Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fwd: easy money for somebody

I may change my phones and internet this week.

What are the odds of winning?
Millions enter to win 100,000 so expected winnings of a penny?
What if I enter more than 4 times does that nullify my entries?
Why so many links in the mail?
Are they trying to isolate and track idiots or gullibles?
Separate sheeple into little herds divide and conquer?
What if the contest is a hoax perpetuated by Russians trying to steal your vote?

Are the vitamins from Communist China who wants you dead?
Be suspicious of all chemicals as many are weaponized against you.

How about oil soluble vitamins that do not dissolve in water?

How about smart people who avoid electronics?
How do they enter the contest or even find out about the contest?

From: Bob 

I've been asking people all day and have yet to find anyone who really needs an easy $100K!  

You could buy some fairly nice planes for that. I feel like a winner already –where do I sign?  

Vitaminwater will pay you $100,000 to ditch your smartphone for a year

December 12, 2018, 

ST. LOUIS – Do you think you could without your smartphone for a whole day? 

Or how about a whole year?

Vitamin Water is willing to bet you can't do it.  

The company unveiled a challenge for 2019 with an award of $100,000 to a person who can go without their smartphone for 365 days.

You can enter the contest by sharing on Instagram or Twitter why you feel you're up for the challenge, including the 

hashtags #nophoneforayear

 and #contest.

Vitamin Water will choose one participant who will trade their smartphone for a 2000's era calling-only phone.  

If the challenger makes it for six months they get $ 10,000, and if they make it for the full year they win a $100,000

The entry period starts Tuesday, December 11 at 8 a.m. ET and ends Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

 You can enter up to four times.

Vitamin Water didn't go into detail about how they'll monitor the contest but said lie detector tests will be involved.

we tried to get Brandon to make this deal, but he is too busy – will you turn off your phone for a year instead?



— vitaminwater® (@vitaminwater) December 11, 2018

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