of future lawsuits against the gun manufacturers; the donor agrees some of the guns should be preserved, just not able to end up "back on the streets," 

Denton, who notes the guns are currently under FBI lock and key in Vegas, says that a probate court hearing on the matter will likely take place in March.

Trump fixed Global warming

From: Ron

Global warming


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

injuries, recovery, cold.

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I hope you are recovering ok from your fall and broken shoulder.
Falls are very common and hard to avoid.

I have had a lot of breaks and stress problems with joints.
My right shoulder sits one inch below my left due to injury - shooting 12 gauge shotgun before age 12.
Had many pains back then, and more recent pains due to re-injuring the same joint.
Has ruined my chance at many sports because the shoulder is so injured.
I never went to doctor,
just wait a few months and pain goes away, gradually heals.
But shape is not normal, and function worse, but good enough.
Probably surgery is just another injury to the same joint so I did not have surgery.

I had a discovery on salt past week.
Salt seems to worsen joint pains.
I hurt my left thumb joint where it connects to wrist - hitting a basket ball 2 months ago.
Sprain, strain, sharp pain immediately.
Did not want to get better.
I was experimenting with a high salt diet on peanuts, mixed nuts, and microwave popcorn.
I noticed on days I consumed salt that the pain was worse, and blood pressure higher.
So I cut out the salt.
It takes several days to flush out excess salt with lots of water and walking.
Now the pain is almost gone.
I conclude that pouring salt on a wound causes pain.
I should have guessed that before.
I am back on a low-salt diet that I have been on most of my life.
Moving to a warmer climate would allow sweating off excess salt.

I woke up 8 degrees this morning with wind chill of -8 degrees and some snow on the ground.
We may get up to 16 degrees today.
Then drop back down to 8 degrees.
I don't like cold weather and it may be dangerous.
I am still thinking about moving to Texas or Florida.
The problem there is heat and humidity.
It might be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!

I think, though, for an older person that avoiding ice, snow, shoveling may be wise.
And Trying to avoid falls, slips on ice, or falls in the home.
In Texas or Florida I can sit or sleep under air conditioner without danger of falling.
Small rented apartment would get rid of a lot of paperwork, taxes, utility bills, etc.
Universities have lots of cheap rentals nearby
and lots of things to do including free football games for students if I take 1 unit class.
I am taking 1 math class this semester on cryptography.
I also want to take medical gerontology etc. since the whole population is getting older, worldwide.
Help me to figure out what to expect as I get older too, and how to avoid problems.

I think that heat and humidity kills off flu and pneumonia viruses among other benefits.
Getting enough sun is important too.
Why so many elderly want to retire in Florida.
I am more familiar with Texas than Florida - never been to Florida or the southeast.
So I am biased towards Texas but suspect Florida is better (more humid but not as hot).

I will skip gym today, below zero including wind chill, and catch up on work, huge backlog.
Will try to do taxes by hand again this year.
Last year IRS sent me an unexpected refund,
then decided that I was right after all and asked me to send back the refund.
Always take standard deduction and make return as simple as possible.
Avoid conflict with IRS!

I hope you can have a speedy recovery!

8 degrees. salt arthritis Why is Trump continuously hiring swamp creatures ?....THEY trick him, by telling the media the opposite of what they told him, so POTUS looks like a discredit him ! The more people he fires...the more the WH looks out of control. What a sad position to be in

May get up to 16 today then drop.
I will skip gym today, below zero including wind chill, and catch up on work, huge backlog.
TV says 70 degrees in Brownsville Texas today.

San Marcos Texas looks like a good place to move to:
 warm, south, oldest continuously inhabited town by Clovis People Founding Fathers 20,000 years ago.
Due to large fresh water springs and mild temperatures even during ice ages.
Texas State University - President Lyndon Baines Johnson graduated there.
University of Texas Austin, 30 minutes north even better, bigger, older but crowded large expensive city.
San Marcos small and quiet near Texas Hill Country Johnson City, New Braunfels Schlitterbahn water park etc.
College Station Texas has better University and Medical College within walking distance is another option.

Thumb injury arthritis pain going away in 3 days on low-salt diet.
Pour salt on wounds, it hurts.
May be the secret in arthritis - turning you into a pillar of salt.
Salt collecting in joints like sandpaper rubbing the joint gradual destruction, 
inviting infection and immune system for further attacks on the joints.
Sugar destroys tissues faster than flour, potatoes, carbohydrates.  
Carbohydrates cause aging by cross-linking and inflammation.
Injuries also cause inflammation at site of tissue injuries.
Consume salt and it will hurt the damaged tissues even more,
magnify the damage,
 eventually destroy the joint, brain, and other injured tissues.
Salt and sugar are cheap, addictive, habit forming so gets dumped into all junk food.
Salt is only few dollars per ton, much cheaper than any food, spread on roads to melt ice.

Get rid of the FBI CIA NSA, as I said 20 years ago, worse now.
Merge functions into a small new federal department with most law enforcement left to states.
Study the FBI website, news releases detailing what they do, idiotic pornography small time crooks.
Most crooks never get caught and will not get caught the way FBI is set up.
Get rid of deep state swamp creatures.

Will try to do taxes by hand again this year.
Last year the IRS sent me an unexpected refund, 
then decided that I was right after all and asked me to send back the refund.
Always take standard deduction and make return as simple as possible.
Avoid conflict with the IRS

Move all Jews to Israel.
Make Israel great again.
Build a wall, remove slaves.
Confiscate all USA $ and return USA $ to USA.
Use shekels only in Israel.
Speak Hebrew only in Israel.
Confiscate all gold in Israel and return to native Americans.

