Monday, October 22, 2018

Cox North fall leaves

Finally get some color. 
Well above freezing but occasionally quite cool. 
Hi 70 today. 
Sunny bright no clouds for 3 days now. 
Most trees green but finally found dose of bright color. 

Send mold fungus bugs snakes into hibernation. 
Dry cool low allergies. 
High altitude is better thin dry air. 

Where you get rain wet water you get plants and animals herbivores and carnivores and people. 
Hot desert hell holes hard to maintain life 
Need lots of electricity imported food and water. 

Extreme temps drive people indoors electonics addiction disinformationbad health. 

Milder is better. 
Great outdoors. 
All day in sun. 
Vitamin D naturally. 
Not pills from Communist China who want you dead. 

Cox North fall leaves

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