Sunday, November 25, 2018

medical exam. "Escape from California" starring Ron

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I exercise in a hospital gym and see the stroke recovery group in a seminar room once per week.
Strokes are best avoided, but it is hard to avoid due to many causes.

High blood pressure can be avoided by avoiding salt, lots of water, sun, and motion.
I can drop my blood pressure 30 points in 3 hours by walking and drinking water to flush out excess salt.
If blood pressure is low then arteries will not burst so often, and helps protect brain from invisible mini-strokes leading to dementia.

Clogging up of veins can be avoided by avoiding sugar and flour that attacks the vein walls causing inflammation and closure.
Also lots of clean pure water and constant walking and motion will keep blood flowing instead of stalling and clogging.

Also lots of sunshine on skin generates Nitric Oxide that dilates blood vessels so blood will flow well instead of clogging up.
Also sun + garlic sulfates cholesterol making it water soluble to flow thru veins instead of clogging up.

Honolulu has lots of sun and clean water and places to walk so has fewer strokes.
Florida is similar why it attracts retirees.
Sun + walking + clean water + low salt, low sugar, low flour.

Florida has been booming over 100 years since they built railroads to accommodate elderly retirees escaping frigid New York City, Boston etc.
Warm humid air melts and kills flu virus, cold virus, and other viruses which are a big problem when you get older.
Fresh oysters zinc to build immune system.
Vitamin D from sun on skin.
Great medical care in Gainesville, Jacksonville Mayo clinic, etc.
Cannot slip and fall on ice and snow when there is no ice!

Modern air conditioners keep indoor air cool and dry 
so heat and humidity are not a problem nowadays.
Oil price dropped so very cheap to use air conditioners.
Jacksonville Atlantic side gets ocean air which is already clean.
Good idea to keep indoor air clean and optimal temperature and humidity.
Go outdoors when weather is good.
Florida does get a lot of rain which is why some pay extra to live in Honolulu or San Diego which gets less rain.

I just drove 100 miles in rain to get my annual medical exam.
Doctor went over number by number my blood urine results.
Very good.  
Every number optimal, maximal.
Was amazed how good of condition I am, just turned 71
I have been mostly vegetarian since living on farm outside Porterville with 
unlimited pecans, walnuts, oranges, figs, grapes, etc.
And I exercise more than anybody I know, 
even more than most professional athletes 
very consistent starting in high school or before.

$2.03 gasoline spotted at least twice thru rain off freeway.
Trump economy booming as gas and stock prices crashing.
Construction everywhere around here,
hard to recognize streets I drove on 2 years ago.
I would prefer a less booming economy, fewer junk food establishments, fewer hospitals, doctors, expensive treatment for junk food addiction, electronics addiction, and huge drug problem around here.

Escape from California reminding me of the biblical story fleeting Sodom and Gomorrah,
Don't look back or your wife will turn into a pillar of salt.
More sun is a good thing in the winter.
Looking at Jackson Hole Wyoming on TV snow everywhere ski resort.

I will drive to Pikes Peak after snow clears in Spring and run up to 14000 feet to see if I want to run the marathon there.
I am leaning more to moving to Florida or Hawaii
Walk on beach safer and funner as one gets older,
although I must admit I really like high altitude and got my best exercising biking uphill in Lake Tahoe 7000 + feet.
Hawaii is the longest life state.
Colorado is the second longest life.
Bright sun, frequent sun is part of it but high altitude has advantages too.
Low allergies, bugs, snakes, mosquitos, etc.
Altitude makes people skinnier for some reason.
San Antonio is quite far south, good sunshine,
But Texas in general is quite hot central continent.
Lubbock Amarillo El Paso have some altitude so feels cooler.
I remember biking downtown library 102 degrees every day when I was in middle school.
It was not bad biking home west directly into the sun hottest time of the day due to thin dry air altitude.
I had problem of dry skin in winter and still get that problem.
Given a choice, probably beach in winter, spring, fall, and then high altitude in hot summer.
Beaches not far from San Antonio, famous, South Padre island, etc.

From: Lothar 

Dems now have a supermajority in the state legislature.Gov.  
Newsome's bills cannot be overridden.
Full blown Marxist. 
Want to outlaw gun parts now.
 Well.... on to New Mexico today. 
Air is a lot cleaner than California this am in Quartzite. 

 "Escape from California" starring

Just in time Ron.
Libturds in California saying they will confiscate your guns.

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