Thursday, September 27, 2018

What Brett Kavanaugh teaches us about teenage boys and male power....

She can be a slut
then years later claim it was rape 
to feel good like a saint not a slut.

Kids in "elite" prep schools are there because their parents stole something and got rich enough to pay the tuition.
They are evil by nature and will lie, cheat, and steal - just like their parents.
Sometimes they learn something,
usually not.
They often go into law or politics.
Sluts, mean girls, addicts, queers, all common in these schools and into the expensive colleges that they often go after prep school.
Amazing how low their test scores are after all the money spent on their education.
Then they don't learn much in college.
Why they go into law, politics, talking heads on TV the worst.

NYC lacks a good engineering college, amazing for such a large city.
Most of the east coast is under-engineered.
Why smart ones moved to California for the large high quality engineering colleges.
Decades ago.  
By the 1960s California was the best for tech.
Now Texas is replacing California.
Getting crowded overpopulated.

Texas will turn blue as did California.
Import huge numbers of poor greedy socialists and liberals from all over the world.
Liberals cannot create industries, business or even maintain what they inherited.
but they can reproduce like rabbits (if not queer) 
and vote, protest, demonstrate, antifa,
and do unskilled labor sometimes.

Remember Southern California was Nixon, Reagan, Republican military industrial complex in the 1950s 1960s.
Some parts still conservative but degenerate offspring lost work ethic.
But Texas better now economically.
Texas has worse weather but has air conditioning.
Just watch out for smog, herbicides, pesticides, allergies, etc.
Traffic jams sitting position kills.
Higher altitude Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso probably less smog better air
but not as good economy as the triangle Dallas Fort Worth San Antonio Houston Galveston beach.

Retirees not working probably better off on Florida Beaches quality health care and elder care.
or Hawaii the best if you are healthy.
or Rocky Mountain High Colorado Wyoming if lungs are your weakness.

The dead cannot vote.
Priority should be staying alive - it is not easy.
Takes a lot of study and work and move to the best geographical location.
Huge differences in health and death rates in different geographical locations for many reasons.
Location, location, location the key.

If time left over then study politics.
But your vote will be drowned out by the masses of idiots 
educated electronically by the liberal news media 
that is being more and more dominated by elites
 controlling your disinformation tracking electronic devices.

Fortunately the elites concentrated on stealing from each other cancel each other out a lot of the time.
Why Abraham Lincoln said you can't fool all of the sheeple all of the time.


Re: What Brett Kavanaugh teaches us about teenage boys and male power............
Boys will be Boys...unless reforming society to be dominated [against nature] by women ?

 Dominatrix change, to be fair, SJW ? (Pantoffelhelden Gesellschaft ?)
(Muscle up women, grow a penis !)

You are being conditioned to accept Sharia Law in the future. 

Separation of the sexes in all institutions !
 (But male dominance, as in millennia, won't really change)

 After 36 years, to find an excuse [women lib, me too, hate for men] to OBSTRUCT a good man for this important position,

  who will liberate this country again from the 1% ruling Mafia-Elite,
 [locking in the values of our constitution]  is evil.

This smear campaign  is a delaying tactic [dirty trick] to sabotage the nominee, hoping to create a CIRCUS [twilight zone] until after the election, wishing for a 'blue wave' to save the Supreme Court Seat, for a Liberal, anti Constitution, pro Mafia, Socialist Justice.

As Hillary hoped, to take away American Sovereignty [open borders] giving the Cabal/Globalists full power for PNAC/NWO, 
dismantling our Constitution with gun control, 
enslaving us for a One-World-Government. 
(Tyranny, Totalitarian-Dictatorship)

Billionaire Bloomberg eyes 2020 presidential run as a Oligarch for the Left-Democrats The Guardian


On Sep 26, 2018, at 15:04, Dr.Michael wrote:

This is not only about Kavanaugh.
 It is about the silencing of women while decisions are made for us – and about us.
It is about power; 
God forbid the nutty and the slutty – as all women are ultimately perceived – should speak the truth in these televised hearings. 

Women voters will watch this though. And they will watch, carefully, the men in charge who get to decide who to believe – and who to silence




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