Tuesday, October 23, 2018

cured back pain by turmeric

My back pain did not come back.
Looks like turmeric is a very powerful anti-inflammatory if cooked right.
I put it in coffee before, but that is not hot enough.
Must be boiled 3 minutes with black pepper that combines with the turmeric chemically so it will absorb into digestive system.
Then add vegetables, rice, oats, whatever.
Tasty bright yellow food.

Curcumin pills may work (the active ingredient in turmeric)
1. make sure not from Communist China
2. make sure actually contains the ingredient (no law enforcement on supplements)
3. make sure it will absorb without the black pepper cooked together.
Maybe some curcumin pills have pepper combined with the curcumin so it will absorb.

Plain turmeric is much cheaper than pills and tastier.
$1 per month is enough but you could dump large quantities on everything and spend more.

Fish oil is also anti-inflammatory,
but similarly fish oil pills may be counterfeit, cheap soy, or poison from Communist China.
And are usually rancid,
and expensive.
In contrast the actual fish is cheaper and not rancid and obviously not counterfeit - everybody knows what a fish looks like.
(expensive fish are often re-labeled cheap fish).

Cheaper fish are safer - anything cheap is not worth the $ to counterfeit.
Canned fish are safer
Smaller fish are safer because the ocean has become a toxic dump: germs, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, poisons,…
Small fish low on the food chain do not accumulate so much toxin.
Cold water fish the best - oily, cleaner water.
Sardines, Anchovies the smallest.
Canned salmon is ok but avoid any farmed fish.
If it says "Alaska" on the label it is probably ok because Alaska aggressive law enforcement protect its brand.
Alaska cooperates with Walmart, FBI, CIA, federal government to defeat pirates.

My back pain started 2 years ago when I re-manufactured my spinal column by extreme stretching in hospital gym.
Greatly improved my posture from too much sitting at desk hunched over computer, and ice skating fall scar tissue.
I actually got motion in the bones at base of spine, tail bone, pelvis area.
Must have over-stretched and inflamed tissues between the bones.
Pain for 2 years.
Turmeric cured immediately.

Another strategy for back pain is just go to gym and grab a high bar and dangle,
let entire spinal column fall into place,
let fluids get around the disks and flush out all the spaces.
I get frequent back pains from exercises and falls.
Led me to quit weightlifting in 1974, squats triple body weight sitting on spinal column I could hear cracking and popping.
Took about 5 years for pain to go away, scar tissue all up and down spine, reduced range of motion.
Seems my recent extreme stretching has finally fixed most of that, after 40 years.

Today all sore from lifting stuff and cleaning house, especially biceps.
Always got something sore.
I have had no red meat this year, no chicken, no pork, no beef,
and only a few sardines.
Lots of vegetables and fruits and dairy and a few eggs and grains.

I notice the fattest sickest people around here patronize Bass Pro hunt fish stores, museums, aquarium,..
Sell tree stands so you sit up in a tree until a deer walks by.
Huge variety of lures, poles for fishing so you can sit on bank or in very expensive boat until fish bites.
Not exercise!

All products made in Communist China or poor Muslim countries shipped to USA by fossil fuels.
Most products toxic.
Seems the economy would be better if they were running and not sitting so much.
They would be healthier and live longer and work more.

Leave nature to itself,
go to the office and work and buy sardines on the way home.
Walk to work and stay in the city limits.
In the early 1960s half the population walked to work!

USA would not have to import so many Mexicans, Muslims, Chinamen to run the USA economy
if Americans would stay healthy by more traditional culture.
Learn to work, not shop until you drop.
Concentrate on output, not input.
Protestant work ethic, spirit of capitalism.
Go to college for more training.
Never give up.
Survive to vote.

Survival is a full-time job.
Just getting enough exercise, food, cooking it right, then cleaning house.
Learning what to eat, how to cook, how to exercise, how to cure ailments takes time.
Leaves no time for anything else.

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