Jews should not be burning USA fossil fuels in USA and continuing the holocaust ongoing since 1492.

do we live in a moral world that allows for billionaires? 
Is that a moral outcome and and of itself?"
 "No, it's not.
 It's not. (Cheers and applause)
I think it's wrong that you can work 100 hours and not feed your kids.
 I think it's wrong that corporations like Walmart and Amazon can get paid,
 they can get paid by the Government essentially, 
experience a wealth transfer from the public 
for paying people less than a minimum wage

Do Democrats attack their billionaire supporters in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the rest of corporate America? 
Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites. 
The 5 counties bordering Washington DC are 5 of the richest counties in the nation, 
and they're overwhelmingly liberal 
with huge numbers of government and special interest workers. 
Democrats are willing to attack anyone, but they'll never attack their own sources of money. 
If Cortez insists on attacking the party's money sources, then the Democrats will attack (kill?) Cortez


From: Lothar 

In the Trump-bashing-news tonight...
....the Jewish News Networks hacked again mercilessly at their victim, the POTUS.

The CIA is one of Trump's biggest enemy ! 
All well paid by the 'deep state' ! 
Same as many Democrats in Congress.

They have bigger wars in mind 
[to feed the Military Industrial Monster..$$$ with Trump in the middle of any mess then], 
and by doing so, 
they can totally blame, 
discredit the president further, 
[including economic collapse, that comes with wars].

All this will be blamed on this President, because.... 
[against their warnings] 
HOW DARE did you take the power away from the 1% Elite/Establishment, the Globalist Cabal, in 2016.

(Only the Mafia appoints and finances candidates and approves of puppets,
 Trump financed himself and was not even a member, as Gingrich pointed out)

It is amazing that the President has not collapsed yet. 
Surrounded by enemies !

Maybe that's why he hires Neocons, 
to survive the pressure....and gets obviously betrayed.

The Weather....Cold Snap...Tonight.....(Historical)

Going down to -15 tonight....Hawaii sounds good Joe !  Stay warm ! 


On Jan 29, 2019, at 19:39, Bob wrote:

He seems to Like the concept, Hire them So you can Fire Them(?)

"Hagel once said 'I am not an Israeli senator, I am an American senator. 

My commitment is to the United States'. 

This wasn't a gaffe."

Abrams: "I don't hate him (Hagel). I don't know him in person.

 I have friends who say they have known him for years and never heard an anti-Semitic remark from him

I think that everyone who rules out an initiative by Jews to influence American policy is an anti-Semite. 

That's my definition.

'I'm a United States senator. 

I'm not an Israeli senato

r. I support Israel, but my first interest is I take an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States, not to a president, not to a party, not to Israel."

But Abrams wrote in his book Faith or Fear (1997)

Outside the land of Israel, 

there can be no doubt that Jews, 

faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham,

 are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. 

It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart–except in Israel–from the rest of the population….

Let Abrams quotes sink in.

 And Trump hired him after hiring Bolton, after hiring an Israeli to run Treasury's sanctions schemes - the 4th *** IN A ROW to run that office..

WTF Is Trump Thinking - A Plum Post For A Prominent Opponent?

Tue, 01/29/2019 - 17:35

by Joseph Duggan via American Greatness,

On Friday, following the dramatic arrest of a prominent Trump supporter on charges of lying to Congress, 

President Trump gave one of the nation's most sensitive national security and diplomatic posts to another controversial figure who already had been convicted of lying to Congress.

Has the NeverTrump Republican echo chamber gone berserk over this irresponsible appointment?

Have Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio taken to the Senate floor to speak out against the president's defiance of honesty in government? 

Have they demanded hearings and a confirmation vote?

Has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned that Trump's action is so egregious it might call for an article of impeachment?

Has Bill Kristol  launched an ad blitz to protest Trump hiring an amoral convict?

Not at all. Turns out, the appointee is one of the president's worst enemies,

 a man forcefully opposed to almost all of Trump's policies and campaign promises,

 a man who repeatedly has said Trump is morally unfit for his office. 

He is Elliott Abrams, the 71-year-old √©minence grise of the NeverTrump movement.

Abrams is the pre-eminent prophet and practitioner of hyper-interventionist approaches to destabilize or overthrow governments 

- of foes and friends alike -

 that do not pass his democracy-is-the-end-all-and-be-all litmus test.

 His closest friends and associates, from whom his political positions are indistinguishable, include some of President Trump's most rabid enemies, false-flag "conservatives" 

Bill Kristol and Max Boot.

Abrams, who had served in the Reagan State Department, faced multiple felony charges for lying to Congress and defying U.S. law in his role as a mastermind of the Iran-Contra debacle. 

Abrams' dishonesty almost destroyed Ronald Reagan's presidency and put Reagan in jeopardy of impeachment.

 Abrams was allowed to plead guilty to two reduced charges and later was pardoned by George H.W. Bush, who feared impeachment because of his own role in Iran-Contra.

After having expressed antagonism towards nation-building during the 2000 campaign, newly elected President George W. Bush appointed Abrams as deputy national security adviser, where Abrams' role was essentially nation builder-in-chief.

Abrams was even more consequential as nation-wrecker. 

He was one of the principal architects of the invasion of Iraq. 

He is an inveterate advocate of "regime change" against countries whose policies he doesn't like.

 He has a track record in attempting to overthrow foreign governments both by covert action and outright military invasion.

At the beginning of the Trump administration, 

foreign policy establishment types lobbied clueless Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to accept the convicted criminal Abrams as deputy head of the department - the person running all day-to-day affairs at State. 

