Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Re: The coming super grand solar minimum

I paid $1.85 for gasoline conoco yesterday, closest station to home.

CME coronal mass ejection is not a problem for small countries by area such as USA
It will hit big countries first - Russia, China, Africa is a huge continent,…
Before land it will hit the water first and destroy boats and planes, most of the world is covered by water, and small island countries tk, fiji, guam, etc.
CME will kill off EMP electromagnetic pulse threats.

Big data means Fake Data or Weaponized data.

Try getting any data on any study or even your own data from legal sources or the dark web.

It is usually forbidden, hidden behind paywalls, or in complex formats that you cannot access.

Russia, Communist China, NSA, FBI, watch everything you do if you try to access any data or your own data.

The old book "how to lie with statistics" is out of date.

Now data is weaponized to deceive you, lie to you, or throw you in jail, or kill you

Soros, Obama, Zuckerberg, Google, health diet studies funded by government, climate studies funded by government, etc.

You get lies and they get the truth
that they can use to enrich themselves,
cement power relations,
and harvest the dead bodies for their use.
Like cannibals.

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