Saturday, November 3, 2018

get rich $ bitcoin, phones,

$2.32 gasoline today encourages Americans to drive instead of walk to boom the sickness economy and auto industry.

55 degrees at 5pm comfortable but not enough sun but at least stopped raining.
Very scenic beautiful fall foliage mild weather in central latitudes better when sun is out.

Always live in a rain forest with no agriculture nearby - trees pump out oxygen and clean the air.
No cow shit, pig shit, chicken shit from confined animal torture murder facilities nearby 
that inject feces into your lungs, 
antibiotic resistant stapholococcus aureus etc.

Cold winter kills bugs, snakes, germs or sends them into hibernation.
Warm humid summer air kills flu virus, and other diseases.
Hot dry desert air can contain fine particulates that get into the lungs and stay there like asphalt pavement.
Fresno, Porterville, Bakersfield the worst air in the USA, and east Los Angeles.
California has most of the most polluted areas in the USA.
Why cant those idiots clean up their air? 
Drowning in their own feces.
Electric cars not helping but blast occupants with electronic pollution dementia.
Sodom and Gomorrah doomed to destruction - few good people leaving, vote with their feet.
Hollywood fantasy fake news versus science facts.
Must live in accordance with nature or face the consequences.
Clean air and water and food are essential, 
and moderate temperature with little heating and cooling fossil fuels.

I figured out a way to make money off bitcoin.
Cost me no $ to get started, instead I sell numbers to get bitcoin, then cash in the bitcoin for $
Never used the dark web, TOR the onion router, maximal privacy.
Lots of stuff for sale there I hear 
so I can accumulate bitcoin in anonymous account then buy chips Las Vegas to convert to cash report to IRS.
Time to learn to make $ off bitcoin + computers.

Never give money for pie in the sky.
Work should always give you money, 
not charge you money.
Difference  between + and -
Do not work to lose money.
Do not work for less than the minimum wage.
Many rich 1% never worked a day in their life and are proud to say that in public.
Sheeple are eager to lose $ for pie in the sky, 
help give $ to Soros left wing blue state Communist China, money launder corruption….

years ago I bought 2 vehicles deliberately without radio.
I despised screaming drug addict crap music from the hippie generation since 1970 and refused to listen to them.
60s were better
I quit watching TV fake news at age 16 when got drivers license went to library read books and magazines and newspapers and talk to real people.
I rediscovered radio 5 years ago on my phone, 
only 1 good show out there People's Pharmacy.
Electronic avoidance key to sanity and health.

I think you can still get strip down pickups and work vehicles with no radio and minimal electronics.
I hate power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission,….
I only got a car air conditioner in 2010 formerly lived in cold climates.
I still do not use heater or air conditioner in house 
and rarely in car - convertible with top inflow fresh air the best.
You need a defroster and heater in car in cold climates.
You can drive better with no radio distraction.
Idiots here cannot drive, weave all over the road while texting, sit at stop lights looking at phones while light is green, hallucinate on drugs, or go 60MPH in 30MPH zone.
Trump needs to get people walking instead of driving or America will never be great again.
And off drugs and electronics addictions.
Seems Africans are more electrified than white folk.
Headphones boom boom boom.

Growing up we did not have air in car or house until I left home.
Used little heat in house and only evaporative coolers in the warm, dry climates where we lived.
No TV until age 8 then quit age 16.

Modern smart phone is more than you need for all electronic disinformation, tracking.
You should be able to connect your desktop thru your phone instead of plugging it into the wall internet.
If you have the right USB cable.
USB end of cable plugs into the computer and the little end plugs into phone.
Another way is to convert your phone into a wifi hotspot.
Then use computer to log into the wifi.
But wifi is visible to neighbors so I prefer connect phone to desktop thru USB cable.
Avoid anything that alerts anybody that you are indoors.
Insulate all windows, thick white / metallic insulation.

Home internet wiring is old fashioned now that everybody has smart phones.
Russians can sneak in thru those wires and inspect your computer and watch you thru the camera and listen to you.
Or Muslims, Communist China or any sinister organization.

You can port your home number to your phone.
You can have 2 numbers on your phone, or more.
I always have had 2 numbers on my phone but I do not use the second number.
I occasionally get texts on the second number.
Or missed calls because I turn the ringer off.
It is a New Mexico number free from Google Voice.
You can probably get your home phone number ported free into Google Voice.

I actually have 2 fully loaded smart phones, 1 android, and 1 iphone, for personal education.
Keep turned off and in steel boxes except when in use.

My $111 chrome book can do all taxes, banking, essentials...
That is all anybody needs and is the most secure popular device.

I use my Huge desktop iMac for DVD, movies, work, email, programming, etc.

Modern smart phone can do more than you should be doing.
I met a Japanese cook who watched 85GB of TV per month on his phone!
That is like full time entertainment, paid for by his daughter on her unlimited plan.
He got diabetes and dementia may be dead by now.
Electronic entertainment is bad for your health, 
bad light wavelengths, electronic exposure, evil advertisements.
He liked peanut butter of course contains sugar, addictive.
And had several Cadillacs, crashed into deer and ate the liver raw.
Driving is bad for health.

I use less than 1GB per month on my phone.
Even full time connection 5 years ago with work uploads and downloads I could not use 7GB of my 35GB allowance.
They raised the price to $35 per month
so I dropped cable and went to smart phone $30 per month.
For everything.
2 phone numbers.
computer hookup
More than I can use on 1 phone.

Every gym is filled with cable TV so I can watch several channels at once while walking
but too boring fake news and melodramas.
Prefer thinking, looking, hearing, talking, looking out windows at beautiful views.

All cities have free broadcast TV and Radio if you are addicted to fake news, sickening ads.
I sometimes look at weather forecasts. 
Have to hit seek button often to skip to next channel to avoid the worst.
Really huge amount of junk out there.
Electronics teach you the love of money - the root of all evil.
The branches of evil are junk food, cars, fossil fuels, houses, toxic junk made by Muslims or Communist China what you can buy with money to kill you.

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