Trump, who would have had to sign off on the nomination, rejected Abrams when he learned of Abrams' background. 

The truth about Abrams, while not by any means a secret, came to Trump's attention from Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.). 

Paul, who held a deciding vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he would block Abrams if he were nominated.

Abrams already knew then what Trump took nearly a year to discover, that Tillerson was hopelessly unprepared to serve as the nation's chief diplomat and indeed was, as Trump colorfully put it, "dumb as a rock."

Nothing about Abrams, the NeverTrumper who believes Trump cannot govern effectively without him, has changed since then.

Following his rejection by Trump, 

Abrams wrote a sour-grapes article for Politico, disparaging the president, along with Vice President Pence and Abrams' erstwhile patron Tillerson, 

for not having international human rights policies identical to Abrams' own views.

Abrams has been outspoken against sensitive Trump international policies right up to the moment of his surprise appointment. 

He is unapologetic about his role in masterminding the Iraq war.

 He has opposed Trump concerning American troops in Syria and America's relationship with Saudi Arabia. 

As recently as January 14, 2019, he published a withering attack on Trump's Middle East policies and diplomacy.

As events in Venezuela last week reached a crisis with rival claimants to the nation's presidency, 

Abrams suddenly appeared deus ex machina at the side of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,

 who said in a news conference that Abrams was appointed, "effective immediately" as special envoy to deal with resolution of the situation in Venezuela in a way that supposedly would advance U.S. interests.

Immediately? An appointee to a sensitive post needs a background investigation and security clearance. 

These investigations can take months. 

If he indeed has a valid clearance, that means his appointment was decided long ago.

Abrams' special envoy post will be far more powerful than that of an ordinary ambassador or assistant secretary of state—offices that require Senate confirmation. Should the Senate acquiesce in letting Abrams work without Senate confirmation?

What is Pompeo thinking? Has Pompeo read Abrams' anti-Trump articles? In particular, has he read Abrams' January 14 anti-Trump article that mocks Pompeo with a hugely unflattering photo of the secretary of state?

What is going on?

Abrams is a close friend and constant collaborator of Bill Kristol and Max Boot, both of whom are waging campaigns to impeach Trump or deny him re-election

There are no—repeat, no—policy differences between Abrams, Kristol, and Boot.

If the appointment is supposed to be a sharp move to "hug your friends close and your enemies closer,"

 then the test of its efficacy would be that Kristol, Boot, Jonah Goldberg, David French et. al., would halt their anti-Trump campaigns

One would think that if the Abrams appointment is one side of a shrewdly calculated transaction, 

then silencing Team Kristol would be a necessary condition.

So far there are no signs of this.

What did Trump know about the new Abrams appointment, and when did he know it?

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SAM D21 Microcontroller Series - Microchip | DigiKey

These Hard Facts Show: America Is Being Governed By Two Opposing Factions!

January 26, 2019

These Hard Facts Suggest: The Deep State Coup Is Fully Underway And America Is Being Governed By Two Opposing Factions! 

   Why Are Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Being Treated As If They Are Still In Charge

numerous members of the regime of Barack Obama, including Obama himself, have been seen around the world making deals and meeting with world leaders as if they were still in charge. While

and anything and everything 'Russia' continues, it appears that very real treasonous behavior is going on behind the backs of President Trump and the American people if their story is correct, and we have no reason to believe that it is not, yet none of it is being investigated by the MSM, DOJ or FBI. 

And as we'll see within the rest of this story, with
seemingly getting more secret service protection than President Trump himself while former Obama officials go around the world seemingly undermining President Trump and his 'America-first' agenda at every turn, are we not witnessing outright treason? 

With all of these Obama-regime manuevers going on behind the scenes but the msm still focusing on 'Trump-Russia collusion' as it being some big crime, America is in a huge mess that we may never be able to get out of. As we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story from Infowars featuring Roger Stone in his first interview since he got out of court on Friday,

And Stone warns that President Trump MUST release all of the still unreleased FISA memos and appoint a new Special Counsel to investigate the memos in order for Americans to finally get the truth about what is really going on because we certainly won't be getting it from 'with source links.: 

Recently, former 
during a Tuesday appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. While Kerry's statement has been carried by many media sources, as well as him being asked if he plans to run for president in 2020, no one is asking the most important question of all: Why is Kerry still attending important world functions and meeting with world leaders? 

Since Donald Trump became president in 2016, both John Kerry and Barack H. Obama have been traveling around the world, on our dimeacting as if they were still running the USA. Both attended the Climate Summit, met with world leaders in their own countries numerous times,


recently on an extravagant world vacation disguised as a business trip to visit troops in Afghanistan and other stops in Egypt and Europe would have coincided with some of Kerry's itinerary. This means that key people in the former Obama Administration are still acting as if Obama were still president by making deals with world leaders. The meetup with Kerry, Obama, and others by the Pelosi entourage tells us that the US is being governed by two factions. The legitimate government of the Trump Administration, but also the Defacto US government of the Obama reign

The fact that we have key players from the former Obama government still acting as our legitimate government and many Leftists in power now, who obviously recognize Barack H. Obama as their leader and not the Trump administration, should deeply disturb us. Not only is this an act of defiance against the current administration that was put in power by the citizens of the USA, but it is a blatant act of treason against the people by the former administration and government officials currently in office.

And while many within the Conservative and independent media, including\with Obama cronies going around the world trying to shore up globalists projects that President Trump is opposed to, has a coup of some sort already taken place? In the first video at the bottom of this story, Roger Stone speaks with Alex Jones in his first interview since his arrest and tells us in the opening segment that Americans better wake up fast because America is under attack by 'enemies of America within'. 

