Wednesday, November 21, 2018

cure diabetes obesity

The way to cure diabetes is just to stop eating.
Fasting for 2 weeks has 100% cure rate.
Fasting is good for many other diseases.
Obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, many other diseases are dietary.
The way to fix dietary problems is to reset.
Complete fast,
then add back healthy foods 1 per week.
week 1 collards
week 2 cauliflower
week 3 carrots

Fasting is well known.
I noticed this phenomenon in high school fasting feels better and brain improves without junk food.
I used extensively in college and since - especially good traveling.
Gradually others are learning to fast.
Fasting is historically very common, part of the human experience.
Body is designed to fast for long periods of time, maybe all winter.
Should be the first diet to try for any dietary problems.
Establish a firm solid zero baseline,
then add foods until the culprit is exposed.
Junk food addiction.

Cure electronics addiction by calling the electric company to shut off electricity.
Cure fossil fuels addiction by walking instead of driving.
Cure sitting diseases by removing all chairs and sofas.
Grow your brain.
Get off the grid.

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