Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Vitamin B12, dementia, hurricane beach

Adults over age 50 need B12 sublingual lozenges under the tongue.
Enzyme in gut decreases with age that is needed to absorb B12 from diet.
B12 deficiency causes neurological problems and many other problems and death.
Doctors should test but I think I have never been tested.
Have to do it yourself.
Too much is ok.
Just be sure to get made in America not made in Communist China.

Gulf Shores Alabama has the whitest sand and brightest water.
Fort Walton Beach,
Eglin AFB,
Panama City Beach,
All the way to Clearwater Florida is very good beaches, many miles, not many people.

Getting clobbered by Hurricane today and tomorrow.
Clear out the cowards and make room for me?
As I get older I prefer a warmer climate and sunny beaches
- avoid falls, ice, major cause of death in elderly.
Flu germs transmit better during winter flu season.
Stay in warmer climate to stay alive

I think I prefer Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
Huge 60 mile beach open to the public, fine sand for running on.
Higher latitude, 33 about the same as Between Los Angeles and Pacific Beach San Diego.
So not as hot in the summer and a little cooler in winter.
Closer to East Coast
But no interstate freeway nearby
so draws in lots of local people, mostly white people.
Fewer negroes and more latinos, about 10% each.
The biggest motorcycle rally 2 weeks in May followed by 1 week for negroes on motorcycles to remedy past discrimination.
Myrtle is a Relatively inexpensive beach
as is Biloxi Pensacola Gulf Shores.
Biloxi has Casinos for those who do not like beaches.
Myrtle has 100 golf courses and restaurants for those who do not like beaches.

Neither has a University or major Medical
Have to drive over an hour and even then not as good as Texas or Florida
But Texas and Florida are huge, hot, multicultural states like California.
Honolulu has everything and better weather.

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