Mueller's prosecution of Stone, President Trump is Mueller's real target and he's hoping to get Stone to flip against him. Showing us once again the deep state's plans to do anything and everything take down President Trump, are those who took the oath of office under Barack Obama more loyal to him than they are to POTUS Trump and America as 

And while many would discount the possibility of a divided US govt, all we have to do is take a look at what is now happening in Venezuela where the failed socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro is no longer being recognized as the 'offiical' Venezuelan president and government by President Donald Trump and the US along with many other latin-American nations
Think that couldn't happen here? 

With Democrats and globalists within the Republican party revolting against President Trump for 2+ years now and Robert Mueller used as Hillary Clinton's battering ram in an attempt to take down POTUS Trump using any means necessary, is it really out of the realm of possibility that America has slipped so far into 'Banana Republic-hood' that a criminal faction of the US government, masquerading as the 'real government', is right now in the process of carrying out their coup? Let's take another look at this

The US is and has been in a quiet, for the most part, Civil War since citizens outrightly rejected the NWO neo-Nazism mantra in electing Donald Trump to not only Make America Great Again, but to actually Make America the United States of America again.

The organized mobs such as ANTIFA and BLM, financed by George Soros and organized by Obama, whose job it is to put down any semblance of support of nationalism in the US, most of the time violently, shows us we citizens are headed into armed conflict with anti-American factions within our own government. 

This armed conflict will not bode well for the anti-American factions trying to destroy the US, as most law enforcement and all military will side with US National Patriots and they're officially sworn in President, Donald Trump.


Yet while their story argues any armed conflict won't end well for those attempting to destroy the US and take down President Trump, we must remember that during his 8-year-regime, Obama had armed to the teeth numerous federal government agencies, \ould surely be won by very well-armed Conservatives should they have to defend themselves and their families lives against the democratic party's terrorist wing antifa, full of beta males and soy boys that they are, what if President Trump was correct
As the Forbes story points out, some of the strangest purchases were made by normally administrative government agencies such as the Small Business Administration, the IRS, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Resources. And he govt was purchasing ammo banned by the Geneva Convention. Why would the National Park Service need hollow-point bullets? From Forbes.: 

Hollow-Point Bullets – Despite being outlawed by the Geneva Convention, federal agencies spent $426,268 on hollow-point bullets, including orders from the Forest Service, National Park Service, Office of Inspector General, Bureau of Fiscal Service, as well as Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

So why were government agencies such as the  Meanwhile, the Democrats want to take away Americans guns. Anybody else see something horribly wrong with the way that was heading, and still could be should Democrats get back into the White House in 202

ecently mentioned to us, we've been watching the deep state's coup attempt upon President Trump playing out before our eyes over the past 2+ years and while we haven't yet reached the point of civil war or revolution in America, should we soon reach that point, who really believes the "Obama oathlings" will honor their oaths to America? 

With the absolutely corrupted faction of the deep state appearing to be more loyal to Obama than to President Trump and America also having the ability to 'hunt down and terminate red listers' via our ever present cell phones broadcasting our locations 24 hours a day, could we witness in America the kind of systematic terminations of dissidents that we've seen throughout history in totalitarian regimes such as the Soviet Union under Stalin and Lenin and China under Mao? All eyes open!

With the battle lines clearly drawn and most Democrats surrendering to globalism, what happens in America over the next two years will absolutely tell the direction this country will take, whether we retain our national sovereignty or join hundreds of other nations, callously blended into the sickening globalists 'witches brew'. 

And despite being years removed from office, why do deep state minions such as Hillary Clinton and Obama still receive the kind of Secret Service protection reserved for kings? As \

With Hillary still walking free despite a laundry list of crimes against America that would have sent any other American to prison, and the corrupted faction of the deep state going after anybody tied to President Trump, how can this end well with the corrupt neglecting to investigate themselves while going full speed ahead investigating their political opponents? 'America' is clearly done if Mueller takes down President Trump while Hillary skates on into 2020 unscathed. 

With dark days clearly ahead for America should the deep state take down POTUS Trump and that same deep state rushing full speed ahead into 2019, hoping to secure the 2020 election for the Democrats and the globalists by any and every means necessary, we completely agree with Roger Stone that
In the 2nd and final video below titled "America Is Now Under The Fourth Reich And Mueller Is The Fuhrer", 

oins Alex Jones and Infowars to "break down for us how Mueller's runaway Russian collusion investigation has been used by a rogue network of officials inside the government to usher in a Nazi-style authoritarian takeover by censoring, silencing, falsely charging, and even imprisoning any political opposition". 

Monday, January 28, 2019

salt arthritis, sun healthy. High Altitude Colorado, Low Latitude Hawaii Florida Texas

I have avoided salt since a teenager - no shaker, none in cooking, don't buy it if it has salt in it.
I accidentally ran an experiment on myself the past 2 months and got some arthritis pains as a result.
Salt in a very nice trail mix with pistachios, pecans, cashews - said lightly salted so I used it
Also discovered microwave popcorn in bags with palm oil and salt that I tried - very salty could hardly eat.
I suddenly got arthritic type pains on several injury sites such as base of left thumb hit basket ball hard volleyball style sharp pain still not healed after 2 months.
Doctor Google turned up several sites WebMD etc. says salt may be involved with arthritis.
Makes sense.
Salt may turn to spiky crystals sandpaper in the joints as in gout to turns into arthritis.
Salt definitely spikes blood pressure leading to strokes and may spike joint pressure and eye pressure as well.
Modern junk food is weaponized with salt and sugar addictive - soda pop contains salt to make you thirstier!
Why modern people are dying younger and getting fatter and sicker.
Avoid anything that tastes sweet or salty, constant battle.

