Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Florida better WarmSouth Padre Island, Texas Beach

I would not want that part of Texas.
Corpus Christi is better.
But Galveston is far better: University, Medical, huge beach.
The only good beach area in Texas.
Texas is too hot mid continent except for the higher altitude areas Lubbock, Amarillo heat is not so bad but get snowstorms and freezes every night in winter.
Florida is not so hot and huge beaches with no snow or ice.

Sun is healthy.
Humidity is good for skin and kills flu virus, cold germs, arthritis germs, etc.
Humidity makes air conditioners work better, cheaper and energy is cheap now.
You can't stay outside on beach all day.  
Just come indoors and turn on air conditioner in summer.
In winter, fall, spring, just open windows and enjoy the air.

Or In summer tourist season rent out your home to tourists
and travel north to Boston and enjoy great summer weather.
I95 many good areas for summer up north.
I like coastal Maine, rocky, beaches, historic.

From: "J. C. JOHN

I lived in McAllen, TX four years.
Teaching High Scool at Mission, TX from 1975 until 1980. 

We went to South Padre many times, at the beach.
The water is very warm and dirty looking. The prevailing wind blows Westerly. This brings all the Gulf debris and filth to the shore.

Also read the Climate section on the link you sent. Understand the dew point data.
It is very humid there. Springfield feels like a dry desert after living in the Valley for four years. 
The area is over 96% Hispanic.


From: joe 
95% white people. 

Alabama has whiter sand
Cleaner water turquoise
But is cooler in winter.,_Texas

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