Saturday, September 15, 2018

San Antonio. Moving

Great choice. 
I have had fun business trips to San Antonio.
I always enjoyed travel to and living in Texas.  
Far South San Antonio 
big all the services 
Cyber Security University. 
USAA bank Hq
German speaking communities. 
Very warm winters. 
My step brother nearby in hill lake country San Angelo lakes. 
very low population. 
John lived years in MCAllen teaching and grapefruit but too far south too small not a city. 
Huge jobs and money in oil fields Odessa. 

Watch out for smog. 
Not sure of wind direction.
Avoid getting downwind of smog belching.  

I may move there in weeks 
San Marcos small town between San Antonio and Austin. 
But probably College Station huge rich top engineering. 
Small town near pine forests multi state TX LA AR MS huge forests bigger than most states. 

Good time to sell in California. 
Top of the market. 
But easier to sell in summer. 
May crash before next summer. 

Move drivers license plates banking and voting asap. 
Get out of Calif. taxes by end if December. 
Homestead land owner gives residence probably. 

Subject: Moving

fyi-We will be listing our home in Fresno shortly and plan on moving to the outskirts of San Antonio and buying 1-2 acres for cash.Do not wish to remain in California and increasingly become a tax milk cow for failed state programs while losing freedoms. This should in no way effect our correspondence and continued comraderie.


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