Texas Florida Hawaii people live longer because they can get outdoors in the sun and sweat off excess salt.
As the bible says, work out by the sweat of your brow.

I can feel improvement while walking and drinking water as I flush salt out of my system.
After getting poisoned by salt I measure my blood pressure and watch it drop 20 points in 2 hours of walking and drinking water.
Should keep blood pressure below 99/66 and blood sugar below that.
Run in the sun daily as long as it takes to get blood pressure down.

Eat south Texas grapefruit.
Peel off the outer layer, zest, with a carrot peeler.
Then peel the white pulp layer off and use immediately or store it - let dry in colander cold winter dry air or freezer.
Dice the pulp and put in tea 10 cups per day: 3 black tea, 3 green tea, 3 oolong tea, 1 white tea.
Natural Vitamin C and many other important bioflavanoids, antioxidants, polyphenols and other chemicals
not Vitamin C pills from Communist China!
Tea has more good chemicals and
Tea is less addictive than coffee, less of a jolt.
Coffee has too much pesticides and caffeine jitters, heart irregularities
Don't get addicted to bad stuff.
Starbucks coffee an extermination plot? starter drug sugar+caffeine+salt and who knows what all is in that goopy stuff.

Trump needs to declare a dusk to dawn curfew.
Turn off all TV, Radio, cable, electricity at night, park all vehicles except emergency.
Sheeple need sleep and regular healthy habits not addictive entertainments.
Stop Hollywood disinformation, immoral influences, wide is the gate leading to destruction.
Save electricty
Save fossil fuels
Save planet earth

Save the Jews.
Move to Israel
Outlaw stupid black hats and black clothes that block sunlight.
Mandate daily exercises at noon in a bikini on the beach.
Muslims are stupid too, wrapped up in sheets, burkahs,...
Jews, Muslims, Negroes are invaders, not Native Americans.
Wrath of god, bad habits ruining USA with bad health.
Move those idiots back to their homeland.
Humans are designed to run in the sun not sit in the shade wrapped up in clothes.

Lubbock Texas, Amarillo and El Paso have higher altitude and brighter sun than Florida and South Texas megalopolises.
Easy access to even higher altitude southern Rockies New Mexico.
Saw a big snowstorm in Lubbock on weather channel about a week ago.
2 days later it hit 70 degrees bright sun.
We never had a white Christmas, always bright sun.

To stay healthy
move to high altitude
to be closer to the sun
why Colorado is more healthy.

or move south where the sun stays stronger year round
such as Hawaii, South Texas, Florida, Gulf Coast.

Cold weather clothing blocks sunlight!
Smog and heat drive people indoors under air conditioner filters.

Cold wet Oregon, Alaska will kill you faster than Las Vegas Fresno Sacramento heat
but there are many better climates such as El Paso Texas the safest city in USA for low crime.

Stay active, run in the sun.
Stay skinny and youthful.

It is not just vitamin D.
Nitric Oxide,
many chemicals made by skin when exposed to sun.
Also sun penetrates your entire brain, lungs, and every cell in your body, kills germs, fungus,
Energizes your mitochondria so you can run longer and faster.


Swedish Paradox is the strong association between cold weather and heart disease in Sweden.

Higher annual cardiac mortality is associated with residence in colder regions of Sweden.

Cold weather is a marker for low vitamin D levels.

Outdoor activity in cold weather is both curtailed and requires extensive clothing.

Vitamin D explains many observations about heart disease.
These include the facts that
heart disease is higher
at higher latitudes with less sunlight,
lower altitudes,
in the winter,
in African Americans,
in older, inactive, and
in more obese patients.

Vitamin D blood levels are lower at
higher latitudes,
lower altitudes,
in the winter,
in African Americans,
in older, inactive, and
in more obese patients.

Altitude is the least known of these associations.

The age adjusted mortality for heart disease in the USA showed a striking inverse correlation with altitude in 1979,
before the sun scare.

American populations at the highest altitude had about
half the heart disease of sea level populations.

Thirty-five years ago, Leaf observed that
most of the long-lived populations in the world reside at high altitude.

A vitamin D theory of heart disease explains the excess cardiovascular deaths at high latitude, low altitude and during the winter.
Furthermore, it explains the higher incidence of heart disease in
African Americans,
inactive, and
obese individuals
as these groups have significantly lower vitamin D blood levels.

In 2003, Zittermann discovered that
patients with congestive heart failure (CHF)
have very low levels of vitamin D.

total serum cholesterol for both men and women were
significantly lower at higher altitude in spite of similar diets.

The seasonal variations in cholesterol are well known and
not explained by seasonal dietary changes.

Blood pressure is higher at
higher latitudes,
lower altitudes,
in the winter,
in African Americans,
in the aged, and
in the obese.

High blood pressure is one of the strongest predictors of heart disease.
Here, six facts about hypertension can be explained by one theory: vitamin D.
The lower the vitamin D the higher the blood pressure.

Diabetes is more common
at higher latitudes,
at lower altitudes,
in African Americans,
in the aged and
in the obese.
Both blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C are higher in the winter.
facts that can be explained with one theory:
vitamin D.

Two studies show vitamin D significantly
reduces C reactive protein (CRP),
which may be a better predictor of heart disease than LDL cholesterol.
The Belgian study found a significant effect on CRP even though their high-dose vitamin D group only got 500 units a day.

