Friday, October 26, 2018

bomber's van -- too many questions for TGIF

The bomber's van -- too many questions for TGIF

This is getting totally ridiculous!  Reminded me of the 9/11 white van with the beautifully painted airliner on it crashing into WTC towers. Or Timothy McVeigh's white Ryder van parked in Camp Gruber's Motor Pool the day before the OKC bombing.  This van looks like it was just driven out of a GSA motor pool after "graphic artists" carefully attached the beautifully lithographed "Right Wing" propaganda sheets -- all placed on the glass only, for easy removal afterward; none placed on the vehicle paint.

Seriously – a van loaded with PRO-TRUMP signs all over it, a daily driver in Broward County, Deep Blue Democratic bastion??? Untouched, un-defaced, no rocks, eggs or tomatoes?? These are not individual stickers. They are large single adhesive panels that have been photoshopped with images assembled from the internet. The van windows were measured and then the photoshop artists scaled the images to fit the exact window size. No crude, amateur tape job – these are professional adhesive vinyl sheets. I wonder if anyone is checking the local Kinko's for special orders.

Close-up of the stickers on the alleged bomber's van

This van could NOT be driven more than a mile without a police escort - it would have been pulled over. Under Florida law it is illegal to cover the side or back windows with stickers.  How are the stickers not washed out by the Florida sun and climate? The colors on them remain very vibrant.

Note how the back and side windows are totally covered.


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