Sunday, October 28, 2018

sugar arthritis

I googled sugar arthritis and find many links.

I made a decision earlier this year to increase my sugar consumption, mainly by fruit juice and trail mixes (nuts/ raisins/ sugared cranberries, bananas) etc.

I wonder if that might be behind my back pain.
I will cut out the fruit juice and sugared cranberries.
I already decided I do not like it much anyway,
but cool fruit juice is good in the summer.

There is sugar dumped in all sorts of foods nowadays.
Sugar is cheap and addictive.

Turmeric proven anti-inflammatory very popular for arthritis.
And anti-cancer and many other good properties.
Curcumin is the most important active ingredient.
I use a little turmeric in cooking but probably should boost it.
Curcumin comes in pills that I am suspicious of, maybe from Communist China.

I am sitting in college library 2 negro girls playing music boom boom.
Maybe they should not be here?
I had to move to a different area.

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