Saturday, December 22, 2018

Pension risk California Fwd: Crash on Wall-Street

Does not make sense.

Increasing interest rates clobber the stock and bond markets as history has shown over and over again.

Pensions invest in stocks and bonds 
so pensions will get clobbered as interest rates rise.
Fed is hurting pensions not saving pensions.

California CalPERS CalSTRS is the biggest pension and will be hurt the most after getting rich under Obama fat lazy.

At the same time that California tax inflows will be cut due to the crash.
California $$ tax inflows are very dependent on a few rich people in Silicon Valley and Hollywood getting rich off tech boom.
They don't mind paying California taxes because they are getting so much money out of California.
When stock market Crashes California budget gets clobbered as less tax income meets more welfare payouts unemployed.

State of California will need to chip in more to the pensions at the same time tax revenues falling by funding formula.
Looming California bankruptcy.
It may hit this year, partially,
 due to investors selling at a tax loss before year end to cancel winnings early in the year why market is crashing now.
Stock market is the best leading indicator.
Recession ahead democrat Pelosi takeover.

If Fed keeps rates rising next year stock market will fall even more 
so pensions and California even worse.

Better get out of California before the crash.
Door is slamming shut.
Escape from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Leftist socialist deep state Fed may try to hurt Trump but will nuke California Pensions in the process what a bunch of self defeating idiots!
Under Obama zero interest rates meant a straight upward trajectory.
Now with 2% interest rates that means the trajectory has changed.
Not a whole lot but enough to consider what has changed.
Downward pressure.
Irrational sheeple heading for the door may cause a crash
and nuke California, Oregon, Nevada, and nearby states in the process many near bankrupt states grown dependent on tech boom times.

From: Ron

Per Martin Armstrong there is a war over interest rates between the ECB and the Fed.

The Fed is raising interest rates to save pensions in the US as interest rates last year were at 5000 year lows.

The ECB and Bank of England want to keep rates low for liquidity between banks and keep debts on the ECBs books low. 

The ECB is at much more risk than the Fed as confidence in the Euro wanes with growing nationalists uprisings in EU countries. 


 joe wrote:
Deep state federal reserve wants to kill the Trump boom. 

After 8 years of zero interest rates under Obama. 
Now they raise rates. 

Feathers are flying on Wall-Street

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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