Friday, October 5, 2018

Springfield Missouri Compared to Las Vegas

Much cheaper and better weather.
Highs rarely in the 90s and that feels good.
usually in the 80s or less.
Night usually 70 or below.
All summer.
Still quite mild even in october,
today 80s but cloudy feels like 70, rained all day yesterday.
If it heats up we get rain that cools everything down.

Winter gets cold but easy to put on a coat and ignore it.
Lots of indoor gyms for walking and running and exercise, every day.
With filtered air and water and restrooms.
Temperature kept just right all year 365 days open 24x7.
no dogs or cars or bikes or skateboards or crazy people.
Role models to stay healthy every day.

You can rent a house for much less than your rent
in a good area.
Bad areas even cheaper.
Good apartments about 70% of your price in the best areas.

Cost of living much lower on everything.
Cheaper health insurance, car insurance, etc.
Much better medical care.
Much better colleges.
You can take 1 class per semester and get access to gyms, libraries, ball games, parking, etc.
Big need for gerontology nutrition.
Supposedly #1 in the country here.
Jobs at Chartwells college or hospitals.
50,000 hungry people per day, not paying much so they cant complain much.
many vegans and picky eaters though.
A lot of starbucks and fast foods.
no gambling
Good place for hospital, medical, college nails, hair, fashion, sewing, alterations, such jobs.
And addiction treatment, psychology, counselling, etc.
huge population of addicts  sugar, flour, alcohol, tobacco, meth, marijuana, opium and their diseases.
Huge colleges set up to train for jobs to help addicts.

More jobs and better pay across the border in Rogers Arkansas
and warmer weather.
many areas of texas are booming and hotter weather.

Mississippi has casinos and beaches and lower costs, probably cheapest in USA.
Green state without much business, just forests and beaches and tourism and light farming some areas.
Pay may not be bad as they prefer white people in the white sand beach areas.
Casinos on the beach.
Also huge casinos on the mississippi river.
Much warmer winters on the beach.
Ocean also cools things off in the summer, clouds, thunderstorms.

Florida zero income taxes has the most beaches by far,
and is set up for old people,
and Disney world,
beach people,
health nuts,
talk radio pundits, and Trump 2nd white house,
and lots of rich $ millionaire Latino drug dealer crooks in miami.

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