Monday, December 31, 2018

Stingray Tracking Devices: Who's Got Them? | American Civil Liberties Union

Probably stingray parts made in Communist China who wants to kill all USA taxpayers.
Taxpayers pay for their own extermination.
 Waste of Taxpayer Money.

Following phones enables crime, 
Does not stop crime.
If the cops got stingray then so do Russians, Nazis, Jews, illegals, criminals, communists, Naziphobes, homophobes,…
Cops must follow the money $$$$ to find the criminals.
If cops fry their brains with phones then they will become stupid and not be able to learn accounting so criminals will never get caught.
Why so much crime, most not reported.

Keep your cell phone turned off and locked in a steel box.
Take it out only when needed.
Smart people use dumb phones without data - zero data cannot be hacked.
Fax is rare so hard to hack and not worth criminals effort to try to hack Fax I will study Fax.

Talk in person not on phones.
If you make calls get a rotary dial home phone and connect it through wire POTS plain old telephone service.
Or a $5 walmart plastic phone

Get rid of any cordless phones as they blast your brain with electrons as planned.
Idiots, cancer victims cannot be a threat to communist socialist fascist politicians.
Cancer helps fund the medicare industrial establishment that pays corrupt politicians.
Cordless phones do not work well, nor do cell phones:
 cut out, static, buzzing, etc.
Old wired phones were better, rotary dial, push button dial,...

POTS plain old telephone service copper line can give you 56K dial-up internet that is all you need.
Only costs $10 per month such as
Old copper wire does all - already installed in all old houses.
Harder to hack and at 56K it can do much less theft of data if it does get hacked.

It is also harder for Russians and Communists and criminals to access that copper wire than broadband internet.
Anything wireless is a security threat, easy to hijack:
WIFI, bluetooth, cordless phones, cell phones, etc.
Turn it off, toss it, put in airplane mode, put in steel box….

Smart people use dumb phones. Or no phone.

I have really reduced my computer use in the 3 years since I got hacked.
Converted to cell phone minimal plan my only home internet connection iPhone-iMac usb plugin and a wifi hotspot for Chromebook.
I have lots of outside places for high-speed internet for my many devices that I rarely use:
college, library, hospital, gym.
Modern devices are mostly defective so need constant security updates that do not work.
I turn them on and let them update.
Don't put any valuables on those devices.
Don't use any apps beyond what comes with the device.

Use real paper books, newspapers, etc.
If you find anything good on the internet then write it down with pencil and paper.
Review periodically and you will find out you learn little electronically.
It was all just a dopamine surge fake news you already agreed with.
Talking heads on TV are mostly idiots not pundits.
Talking is the last ability you lose with Alzheimers, dementia, etc.
There is a difference between work and entertainment.
Learning takes work.
Get out paper and pencil and write down what you learned.
Compare with other written facts you can find in the library.

From: John 


Local police have cell site simulators

Local Police


Local police have cell site simulators

Local Police

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