Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Xmas. Happy Hanukah. Kool Kwanza. Invader holidays.

Bright sunny weather 
55 before noon
days getting longer, 
44 degrees at 4:44 pm yesterday 
mostly above freezing for weeks?

I paid $1.77 for gasoline at station with help wanted sign at $11 per hour.
That is over 6 gallons per hour of work 
11/1.779 = 6.183249

In 1967 I paid 36 cents at the same time working minimum wage $1.30 per hour.
That was only about half as many gallons of gas per hour of work 
1.30/.369 = 3.6230352

Price of gasoline has been falling over 1 per cent per year for a half century.
ln(3.6230352/6.183249)/51 = -0.010481

Trump needs to stop deflation to make America great again.
Back in 1967 half the population walked to work and were healthier and smarter and less addicted.
Increase the price of gasoline by cutting the supply of gasoline:
ban any imports of gasoline or oil.
ban any new oil wells.

Also increase the demand for gasoline by banning any substitutes for gasoline:
ban ethanol.
ban electric cars.
ban hybrid cars.
ban motorcycles because their mileage is too good.
ban diesel engines because their mileage is too good.
increase the speed limits to burn more gasoline
Nationwide annual smog check to force polluters to slap on mileage reducing pollution abatement equipment on all engines

Bomb Iran and other oil producing countries so they stop oil production.
Obama was not serious on inflation to stop addictions gas price dropped to $2 around here and bags of heroin real cheap.
Trump is deflating the stock market but gas prices keep falling so is a flop so far.
Retirees can now work past age 70 and keep their full social security check.
Work can grow your brain and increase health, especially outdoor hard physical work.

Texas is great for young people looking for an education or jobs.
I was thinking about moving to San Marcos Texas
but I am giving up on Texas because Texas gets too hot, over 100 degrees, too far from ocean.
I almost moved to College Station Texas in 2009 but did not because of the heat.
Florida is surrounded by water and 1000 miles of beaches.
Keeps the heat down and lots of rain less drought SHTF potential.
A lid on the temperature at 90 degrees.
Hawaii is even better.
If Florida is too hot then move to Hawaii.
Skin is a solar panel for your health
Get outdoors and socialize, play volleyball, bikini inspection every day at noon.
If it gets too hot or too cold then sheeple stay indoors suffer from electronics addiction, sugar flour salt addiction, fossil fuels addiction air conditioners heaters….
Choose life, not addictions, doctors, hospitals,...

Georgia is a cooler version of Florida without the beaches but the largest engineering college in the USA, top 4 in quality and largest airport, good economy.
I have no experience in the southeast.
May be time to learn.
But that collides with my goal to run Pikes Peak Marathon 14,000 foot elevation.
May be possible to do both while working on hard math project?

Sheeple are called sheeple because they graze what the shepherd points them too.
They cannot think on their own brain destroyed by addictions electronics salt sugar flour drugs alcohol tobacco heroin marijuana cocaine meth...
The great Obama provides checks, fiat money, government "jobs", loans for electronics, cars, houses, college, travel.
They have no idea how it all works, they just consume and think and behave the way hollywood teaches via TV, radio, movies, Facebook, google, twitter,…
Sodom and Gomorrah was good until SHTF.

Cabelas is owned by Bass Pro HQ Springfield Missouri Wonders of Wildlife + Aquarium.
Fat sick people attend by burning fossil fuels and ignoring the great outdoors.
Herd those sheeple into cities where they can learn to walk again and maybe work.
Hunting and fishing interferes with the natural environment 
fossil fuels to get to hunt fish sites too 
poles guns lures mostly imported toxic Muslim fossil fuels to get here
$3000 electric bikes at Bass Pro

Ron  wrote:
Took a drive up I35 to San Marcos, Texas today.
Visited the Cabelas.
Thought I was at the SF Museum of Natural history.


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