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Vegan proper. Live to vote. Drugs in Your Meat

One reason Japanese live longer is they use the least sugar and the least gluten (rice is gluten free).
French have the lowest mortality in Europe because they use the least sugar in Europe and maybe least gluten.
Sugar and gluten are vegan but unhealthy.

Most vegan diets are a disaster.
Often can cause cancer due to more sugar and flour.
And can cause many other related diseases Alzheimers, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, celiac, autoimmune, Hashimoto thyroid
Can cause loss of muscle due to less protein.
Can cause loss of fat due to less fat.

Vegan diet must be properly done.
Vegan a step in the right direction for most who get far too much meat and far too little exercise.
Meat is usually wrapped in bread or batter and sauces that is mostly sugar and flour and soy or corn oil washed down with sugar water.
This junk that comes along with meat may be worse than the meat itself depending on quantity.

I prefer the word vegetarian because the key is vegetables.
Must eat mostly vegetables, and
a large quantity and variety of vegetables.
Meat is empty calories without vegetable polyphenols, carotenoids, lycopene, antioxidants, etc.

Most junk food is vegan that means no animal products.
When they get rid of the animal stuff they add sugar, flour, salt, vegetable oils, soy, corn most of which is GMO, and artificial flavorings and colorings.
Occasionally some soy protein and cellulose texturizers etc. but not enough protein or fibers.
These are all vegan junk Franken food but not vegetables.
And fattening and unhealthy severely deficient in many nutrients.
Could be fatal in less than 3 years.

You must get enough vegetables but not the starchy kind such as potatoes, fries, potato chips, corn chips, junk, junk.
Also I include mushrooms in the category of vegetables - a very potent important free survivalist food.
My opinion is to start with a dozen vegetables per day about 3 pounds in total.
And rotate the vegetables from day to day, and some fruits.
20% cooked,
20% raw,
20% dried,
20% fermented,
20% sprouted.

And lots of nuts and seeds for oils, calories and protein.
Raw tree nuts in the shell.
Peanuts roasted in the shell unsalted.
Olives green or black are actually fruits but more similar to nuts.
Coconuts, avocados, ground flax seeds, sunflower seeds.
Toasted black sesame seeds
Toasted brown sesame seeds
Every day.

And from the animal kingdom
add 1 sardine per day,
and 1 oyster per day,
and 1 strip of beef liver per day.
and 1 egg yolk per day,
and 1 slice of cheese per day,
and 1 scoop of whey per day,
and 1 scoop or more of pea protein or similar,
and several ounces of yogurt or kefir with active cultures per day.
You need these animal products for copper, zinc, B12, Omega 3 oils, rare proteins, etc.
Some cultures have vegan sources but in USA it is hard to get the right foods in grocery stores and these are cheap and everywhere.
So a proper USA vegan diet will include some animal sourced products.

Need daily doses for smooth injection of nutrients.

I study college students diets and can see brewing illness based on diet, advanced cases in their parents.
They line up for Starbucks that is mostly coffee mixed with sugar concoctions no telling what is in that junk.
Then various CAFO meat dairy wrapped up in big buns or pizza or deep fried in some pastry like soy/flour junk.
Washed down by soda pop.
Many of them are near vegans without realizing it but eating a very unhealthy diet.
Then some of the meat eaters are getting too much protein that gets turned into carbohydrates boost blood sugar diabetes.
Due to lack of exercise.
If you get hard exercise the protein helps build muscle.
Most do not get enough exercise so they build fat.
None are getting enough vegetables.
It is really hard to get enough vegetables even if you like vegetables and are a vegan.

If you study very old people from China, India, Japan, they are often skinny like concentration camp survivors.
And often seen in the parks exercising daily, elaborate rituals for hours.
Light weight can help running marathons and worse endurance events.
Like running skeletons.
Many great athletes are skinny, 5% body fat or less.
Makes it easy on the joints and enables motion not stagnation.


Was a vegan for almost three years.
Felt good but looked like a concentration camp survivor.
Had cancer during this period several years ago.
Dont know if there is any correlation.
Bear in mind there are no third generation vegan cultures anywhere in the world.
If Texas flips it will be because Cruz is not an exciting candidate.
His Progressive opponent looks and sounds like a dork.
Have reached the realization that politics and legislation has less and less of an effect on daily lives as laws become legion and money and/or will to enforce those laws diminishes.
In addition as I have oft said a fish rots from the head down.
As the cold civil war grows warmer each day it is apparent in flyover country that laws and taxes only apply to deplorables.
As an indirect consequence the validity of those laws and the issueing dept.wanes.
If you noticed during the recent Kavanaugh hearings little attention to the law, stare decisis, or the Constitution was given by the Left.
Only what they wanted and now.
At one point Senator Kamala Harris ridiculed the pocket Constitution Kavanaugh carried with him.
When rule by law ends rule be men begins.Without the template of law rule is contested in the streets.
That is where we are heading in the very near future following results of the 2018 elections.

Just my opinion,


There is a lot of filth in meats.

A 2 year vegan proper diet would cure most ills.
Big benefits within 1 month.
The more meat you ate in the past takes longer to clear the toxins and repair damage.

Measure daily or hourly:
Run speed.
Blood pressure.
Energy level.

I am looking at stationary bikes to gain 10 pounds on legs.
Better balance.
Lower center of gravity.
Burst speed if SHTF.
Strengthen joints.
Hate indoors but filtered air and water convenient.
No dogs guns lunatics in gym.
People serious on body building.

My 72 year old neighbor fell broke kneecap.
In bed with stitches over 1 month.
Needs knee replacement why so tipsy with pain.
Too tall. 6 foot 3 inches.

Owned 20 cadillacs 10 mercuries over the years.
Sat in front of computer 30 years.
Sits in front of TV with fat wife autoimmune disease.
Hence diabetes obesity joint degeneration.
Both can barely walk.

They were planning to start walking at my hospital gym in Sept.
now too damaged.

From NW Arkansas
South is red states but whites get sick and die young so rapidly turning blue.

Texas may flip soon and follow California into socialism.
Texas is very multicultural with different colors in different regions.

If you are dead you cannot vote.
So prioritize health over politics.
You can be healthy and live to 111.
But unlikely to be elected or talking head on TV.

So go to library and read books.
Go to college and study biology.

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