Friday, September 28, 2018

Re: Health book

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Keep the book and disk as long as you want.
Or pass it on to another survivalist.
I figure if I try to live as long as I can, what do I have to lose?
At least if I can keep my senses and vote!
A lot of stuff I disagree with so at least I can vote against it.
Maybe write some articles or books against it.

That disk is a bunch of radio shows I wish I discovered sooner numerous authors discussing health topics.
That is all the radio I listen to nowadays.
I don't have a TV.

I do read newspapers in the library where I cannot be tracked and spied on.
Most electronics iI do not trust.
Huge numbers of books in the library I need to read too.
I bought stacks but have trouble organizing too many papers at home.
So I go to 1 or 2 libraries daily.
Let workers keep stuff organized for me.

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