Tuesday, October 2, 2018

computer updates Xeon workstation

Protect yourself and your family.
Everybody Get a pager free, just pay for cheap service annually.
Keep cell phone turned off in steel box with credit cards so cannot be scanned
Reduce electronic rays that cell phones are emitting through your body.
Pagers are inbound only and AAA battery lasts a year.
If your family needs to contact you they can call your pager with message.
You can turn your phone on and call back if needed.
Phones are dangerous and need to be turned off as much as possible and in steel boxes.
Move to Pittsburgh Steelers Pennsylvania and start business making steel phone boxes, iPad boxes, laptop boxes, etc.

I am sort of back online.
First attempt at message.
Updated my 3 apple products somewhat, more updates going on as I type this.
My iMac will not take the full Mohave upgrade but Apple gave a free lesser update for 5 year old computers.
I did not get a new Apple this year, but may next year.
But I will probably part ways with Apple.
Most apple computers have Intel Pentium 4 cores or less, etc.

I want an Intel Xeon 24 core workstation or more for much better performance.
Workstations are designed for work.
Apples are designed for games, pornography, movies, music, videos, bands, internet browsing, tracking, disinformation, etc.
Hard and expensive to do that right.
Workstations are simpler but much more powerful.
All I do is math and occasional text emails.
I don't need images at all, or sounds.
Some workstations have stacks of Xeon processors for hundreds of cores.
If you want to find an extraterrestrial you need all the power you can muster.

I use computers as heaters in the winter.
If you use electricity then make the heater do real work for you.
Your only heater should be a computer.

My emails have been a disaster since I got my first apple 10 years ago.
Unix Linux email is better, if I can get the old systems going.
It is hard to move emails from 1 reader to another.
Thunderbird Linux is one possibility.
Multiple tools to help.
I would guess nobody nowadays can find and read their emails of 20 years ago.

Computers were faster 20 years ago because not so much tracking, spyware, bloatware on their machines.
Need to get back to basics like a race car VW Porsche 4 cylinder air cooled engine with manual transmission.

I am nearly offline.
My internet connection is my iPhone for several years.
I can read mails ok but hard to type with no keyboard.

I have 7? devices but rarely turn them on except for iPhone.
I quit listening to radio, news, music, and can drive better without the distraction.
I don't have earplugs obscuring my hearing in gym, home, school.
Better to be aware of what is going on around you in case SHTF.

News is mostly fake electronic disinformation.
Read books for better information.
And think more.
Always keep a diary on paper if you learn anything.
Compare with other writings and follow over the years.

Videos, movies, music, sounds are designed to trigger emotions, not convey true facts.
Emotions install fake news in your brain more effectively.
Why I quit watching TV in the 1960s.
Obviously mostly fake, doctored, misleading news not true facts.
Could go to the library and find thousands of factual books on stuff never mentioned on TV.
Nowadays they can track you and learn your vulnerabilities.
Then send you links to fake news that you will not be able to resist.
So sheeple will not know what is going on.
Why Communist China makes your foods and medicines.
Communist China wants you to be as sick as possible
or dead.

Wide is the gate leading to destruction.
Sheeple using electronics will destroy them.
Back in the old days only smart people used computers and drug dealers used pagers.
Nowadays smart people use pagers, books, newspapers, magazines, journals.

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