Sunday, November 11, 2018

mine bitcoin crypto Re: DISASTER - Forest Fires: You cannot breathe in San Francisco....time to move to TEXAS

Low below 20 degrees
High below 40 degrees
Bright sun no clouds.
 I stretched and paced while watching football game and running back and forth to mathematics conference.
I am getting interested in elliptic curves that underly the math of bitcoin.

Throw away heaters, buy computers cheap used.
use computers as your heater convert to bitcoin mining rigs.
Get paid for mining bitcoins and other crypto currencies on those computers.
Don't waste electricity on heaters that pay zero.
Make $ off crypto.
Help the bitcoin project by becoming a full node if you have the internet bandwidth.
The whole blockchain is less than one terabyte that most computers have nowadays.
$100 for 4 terabyte disk at best buy?  Prices falling for decades.

Read book by Cryptologist Harvard Professor Bruce Schnier Data and Golaith.
Thinks like me and millions of others
Your privacy, sanity, and life is under attack by NSA, FBI, CIA, big government, Facebook, Twitter, Verizon, big corporations.
He offers some steps to unravel the huge conspiracy against you.
New Magna Carta.
Nowadays you are the peasant and Zuckerberg is the ruler over you and your data.
Time to mandate rights for the people
allow rulers to rule only with the consent of the governed.
Decapitation solution Marie Antoinette.

Move all Jews to Israel where they can be safe from shootings Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
Move all Mexicans to Mexico where they can be safe from shootings Malibu California.
Imagine if the big quake hit in the fall already afflicted with fires.
The whole state could burn down.

Texas has large multicultural population but at least has lots of space between cities.
And much warmer weather in winter.
West Texas has altitude and lots of sun thru the winter.
Even if it freezes at night,
bright sun rises and warms up the air quickly 
and penetrate glass so cars and houses feel warm.

Around here often wet, heavy humid air.
I walked out of gym in flip flops 7:33 pm Thursday it was 33 degrees and sleet/snow on windshield, raining, sleeting, cold, dark.
Not bad, but get tired of so much precipitation and cold waves.
Further south people seem happier and healthier and use less drugs and junk food.
Probably due to more sunshine and outdoor exercise opportunities.
Some vote with their feet by moving to a better environment.
Others stay put and die in place
Republicans I heard on TV say they need to cut medicare and social security to reduce the federal budget deficit.
If you are dead you can't vote and will not be a problem for politicians who want to stay in power.
Make Pelosi Schumer happy and drop dead!

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