Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fake Scientists Want to Synthetically Create a Volcanic Winter – Are they Just Nuts? | Armstrong Economics

If scientists were so smart why can't they build a secure internet where I can access climate data?
25 years ago I could use the internet without Russians trying to steal my vote,
Communist China stalking me,
Nigerian crooks trying to steal money,

Never trust any conclusions unless you can get the raw data
and source code of the software used to process that data.
Study their math.
Replication of research results often turns up errors and fraud.
Follow the money.
Who is getting paid for the research and who is paying them?

Petco PetSmart wants you to get a weaponized pet $$$$.
Starbucks wants you to drink weaponized coffee $$$$.
Communist China wants you to buy pills from China $$$.

Big data means Fake Data or Weaponized data.

Try getting any data on any study or even your own data.

It is usually forbidden, hidden behind paywalls, or in complex formats that you cannot access.

Russia, Communist China, NSA, FBI, watch everything you do if you try to access any data or your own data.

The old book Darrell Huff "how to lie with statistics" is out of date.

Now data is weaponized to deceive you, lie to you, or throw you in jail, or kill you

Soros, Obama, Zuckerberg, Google, 
health diet studies funded by government, 
climate studies funded by government, 
"News" on TV radio,

You get lies and they get the truth
 that they can use to enrich themselves, 
cement power relations,
 and harvest the dead bodies for their use.
Like cannibals.

Too cold around here
getting ready to move south.
Lease is up on March 30  hopefully snow and ice gone by then Spring Break.

Apparently these scientists never heard of or don't care about 1815.Th
year without summer.
Volcanic ash from Krakatoa covered much of the planet blocking out the sun.
Cooling periods are associated with famine and crop failures.
Potato growing in Germany took the place of cold sensitive crops in with the advent of Maunder Minimum or the mini ice age of the early 1600s.


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