Saturday, November 3, 2018

stenosis cures

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Pills to reduce pain does not cure the underlying problem.

Seems stenosis should not happen.
May be a way to reverse it.
What is causing the log jam?
Some crud is accumulating for some reason.
Not a natural process.

It may be infective, like some mosquito bite injected germs that spread.
Boosting immune system may kill off those germs and allow the inflammation to subside.
Natural foods such as oysters and Brazil nuts contain zinc needed for healthy immune system.
I get some zinc in my multi-vitamin.
Vitamin D also boosts immune system.
Some pills may be counterfeit or from Red China and not have enough real Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is added to milk and orange juice may help.

Stenosis crud accumulation may be dietary, like some foodstuff causing inflammation.
Sugar and flour are highly inflammatory and cause all sorts of problems.
Rice is gluten free and an improvement but still somewhat inflammatory.
Steel cut or old fashioned Oats is a good substitute for flour and is gluten free.

Crisco, margarine, and most vegetable oils are inflammatory, extracted by hexane a petroleum derivative.
The hydrogenated molecules are bent in Crisco and margarine.

There are a variety of spices that supposedly have good results.
I use a lot.
Easiest is cinnamon ginger and sage in coffee.

I am also trying chamomile tea after coffee,
and green tea,
and black tea.

My back pain vanished after cutting out so much sugar.
Fruit juice has lots of sugar and they add chemicals to it.
Yogurt has lots of sugar added to most brands.
I feel better after getting rid of sugar.

Sugar is probably the biggest problem in the American diet and my family.
I cut back as a teenager and got a lot healthier.

This summer tried to add some yogurt and fruit juice and pasta.
A mistake.
I really don't tolerate much sugar.
I tried this before.

Natural fruits and a small amount of fruit juice is ok.
Some raisins is ok, or eat raisins as candy.
The added sugar in yogurt and "trail mixes" (contain sugared cranberries and bananas) is not good.
Sugar and salt are real cheap and addictive,
so many fast foods have lots of sugar and salt.
Flour is also real cheap.
Flour and sugar are GMO raised with glyphosate herbicide owned by Communist China.
Glyphosate supposedly has many bad health effects but China and advertising try to hide the truth.

Sacramento has lots of rice fields and probably that is the easiest way to get away from sugar/flour.
Arkansas Mississippi also huge rice producers along the river.
I prefer USA grown foods.

I did get some oysters from Korea to get more zinc to boost my immune system.
The only other choices were from China which is worse.
USA needs to learn to feed itself again.
Food from China may be poisoned or dirty.
May be related to so many health problems and mental problems these days.

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