The risk for total mortality is significantly lower in subjects with high vitamin D levels.
However, the study is in Finnish and has not been translated into English

Vitamin D should be consumed the way the human genome wants it,
a steady amount every day.
If you live down south,
you can get outdoors in the sun every day.

If you live up north you can get sun in the warmer months

Dr. Armin Zittermann, Ruhr University in Germany, has reviewed mounting evidence that
vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of heart disease.

The rates of cardiovascular mortality in France are
much lower in the South and West than in the North.

One of the world's best vitamin D researchers, Dr. Marie Chapuy, found that
vitamin D levels of healthy adults in France follow that same pattern,
with a mean level of 38 ngs/ml in the sunnier and drier South and West,
but less than half that (17ngs/ml) in the colder, rainier, and more polluted, North.

According to the current paradigm,
polyunsaturated fats contained in vegetable seed oils are supposed to lower the risk of heart disease.

However, high consumption of these oils doesn't appear to prevent the Israelis from dying from heart attacks.
Israel does, despite its sunny weather, have a high incidence of vitamin D deficiency.

Average vitamin D levels among healthy adults in Lebanon,
right next door, are only 9.7 ngs/ml - dangerously low.

Healthy Jewish mothers, especially orthodox ones, have low vitamin D levels.

(If you are wondering how the pro-inflammatory omega-6 oils could ever help heart disease,
one possibility is these oils dissociate vitamin D from its binding protein,
making more free vitamin D available.
Apparently, the Israelis don't have enough vitamin D in their blood to dissociate).

The overall death rate from cardiovascular disease in Italy, a country of heavy smokers, is relatively low.
Before you say it is the olive oil and wine,
ask yourself where olive trees and grapevines grow--in the sun.

However, at least two good studies show vitamin D levels in Europe are a paradox,
the closer a European lives to the equator, the lower their vitamin D level.
Nevertheless, an Italian study showed healthy Italian blood donors had robust vitamin D levels of 48 ngs/ml in the summer.
Even average post menopausal Italian women reached 36 ng/ml in the summer.
Anyone who has traveled in Italy, know that
most Italians love the sun.
As the old Italian proverb points out:
"Where the sun does not go, the doctor does go."

Coronary artery disease was more than four times higher in Belfast Ireland than in Toulouse, France,
despite almost identical coronary risk factors.
This is hard to explain, given the current paradigm of heart disease.
Belfast is at 54 degrees latitude, at sea level, and has 257 rainy days per year.
Toulouse is eleven degrees closer to the equator,
its altitude is 500 feet closer to the sun,
and Toulouse only has 74 rainy days per year.
Lots more vitamin D in Toulouse!

The Indian Paradox is the observation that a high prevalence of coronary artery disease in urban Indians in India
is associated with low cholesterol and saturated fat intake.
Researchers found that a low saturated fat diet did not prevent heart disease in the citizens of the
polluted city of Moradabad in northern India.

Air pollution dramatically lowers vitamin D levels.

The Swedish Paradox is the strong association between cold weather and heart disease in Sweden.
Higher annual cardiac mortality is associated with residence in colder regions of Sweden.

Cold weather is a marker for low vitamin D levels.

Outdoor activity in cold weather is both curtailed and requires extensive clothing.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Spark Plug Gap - Ford Ranger Forum

Scanner says cylinder 4 misfiring.

I found lots of tools and spark plug removal tool.

But no way to get to plugs without removing stuff.
Very tight fit modern junk in engine compartment.

Online gap does not agree with what my gap measure tool can do.

I used to change 6 plugs in 12 minutes on dodge slant 6 every 3000 mile oil change.

Full time mechanics can work on engine better than me if can find a good one.

Meineke seems good here
Nationwide warranty.

I last opened hood about 5 years ago.
Hood wont stay up.

Tried to change air filter but 1 latch not open tube in way
too cold stiff to push out of way.

family history 1950s

October 1952 sounds right for Debbie Born in Los Angeles
I was 5, started first grade in Tucumcari really bright sun me am mom walking downtown her carrying baby becky.
Then went to LA.
Then came back for Steve to be born in January.

Bus trip to Los Angeles both ways I guess while dad working.
I remember Bob Johnson big house on side of mountain set off by itself.
Valley below full of trees and bushes.
Many rooms in the house.
 not sure where in LA that was.
Seems it was LA proper around ball stadium NW of downtown over toward Hollywood?
Don't remember Bob but do remember lots of females putting on makeup in front of mirrors.

Also was in West Covina Grandparents house.
Rapidly growing city, new construction everywhere.
They used oil burning in little black pots instead of lights to warn drivers not to drive some areas.
Grandma taught sunday school, a good teacher.
Had a TV, first I saw, Robin Hood.
We did have a radio in Columbia Missouri that mom listened to.

I turned 6 in November probably in LA.
Then returned to Tucumcari where I re-entered first grade Mrs. Stone.

1953 spring we went to farm show in Dalhart Texas near Stratford Texas where Rosemary and Sherry were born.
I think Anita was born in San Diego?
Sort of overcast weather but a fair amount of sun and not too cold I got to sit on tractor.
Parents a little depressed, maybe Burl in bad shape, ?

Grandpa Kelley's brother Jeff? shot himself with shotgun in Portales.
Aunt Ruth said he was an alcoholic.
Probably was a smoker too I think he had emphysema or lung cancer something.
Skinny gaunt, we drove by once, mom commented about how bad he looked, could see veins in his arms.
That was probably October 1952 and maybe led to her taking bus to safety in Los Angeles with me and Becky.
Not get mixed up with addicted family which is common in Missouri still now google 417 meth phone area code.
She thought she was better family Scandinavian from the north Dakota Minnesota.

