Thursday, December 27, 2018

Re: Mormon sugar beet seed GMO Cancer glyphosate Marijuana Idaho

Illegal in upscale European Countries proven cancer causing and other harmful health effects
Glyphosate = Roundup = GMO genetically modified Organism now owned by Communist China who wants you dead.

Why population is dropping in farm country,
Why I sold my Kansas Farm.
The whole state is a goner.
Wheat is not GMO but they dump glyphosate on it to kill it , dry the wheat plant right before harvesting to make it easy for the machinery.
Many crops the same way, lentils, etc.
Why people go crazy, transgender, many strange ailments chemicals.

One advantage of Las Vegas Sin city hell hole it is too hot and dry to farm anything so is Organic.
But watch out, they may use it on lawns, parking lots.
I see fat slobs in parking lots dump roundup on little weeds poking thru cracks too lazy and sick to pull the stupid plant from root that would do a better job and give exercise.

Honolulu is more organic.
Why Hawaii lives longer.

Marijuana is not organic, often uses fantastic amounts of chemicals.
Coffee is usually not organic, the most pesticide food in the standard American diet.

Grow your own on big Island Hawaii.
You can get some lots fairly affordable and lots of natural rain clean water.
Go completely organic.

Colorado, parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Arkansas, Arizona are very rugged mostly non-farmable, organic
but you may be able to find a patch of land with water to grow your own food.

If they legalize marijuana in a state then every illegal alien in North America will come and grow pot and dump chemicals everywhere in the water supply.
Sell and get out ASAP if they legalize marijuana you cannot escape those chemicals, guns, criminals.

Every casino has LED light to destroy your vision, manipulate your brain hormones.
Chemicals dumped into air, air conditioning to manipulate your brain.
Helps grow fungus in the air hurt your lungs they don't care e.g. Legionaires disease.
Sin city addicts gambling tobacco sex alcohol often go transgender die cancer who cares.
Avoid the area.
Seek good weather year round.

I am curious how Idaho Mormons can survive and reproduce with massive ag chemicals.
Must be sober and know how to handle chemicals that blow east to Kansas.
Snake river polluted?
Beautiful state Idaho rugged in summer, and ski resorts in winter, the largest area in 48 states with no roads at all, no people.
Freeways to Phoenix Tucson San Diego in the winter not as warm as Florida or Hawaii.

Our rivers around here are fairly clean.
Central Arkansas Fairfield bay the cleanest, no people at all, no roads.

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