Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Eye Exam. Old people will outnumber children for the first time in the country's history | Daily Mail Online

The Kennedy Klan...

Not smart enough to pilot a small plane.
To dumb to drive on narrow Bridges.
To stupid to dive down five feet in clear water to save a woman they impregnated.
Not smart enough to use the bullet proof roof on a Lincoln.
To dumb to use protection when banging underage girls in the White House



Eat green vegetables for your eyes:
Cooked Collards at every meal, 
and 1 large raw carrot before the meal.
The bright green and yellow pigments needed by your retina that is a light sensitive organ just as plants use sunlight to survive and grow.
Prevent macular degeneration.

I drove another 100 miles yesterday for annual eye exam.
Drive home hurt fully dilated eyes in bright sun temperature barely above freezing.
Closed 1 eye, squinted the other eye, heavy dark sunglasses, still too bright, long hard drive home heavy traffic on cyber monday.

No change in vision, stable, except slight change in prescription for corrective lenses.
I still have to wear bifocals that I do not like to see close.
That happened 5 years ago when I got an iPod small screen that I could read perfectly very small print NY Times.
Then within a year I could not read that same small screen (ironically called retina display).
First time problem up close!
 I have always had very good close vision.
I had to start wearing glasses for distance age 20 after I finally started studying in college my junior year.
Too much close reading of books.
I went K-14 thru high school and 2 years of college barely opening a book.
When I started reading a lot then eyes adjusted to seeing close and lost distance vision.
I noticed driving through Los Angeles freeways the signs got fuzzier and fuzzier that semester.

LED TVs,computers, lights damage the eyes - wrong wavelength blue light is a pro-oxident.
Sunlight helps the eyes and whole body - reddish anti-oxidant.
Buildings and car roofs stop needed sun rays.
Bright sun penetrates your skull, clothes, hats, clouds, etc.
At least part of the sun rays penetrate well - hold your hand up to the sun and see thru it.
Light stimulates your mitochondria to generate energy so you feel better, more energetic.
High altitude and low latitude gives you more sun year round.
Why people live longer in Hawaii and Colorado.
Problem with high altitude is dry skin.
Dry air in general is bad for skin, push out oily stuff.
Need warm moist air for optimal skin health.

Cataract surgery is obsolete several years ago so maintain your natural lenses.
Those artificial lenses are made in Communist China who wants you dead.
Eye drops are made in Communist China who wants you dead.
If you are too fat some of that fat collects behind your eyes and can deform your eyes and ruin your vision.
Allergies and inflammation of the sinuses can also swell and deform your eyes.
You must maintain a system-wide healthy state or your vision will deteriorate.
Control all your numbers by diet, exercise, and moving to a healthy climate near healthy people.

I just saw on TV Lubbock Texas high 75 today bright sun high altitude 3333 feet, 
our high is 35 here today.
Problem with Lubbock is it is surrounded by the worlds largest cotton fields.
Cotton is GMO massive glyphosate herbicides owned by Communist China which wants us dead.
Any agriculture is massive chemicals nowadays.
I watched big fat slobs here kill weeds with roundup glyphosate.
It would have been faster and more effective and better exercise just to pull the weeds.
Idiocy cannot be cured.

Instead of importing more idiots we need to learn to grow domestic smart people.
Demographics have doomed the continent.
Idiots are too stupid to practice safe sex so they are reproducing like rabbits and taxing smart working people - socialism communism.
Need to return all idiots to their homelands overseas
and reduce the population of North America to an equilibrium, stable population.
Democrats complain about sustainability while reproducing faster and causing overpopulation overconsumption globalist importing and fossil fuels.
Electricity is generated by dirty coal.
Electric cars designed to fry the brains and bodies of drivers and passengers and pollute the air they breathe.
Make America great again by learning to walk again 1964 half the USA population walked to work.
I walked to school K-8 and all thru college.
President Kennedy's family would not let their kids have a car until they graduated from College.
1963 they even had 50 mile walks all over the country to get back into WWII healthy physical condition.
Now USA so sick our fighting lesbians cannot even win minor wars against illiterate Muslims riding camels.

From: Lothar

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