Why grandparents moved to New Mexico because Missouri is the #1 tobacco alcohol meth sugar state.
Lowest tax rates on tobacco and alcohol, so people get sick, addicted.
Aunt Mary Ella got sick as baby and doctor said to get her out of the state Valley Fever Asthma lung problem.
so they left the next day to Clovis New Mexico high dry low smog allergens.
Grandma called Tucumcari Tucum.
I think Mary Ella got lung sick from from her father who smoked 2 packs of Camels per day until he died from it - 
second hand smoke on babies is bad.
My dad smoked until Steve was born - he could not take it.
I may have some lung damage from that.
Steve was also allergic to chocolate.
None of the rest of us had any problems with allergies.

 I remember dad driving south to the his uncle Jeff's funeral alone - car going off in distance in bright sun.
Seems we lived in 2 or 3 different houses in Tucumcari?
May not have been a happy time, why mom left to LA.
I cut my hand on an old steel trash can in that back yard about the same time and 
still have a sesame seed sized piece of metal embedded in my left palm.

Mother got sick once and passed out, collapsed, in Tucumcari first house - about September before we went to LA.
She hit the floor and came to in a few minutes I just sat there waiting did not know what to do.
Was pregnant with Steve, probably was about August or September.
She must have been quite pregnant in LA should not have been traveling.
6 months pregnant with Steve he may have epigenetic psychological damage.
Tucumcari we had a refrigerator leak and stinking freon all over the house at least once.
Seems some of us got sick from breathing it, maybe led to pass out.
Probably when we first moved in August or September 1052 or so.
Uncle AJ had many boxes of Toys from Asia and Korea in the building behind the house I got a few to play cheap stuff made in Japan from used beer cans.
Some antiques he was selling in the 1990s.
He was in Air Force 17 years, before WWII, Korea, and early Vietnam.

Then summer 1953 we moved to Artesia green valley after long drive high plains barren hills from Tucumcari to Clovis to Roswell to Artesia.
I started second grade central school.
I got sick real bad in the spring with measles, mumps, chicken pox all at the same time.
Missed 3 weeks of school still remember feeling tired and sick of it after 2 weeks.
That was the last I missed ever, not missed any school, or military, or work since then due to illness.
Was glad we moved into new house lived 5 years without so much moving or traveling.
hated to leave New Mexico to move to California miserable place.

My mother and Bob were born in Gentry Arkansas farm 
and the older boys born in South Dakota, Smithwick farm.
My father born in Rogers I think most of the others too, probably all of those siblings.

in 1952 uncle Bill and Edith lived in Neodesha Kansas next to a wheat field.
We went there often from Baxter Springs Kansas.
Big screened in back porch with mattress, laundry, tools, etc.
Me and Becky used to slide down Mom's back like a slide on that mattress.
I used to brush Mom's hair a lot - she liked that.
I first saw Charles Johnson there he was out in the wheat field.
We may have tried to harvest and eat some of that wheat some how.

We did not see your family much after you moved to Los Angeles.
But we went back to Wichita somewhat often, and once to Joplin and Arkansas.
Then after we moved to California saw you in LA often but never went to Wichita or anywhere back there.

Becky had a violin about 1955 and took a few lessons
I was scheduled for viola lessons the same time but got time fouled up and never went.
Really should have learned music.
I did take ukelele and maybe could have been a Beatle if continued.


 obituary on

Deborah Johnson Galil

• BORN: October 12, 1952 
• DIED: August 24, 2009 
• LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA 

From: Joyce The Traveling Lady 

 I enjoyed all the information about your moving around and when you started first grade and when your mom went out to see Debbie when she was born and the place is in Tucumcari. 

I really don't know where everybody lived because I was young. 
Where was your mother born and where was your dad born and where were you born? 

When Bob and Debbies mom headed to California she was pregnant and stopped it our house in some small Kansas town which I don't know what it was.

 I think from there we moved to Udall Kansas area who had the big tornado. Udall was I think five miles east of us. 

I think I have pictures I have your family coming to visit us in Belle Plaine. 

Of course there are a lot less kids!!! 

Your parents must have already moved to Tucumcari when we were in Belle Plaine and from there I think we move to Lawton Oklahoma where I started  first grade . 
And from Lawton Oklahoma we move to Azusa California. 

Amazing we all went and saw anybody because we had to write a letter first and find out if it was okay to come and wait for the letter to come back! 
I don't think many of us had much of the phone service stuff. 
And Lawton Oklahoma area of our phone was on the wall and you picked up the handle and gave the operator the short number you wanted to call.
 I think I used the phone once.

John my brother should be able to fill me in on  the houses we lived in when we were in Belle Plaine because my dad belt one which was the last house where we lived in another one because I remember both my parents had poison oak and went to bed really really sick and the doctor had to come to the house. 

I have a picture of that one somewhere also. The one my dad built 
I Remember Mom would chop heads off of chickens in the driveway after she grabbed them by the head and swung them to break their neck first. 
It's still a vivid picture for me! 
That house was by a railroad and we would have a big garden out back. 
You were there so you probably will remember it better than me because you were older. 
I remember coming to your house I think in Tucumcari and I think Becky had a violin? 
I think Aunt Ruth lived in Clovis at the time? Does anybody remember? 
I remember being there when I was young and laying on the couch with an earache and she put oil in my ear, warm oil.

Well enough of the reminiscing. 

Maybe if I get the photographs out someday I can put it together a little bit better!

