Saturday, November 17, 2018

move to beach warm rain good weather no fires. usa chilly

Move to Florida near Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, and other leading intellectuals.
Palm Beach loaded with rich 1%.
West Palm Beach rich 10% Jews and poorer cooks for the rich 1% next door.

Make your vote count.
Florida is often cliff-hanger elections where 1 vote makes a difference.
If you live in Blue State California you will always get a liberal no matter who you vote for.
If you live in Red State Missouri you will always get a corrupt conservative no matter who you vote for.
Florida your vote can make a difference.

You will live longer in Florida.
Run on beach every day.
Drink Fresh Orange juice.
Watch birds.

The whole state of Florida is designed for retired elderly and beach lovers and Disney World holidays.

Lots of rain, green - never fires as in perpetual drought California dry flammable explosive.

Texas is a younger state much better for business and education and much hotter if you like it hot and some parts dry desert with altitude.
If you are young and ambitious go to Texas.
If you are older and want to relax and live long go to Florida.
Both states zero income tax and cheap in some areas.

We were cold for a few days but now suddenly warm and pleasant.
We get all kinds of weather around here, rapidly changing.
I could live in a colder climate easily - just throw on a coat - did that in Massachusetts etc.
I could also live in a warmer climate - just wear shorts t shirt flip flops.
As I get older warmer sounds better and avoiding slip on ice falls early death, sunshine deficiency, exercise deficiency indoor couch potato cabin fever

From: Lothar 

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