Friday, October 12, 2018

temp drop 40 degrees

we had a warm fall 
leaves still green, just a hint of red.
lots of rain even in our dry season
Also we are in a drought supposedly.

Until yesterday wind from north brought in cold air temp dropped 30 degrees bright sunny and all clouds gone.
Still beautiful, open windows, suntan, pretty although quite cool.

Today drop another 10 degrees so we are in 40s instead of 80s and all cloudy and rainy so feels cold and depressing like Oregon Humboldt North Coast California.
Better than too hot.
But either too hot or too cold traps people indoors for electronics addictions, junk food, early death.
Honolulu the best but seems the Southeast beaches might be an option or Texas Galveston.
Most retired people prefer Florida for generations but I don't plan to retire until age 100.
Proper selection of location can reduce the number of disease patterns you are exposed too.
Cold helps flu germs attack you.
Excessive heat drives you indoors where it is often too cold around here.
Everywhere I go around here is too cold all summer, have to bundle up or go sit outside in the sun to read or study.
Sunshine is good for eyes but TV LED indoor lighting is bad for eyes.

I am very tempted to go to Galveston or Florida this week
but doing some exciting math research that would get disrupted and may forget good ideas.
I may be getting some lower back arthritis I need to research.
Seems to be getting better the past hour after I made some hot oats with turmeric.
Turmeric is a major anti-inflammatory.
Cool weather makes cooking possible - I last had oats 6 months ago.
I got bad hand arthritis 5 years ago suddenly after a bunch of mosquito bites caused a beef allergy.
I quit all red meat and arthritis went away.
Cured itself.
After 2 years could eat meat again.
it is a known disease.
Avoid all insect bites: pets, lice, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, bedbugs, scorpions, bees, wasps, etc.
They all carry diseases such as lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever,…
Many diseases have an infective origin made worse by bad diet and lack of exercise - Arthritis, Alzheimers, dementia, cancer, lupus, MS, autoimmune, ….
Green vegetables contain chemicals that kill germs and insects — how plants defend themselves.
Zinc from fresh clean oysters help build the immune system.
Sun penetrates the skull and bones to kill germs there and energize your mitochondria.
Exercise helps flush germs out of brain and bones etc.
My lower back stays rigid while walking, or sitting on computer, books, writing,… maybe sore weak muscles but may be Arthritis germs in action.
Driving also is sitting and I have to drive 4 times per day round trips to school and gym.
Swimming is better than walking but yoga, weightlifting, stretching, dancing, scuba diving, …. and other such exercises
all get many body parts moving and stretching to kick out germs natural flush thru blood and lymphatic systems.
Choice of geographical location helps get the right sun exposure and outdoor activities
Wish I could move now before it really gets cold.
Florida has the best year round on this map,
all of the big east coast populated areas have mild summers.
This is map is colored by an idiot but the general picture is right.
I generally hate heat because in California heat comes with smog.
But even low smog areas of Texas are still too hot to be healthy.


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