 I don't remember Rose and Sherry when we went to see aunt Ruth but I am sure they were there along with Uncle burl but everybody was probably outside playing and I was laying there sick.

Did you go to Wichita and see and Edith and Uncle Bill and Barbara and Larry on your trip to Tucumcari from Missouri? 

They live there long before we went to Kansas I believe.

We move to Azusa California in 1957 in the summer.
 I had just gotten out of first grade and I was born in 1949. 
There was no kindergarten in Lawton Oklahoma or if there was nobody signed me up! 
Debbie was born in October of 1953 oh gosh I'm pretty sure that's what it was. 
I have it written down.

Cousin Larry Johnson ought to know a lot of the stuff too.  

More later,

I sat out on my balcony and my bathing suit yesterday until I got so hot I had to come in! I think it was in the sixties but the sun was out.  

I believe this coming week is the same forecast. 

 The dry air sure helps with not having any aches and pains. 

 Maybe you should buy yourself that little motor you talked about and head south in the winter and north in the summer.

 I always wanted to just go sightseeing all around the United States. 

There are a lot of places you can park for free.
 They list dump stations on a website  
I don't remember the name something like truckers path way. 
You could do the whole Oregon coast the whole North border and the Northeast maybe in one summer or just hang out on the Pacific Northwest. 
It is always cool there in the summer at the beach. 
 I have not been traveling hardly at all since I came to Nevada. 
I'm not looking forward to Summer but I imagine your body adapts to the heat. 
 I used a fan a lot last summer which seems to help me tolerate higher temperatures and I used air conditioning but I didn't have to set it  all that cool. 
When the Sun goes down at night it's not bad at all outside even when it's really hot.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Happy Birthday

After you were born,
Dad Becky and I went to the Rendezvous for a hamburger.
The Rendezvous was in Tucumcari on old route 66 main drag thru town.
Front door posts had square glass bricks that wrapped around the corner on one side as was the Art Deco style of that era.
Small patch of imitation lawn made from little green glass beads to save water in the desert never mow.
I was wondering what I was doing living in such a strange place, a desert.

It seems Debbie was born about the same time In Los Angeles
I was in first grade in Tucumcari in January 25.
I think I started school, then Mom Becky and I took bus to LA
I remember mom say I had a new cousin named Debbie.
In that big old house with trees in the canyon behind.

Then we went back to Tucumcari when you were born
and I had to re-enter first grade, Mrs. Stone.

We lived in Baxter Springs Kansas the summer before you were born.
Moved to Tucumcari July 5th after attending fireworks July 4.
I remember the bright sunlight in July in Tucumcari which is at altitude much brighter than Missouri / Kansas.
Mom and I would walk short distance downtown in that bright sun.

Before Baxter Springs we lived in Columbia Missouri for a few months, winter.
We stopped at the same Gas Station in I think Springfield Missouri on the corner
When we moved to Columbia from Joplin.
I was in back seat, car stuffed with personal belongings for the move.
Seems we moved up in the fall and back in the spring.
Parents were surprised we managed to stop at the same gas station on the corner both coming and going.
Probably was corner of what is now intersection of I-44 and Hwy 65 that goes straight north towards Columbia.
Many old buildings in NE part of town and old highways may not have changed much since 1950.

We moved to Artesia 6 months after you were born, about August.
Across the street from the High School next to my Central Elementary school where I entered second grade.
One year later bought brand new house where we lived 5 years
Dad lost his wedding ring in the back yard planting flowers,
right behind NE corner of house could probably be retrieved with a modern sensor.
We dug around mud with hands a long time never could find it.

Never needed much heater or air conditioning in New Mexico.
Had evaporative air cooler used from 10am to 3pm during summer.

I never had refrigerated air conditioning in car or house until 2010, and rarely used heaters.
Boston, Chicago, and New York had heater for whole building.
San Francisco, San Diego, etc. does not need heater.
Avoidance of artificial heating / cooling
natural air
promotes health

Donna Brazile's cryptic "President Pelosi" tweet and rumors of plot to assassinate Trump - Fellowship Of The Minds

why Nancy Pelosi was so eager to fly away from the country? 

with other 92 persons (Dem reps, +families) +a lot of luggage?

why on a Military plane? why Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew of the Military airplane?

Nancy wanted to be sure to have "Pelosi allied" Military guys as crew, perhaps?

why Pelosi first stop was Bruxelles – NATO headquarters?

"the Pelosi delegation planned to meet NATO commanders, US Military leaders" "and key allies"

Key allies = Soros cabal Merkel (Germany). Rothschild cabal Macron (France), DeepState cabal (UK) EU boozey Juncker

why was also [Rep.] Adam Schiff [D-CA] on that trip?

"prior to the John F. Kennedy assassination in Nov 1963, the Entire Cabinet was flown to Tokyo, Japan." 

"at the time of the JFK assassination, the Entire Cabinet was out of the country"

-same pattern with Pelosi and Adam Schiff?

-preparing a new Nancy Pelosi Cabinet?

why Pelosi wanted to fly away at all costs?

why Pelosi wanted to fly away with Adam Schiff, plus other 6 Dem congressmen, plus 85 family members? 

during a Gov't shutdown? isn't it weird?

is this a DeepState plot to assassinate Trump and Pence and replace them with Nancy Pelosi as President of the USA ?

we know from a trusted source – Dr. Dave Janda – that there have been "a dozen of assassination attempts on President Trump" 

In light of Brazile's January 18 "President

Pelosi" tweet, Roger Stone's January 18 warning of a deep state coup to remove President Trump now makes sense. 

Stone is a GOP consultant and advisor to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.