Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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I live at a middle latitude so summers are not hot at all and winters are not too cold.
Avoid wasting energy and survive without coal, oil, electricity for heating/cooling.

East of Kansas gets enough rain so everything is clean and green.
Need an inch a week of rain or you are in a drought, plants die, people die.
The eastern third of USA is survivable with abundant water 50 inches of rain per year.

Look at USA map, Las Vegas to Washington DC Virginia Beach is a long line of borders
that separate the North too cold from the South too hot.
Divides Utah from Arizona, Colorado from New Mexico, Kansas from Oklahoma Texas, Missouri from Arkansas, Kentucky from Tennessee, Virginia from Carolina.
This is the mildest latitude, and east of Kansas gets enough water - no dust bowl.
I am living in the best area, most survivable, just a little too far north, and in a very urban busy area

I am reading the book 
Bitcoins and Blockchains 
by Anthony Lewis.

On real paper, easy on eyes, fast reading.
Nobody can track me while reading paper books.

The most useful reference I have found on the subject.
Skimpy on details
Many errors
 but useful overview.

Study math to learn infrastructure vulnerabilities.
Can the whole system collapse overnight from improper design?
House of cards?

Published this month October 2018.

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