Friday, December 7, 2018


Texas is a great state for young people wanting an education and
to make a lot of money in oil, telephones, computers, Dell, AT&T, engineering, etc.

Unfortunately price of oil is dropping (WTI West Texas Intermediate is the most watched price)
Will be bad for Texas unless price of oil can be increased, e.g. war on Iran.
People got too many phones and electronics so also bad for Texas.

Snowing today in Lubbock.
Texas is mid continent gets cold air in winter and hot air in summer.
Not good if you want to get outdoors a lot for health.
Frequent droughts, often quite severe but not as bad as California.
Smog big cities but not as bad California.
Young population turning blue, minorities may worsen taxes.

Florida older people stubborn will not change.
Florida peninsula is mild weather from Gulf and Atlantic water.
Rain in summer keeps lid on high temperature 10 degrees lower than Texas or more
Little to no snow most of the population farther south than Texas.

Florida 1000 miles of beaches, fun places Disney world, etc.
Florida is better for older retired people with gerontology and old people services and medical care.
Why Trump, Rush, Drudge etc retired there rich.
Many Jew safe areas e.g. West Palm Beach.
Good money launder drug money crooks in Miami, like Las Vegas with better weather.
Good rehab eg. Delray Beach may include 
sugar addiction, 
flour addiction, 
electronics addiction...

From: Steve 

US Geological Survey Discovers Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resources 
in Texas-New Mexico Basin

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