Thursday, November 29, 2018

Arthritis germs, MS autoimmune: Florida better WarmSouth Padre Island, Texas Beach

Arthritis, Alzheimers, Lupus, MS, Hashimoto Thyroid …. all autoimmune diseases have an infective component.
Infection + Immune, inflammation reactions go together
Don't pull the trigger.
Avoid infection, germs.
Get outdoors in the sun on the beach.
Why Hawaii and warm beach people live longer world wide.
And suffer less immune diseases.
If they get outdoors in the sun.
Bright sun can penetrate your skull and kill germs in your brain and invigorate your thinking.
Less germs in the great outdoors too.

Hot humid air melts the skin of viruses so they die.

Cold dry air hardens germs into bullets where they can penetrate your nasal and lung and hand tissues and get into your blood stream.
Smog damages your tissues so more infection can penetrate.

Immune system a delicate balance.
If it constantly has to attack invaders then it may make a mistake and attack your tissues.
Avoid germs.
Avoid antibiotics that produce super-germs.

Why homosexuals with thousands of sexual partners are often dead by age 30 even with constant pill taking.
HIV aids gay still a worldwide epidemic injection of bodily fluids.
Dirty needle injection intravenous drug users at risk too another epidemic.

By moving to a healthy climate with healthy people and adopting their practices you can benefit in the long run.
Staying put in a sick area will only make you sick.

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