Thursday, December 13, 2018

Teacher fired for referring to transgender student as female

 Communist China flooding USA food and drug supply with bad chemicals. 

Heart attack. 


USA collapses if most sick or dead. 
Guns not needed. 
China wins the war. 

Teacher fired for referring to transgender student as female  - ABC News

It's tough to be a teacher anymore ! (All of society's 'sheeple' are being purposely confused ) 
The days are over, where teachers could tell right away, if male or female, by their voices, haircuts, mannerism or by their clothing. 
During 'Authoritarian Eras' teachers had students drop their pants, at the beginning of the semester, [like in the military] so there wouldn't be any mistakes.
These days, you have to "feel out" somebody and yell...."this b*tch has a hard on"!
But with this new fashion of liberalism, advocated temporarily as (PC) 'politically correct', as a Mental Normwomen trapped in male bodies or vice-versa etc., as Bob correctly pointed out, One Can Be....male one day, female the next. Crazy times are here !
That makes it not only difficult for teachers to perform their duties.
Who benefits from all this CHAOS ?
(Under Socialism, we are "suppose" to be all "EQUAL"....Male & Female, no matter the gender difference) Scientists are working on male childbirth.

Is 'TRANSGENDER' a neutral >> IT<< (?) Neither male, Nor female
A fluke of nature by a tiny minority, or a mental illness ?

(My normal sarcasm, satire)

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