Thursday, December 6, 2018

Re: crash. Florida. Hawaii. Georgia

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Hawaii definitely has the best weather.

However, the Universities are definitely much better in Florida and Georgia.
And much better medical colleges and hospitals that eventually I will need.

Hawaii is mostly brown and yellow people so I would not fit in.
Maybe some white pockets.
Then it is very expensive and very remote
dependent on ships, imports for 95% of food and supplies.

My problem I have never been to Florida or Georgia or any deep south beach areas.
And only 1 trip to Hawaii.

I got too wrapped up in Boston, New York, Chicago then so long in California.
Was better for work back then.
But for retirement and old age I am lacking in knowledge.

So I study maps in the library, books, and online.
Seems the St. Augustine, Daytona Beach areas are not so overpopulated and not so many black people.

Gainesville University of Florida
Athens University of Georgia
are great colleges and mostly white people with good medical care.
Athens is near Atlanta Georgia largest airport and Georgia tech is #4 Engineering in USA.
Gives lots of options, occasionally good seminars.
As long as I can walk over to a university I will be interested in numerous classes and seminars to listen to.
I am still in math and computers
but as I get older I want to study gerontology medical issues.
Need to write up my past work in finance and economics too.

Georgia gets colder than Florida so will kill off some alligators, mosquitos, snakes, bugs, etc.
Florida grows oranges
Georgia grows peaches chickens peanuts Jimmy Carter.
Sacramento grows rice
Hawaii agriculture is disappearing but some Coffee, Marijuana, pineapples, etc. remain.

Your residence determines availability of very fresh foods.

Looking at warmer climates than Missouri, less snow, ice, slips, falls.

The older one gets the harder it is to move.
Even the paperwork is tricky, taxes in multiple states, vehicle registration, smog checks.
Anything to reduce paperwork and gotchas.
Then the logistics of moving without losing stuff.
I have lost so much in the past so many moves.
Sometimes think just to stay put.

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