Saturday, December 22, 2018

Las Vegas sun dry air. Update on pulmonary disease due to non-tuberculous mycobacteria


The dry desert air will not have as many molds as soggy sick Oregon.
Must be a big change!  
I may have some of the same lung problems from smog as child then many years along the california coast mold fungus.
Wet cool climates will always have too much bugs in the air.
Colds are caused by cold viruses like cold.
Hot dry is the opposite so will tend to kill those bugs but may have other problems.

Las Vegas is in a bowl with lots of auto traffic kicking up dirt and dangerous smoke into the air.
Very unhealthy.
May kill off the Oregon molds but will have different bugs in the air and cause structural chemical damage to the lungs.

High and dry air would be better.
Laramie Wyoming 7000 foot elevation is windy clean air with secret back road to Universities in Boulder, Colorado Denver medical.
Would be good in the summer, but not in the winter too cold.
Probably the best you can do in the summer.

Winter would have to move somewhere sunny and warm Florida beach.
Gainesville Florida has the best Hospitals, Medical college and huge university in a small town with 1 hour good roads to both coasts beaches.
Good winter weather with even better weather further south.

Tucumcari Clovis New Mexico may be good year round.
But not as good as Wyoming Colorado in the summer
Not as good as Florida in the winter.
Probably need to move every 6 months.

Florida may be ok in summer too.
Warm humid easy on lungs and skin.
I got dry skin in Missouri in the winter. 
Probably same problem in lungs.
Warm humid kills viruses colds flu pneumonia
Why Hawaii lives longer, 
and some parts of Florida if you avoid sugar - many southerners drink coke and eat fast food so die young even in a good climate.

Hawaii is the only state with the best weather year round.
Leave windows open year round for fresh outdoor air.
Indoor air is filled with germs and toxic chemicals.
Can get outdoors every day sun on skin.

Why Hawaii has the longest life.
No income taxes on pensions or social security.
High prices, low education, low income means they cannot afford to eat too much.
Cheap or free food, fruit falling on ground.
Lazy at the beach in bright sun is better than expensive cable TV, gaming, computers addictions.
Bad economy means more time at beach.
All they got is tourism and military - cook, clean, for tourists, troops.
Not much population growth frenzy immigration, stable slow fun rest.
Just move to healthy state and do what they do for long life.

The problem with doctors is that they are usually too old and poorly trained.
They prescribe medicines that are made in Communist China who wants to make you sick, poor, broke, or dead.

Moving to the best climate and learning proper diet and exercise and germ avoidance is a much better option.
Avoid fires in warm humid green climates.
Avoid droughts and earthquakes 
Move to Florida or Hawaii or other green state.

From: The Traveling Lady <>
Subject: Update on pulmonary disease due to non-tuberculous mycobacteria

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